Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Acquiring Turkish citizenship is a big plus for applicants. However, Turkish Citizenship by Investment is also beneficial. The home market is a vast field of investment. Most applicants are surprised by the low property prices per square meter. Comparing Turkish properties with places like Spain, Portugal and France clearly shows how much the Turkish home market has to offer. This is mainly due to Turkey’s delay in modernizing the home market. Until the beginning of the last century, Turkey introduced the mortgage to the Turkish people and started the project of building new modern houses.

There are still plenty of homes, and prices are dropping in the short term. To this end, applicants appreciate Turkish Citizenship by Investment and reasonable financial investments and reasonable opportunities to purchase property for their property portfolio. However the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program stipulates that the assets must be maintained for three years. In the medium to long term, it is advisable to look at the return on profitable investment options. We promise to keep our assets for at least 5 to 10 years.

Benefits of Turkish citizenship

1: Travel without a visa

Some nationalities, such as British and European citizens, are free to travel on passports. But many other nationalities do not. Therefore, Turkish Citizenship by Investment in Turkey is attractive as it guarantees visa-free travel to more than 100 countries of the world. We also consider Turkey an important place in the world. And the world of travel is open to all investors.

2: One time application

The process of obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is quick and easy, but most people approve of it. However, it still does not provide long-term relief. Generally, you will apply again until the applicant is eligible for a long-term license after eight years. Your participation will last a lifetime, so your investment will pay off your citizenship. This gives investors a secure future as Turkish citizens. And help plan their lives in Turkey.

3. Cannot be a resident

For other nationalities under the International Investment Program, applicants are required to remain in the country long before, during and after the application. Not Turkey. Investors are free to come and go. So do they want to stay here or come to Turkey in the summer? They are free to do so.

4: Future children

Turkish citizenship is for you, your children and your spouse through the investment program. Birth rights automatically constitute Turkish citizenship. Therefore, applying for citizenship can give your family a sense of security.

5: Healthcare and Retirement

Did you know that Turkey is one of the most innovative countries in the world in terms of healthcare? Some hospitals, such as Izmir in western Turkey, are known for their specialization and expertise. At the same time, map out Turkey for procedures such as herbal and dental treatments. Show Turkish citizenship that you use a good medical system. Compared to places like Spain, many say their health care system does not care for older people. Investors will be able to pay for Turkey’s retirement pension program in the coming years if they choose to do so.

6: Work and study as a citizen

However, a residence permit gives you the right to stay in Turkey. However, if you want to work, you need to apply for another license. When studying in Turkey, the licensing and application process is completely different. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment You have the right to live here. Work and study means that your financial and professional future plans are never easy.

7: Nice weather and Turkish food

Don’t think that investing in Turkey is a matter of money. Because there is so much in this country. 300 days of sunshine a year makes life in Turkey an outdoor recreation. Think outside or relax on Turkey’s many blue flag beaches that lie in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The air is also suitable for outdoor meals. Many restaurants throughout Turkey serve world food, but instead introduce popular Turkish cuisine that reflects the community’s commitment to fresh ingredients and healthy food.

8: What to do

Did you know that Turkey is the center of sports in the world? There are also thousands of historical sites. Boating is a great pastime as it is surrounded by the sea on all sides of popular hiking trails such as Lycia and Nature Tiles. The seven geographies are also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It has international fame as well as culture and art like Istanbul and Antalya. It is impossible to get tired in Turkey. In fact, most citizens follow their wishes. Whether it’s creativity, physical health, or socializing.

9. Turkish Society

One Turk said all the strangers were friends. Bill said deep friendship comes from a cup of coffee. In fact, Turkey’s hospitality is known around the world for its friendship. It is easy for aspirants to make new friends wherever they go in Turkey. Try to learn a language so that you can make the most of your citizenship. And soon Turkey will feel at home.

Lives in Turkey all year round

So, once you have Turkish Citizenship by Investment, the property can be used as a villa, rented or resided in the country all year round. If you choose the latter, articles on life in Turkey will be useful. Cover everything you need to organize on letters of recommendation from immigrants, including the best places to live, take care of your home, create a budget, etc.

More useful information for investing in Turkey

Also, please read the customer guide. It contains useful information for investors who purchase property. After you buy a new home as part of customer service, we will not leave you at the door. We love helping people. Our customer guide deals with the essentials for learning driving, animals in Turkey, work and much more. It also serves as a useful guide to the law and to start a new life in Turkey.

Alternatively, our blog on Turkey reflects our team’s many years of experience. We use local knowledge and years of experience to write about our destinations. With offices in Istanbul, Fetia, Antalya, Bodrum, and more, we want to keep track of local trends and keep our customers informed. Culture, Society, Traditions, Food, Lifestyles and Homes in Turkey Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get the latest news from Turkey.

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