Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property

If you want to know how to Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property, look no further. Turkey offers investment programs under the Turkish Citizenship Passport Act. Traveling without visas and other benefits As an investment real estate agent with offices all over Turkey, more people will come to you. We can guide you in the right direction when buying a home. Apply and find out what’s in your passport. This article covers Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property Guide. Therefore, all future citizens have full knowledge in all areas. 

Who are the right candidates?

Fortunately, this project is not just for celebrities and business people. Like other countries, before 2018, the minimum entry level for Turkish citizens was 1 1 million. The Turkish government acknowledges that it is shutting down most of the world’s population and preventing foreign direct investment. So they lowered the entry rate to $ 250,000, making it one of the best investment plans in the world. Only citizens of Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria and Cuba from all generations of the world are able to do this. Therefore, applicants can apply with a reasonable amount and criminal record.

Is the project for Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property?

You are often asked if this is true. And you can verify that it is. Previously, I signed up to help clients invest. However, you can look at the national records to complete the process and see how many people are now Turkish citizens. Many countries offer Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property programs. Sometimes referred to as a privileged visa or a golden passport. Turkey’s investment program does more than just attract tourists without a minimum entry level and visa. It also includes a simple, fast and easy application and approval process.

According to a report in a Turkish daily, 7 foreigners from 5 countries have obtained Turkish citizenship in the last three years. Now you know that your investment program in Turkey is working. Let’s see what you need to know. Citizenship Standards We take this into account because there are many other benefits besides obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property and traveling without a visa.

1: Get the Turkish tax number

We will guide you through all the stages of the investment process. But the first step is to get the Turkish tax number. This will be done at the state’s local tax office where you plan to make a purchase by submitting your passport photo and original passport. The process is fast and you will get your tax number instantly. Please save it as there are many functionalities that will be used in the future.

2: Open a bank account

Upon arrival we will go to your preferred Turkish bank to help you open a bank account in Turkey. This is important because all transactions leave a mark and must be done in a bank account registered in Turkey. All you need is a tax number that shows your current address and usage bill. These documents will be sent with your application and will leave the bank with your account within 30 minutes. Choose from a wide range of Turkish and international banks such as HSBC, Akbank and Garanti.

3: Where to buy

You already know which part of Turkey you should buy, but if not, we offer the most popular states and cities in Turkey. At this stage, consider how to invest in the property to keep it for at least three years. When you need to invest in smart real estate with medium and long term investment appreciation. Istanbul is a great place. Many of the developments that are taking place in areas around Europe offer ample opportunity to appreciate the capital.

But for summer beach vacations, Antalya in the Turkish Mediterranean region is probably the best. Turkey’s most popular beach resort and home to a large outdoor community that enjoys a relaxed and relaxed lifestyle with stunning ocean views. Generate income from your investment by renting a house. Popular tourist attractions include Antalya, Fetia and Bodrum.

4: Choose a ډالرو 250,000 property

Not all homes are subject to investment citizenship. Contact us today by email or phone for our email portfolio. Or browse and sell your portfolio of Turkish Passport by Investment. The search button allows customers to find information about home prices, countries, types and specifications. Each list includes everything you need to know, such as price, location, home style, contact details, and you can email details and schedule your visit.

5: Purchase of investment property

Note about the Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property must be worth at least $ 250,000, if completed or nearly completed. The title deed is accompanied by a residency certificate and is suitable for assessment reports. If you find a home you want to buy in Turkey. The first step is to get a certified sales contract and hire a lawyer. If you do not have one, we can bring you a list of the best lawyers. We will guide you through the rest of the process until you get a certificate of ownership. When signing a document, specify the reason for acquiring citizenship under the investment scheme. And you promised to keep it for at least three years. Remember to complete all investment transactions through your Turkish bank account. Use Forex Company to get the best exchange rates and lowest rates for sending money abroad.

6: Turkish citizenship and residency certificate

Once this is completed, you will receive an official appraisal report proving the value of the property. We also send bank receipts to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. Applicants must have a residence visa before applying for citizenship in accordance with the real estate investment program. All you need is proof that you can formally support yourself financially and get health insurance. After applying online, you can make a reservation in the country where you bought the property. Once approved, the staff will send you an ID card. The first application will be approved for one year. It is enough to apply for Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property.

7. Apply for Turkish citizenship

The last step is to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property. The applicants are  

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of residency in Turkey
  • All documents showing the husband and dependents, such as marriage and childbirth for a widow, must also include a death certificate.
  • health insurance
  • Passport
  • Passport 12 biometric photos
  • A copy of all translated and certified external documents
  • The power of attorney can be given to your lawyer
  • Application form

Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property is transferred from investment applications to different departments. Please note that the applicant must not have a criminal record before reaching the office of the President of Turkey for the most formal approval for background checks. The application process usually takes about 6 months to complete. Congratulations when you get it. You, your wife and your child received a Turkish passport and became an official citizen of Turkey. Welcome to Turkey! 

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