Traveling to Japan is most desirable between March and May and September and November since it’s dry and warm during these seasons.


The joys of spring and the famous cherry blossoms in Japan are not a secret, so you’ll have to share the experience with many other travelers. Based on what you’d like to see, the number of people you’d like to spend time with, and how much you like rain, we’ve created an annual calendar of months to determine the perfect timing and locations to visit in Japan.

What is the desirable time to travel to the southern part of Japan?


Southern Japan has less tourism than the north or central regions of Japan. This means that even during the popular tourist season during the summer and spring, there’s a lot less noise than in the tourist hotspots. The months between April and October are a great time to enjoy mild weather without the heavy rain that ravages the south during summer. 


If you are planning to hike in the south-central part of Yakushima, be aware that the island’s rugged terrain is more frigid than the remainder of the area. Yakushima’s forests are stunning all year long. However, trekkers must be prepared to layer up from November through April because this outpost on the island is excellent throughout the spring and winter months.

What would be best to travel? When is the perfect time to travel to Tokyo?


Tokyo is a famous city to visit throughout the year with moderate temperatures (outside the winter’s chilly depths); however, it is possible to experience heavy rainfall. April is a perfect month that combines temperatures that average 14 degrees Celsius, a lower amount of rain than in summer months, and an escape from the masses that come to the city in May. 


As the city with the highest population density around the globe, Tokyo is always fairly busy. Summer months like June, July, and August are likely to be busy. However, they also provide many festivities and celebrations to take part in and enjoy, so remember to write off these months automatically.


When planning Japan tours from Canada, considering what experience you desire will help determine when is best to embark upon their journey; whether its the blooming cherry blossoms of springtime or snowscapes of winter; Japan offers unforgettable adventures year-round!

What would be best to travel? Is it possible to travel to Japan to witness the cherry blooms?


The cherry blossom season is stunning, but it is a very busy time to travel to Japan. These beautiful flowers appear in the spring months, and the blooming period is slightly earlier in the southern regions than in the northern and central regions. 


Nagasaki and Hiroshima are two examples. They often see full blooms appear by the beginning of April. However, Tokyo is at its peak around late in the month. In mid-May, the majority of flowers are usually in bloom, even in the northern cities such as Sapporo. There are no set dates for the time of year since the blooms are dependent on the environment. However, numerous websites keep you informed about the progress of these loved trees.

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