Buying Property in Istanbul

Foreigners looking for the best place for Buying Property in Istanbul have access to a healthy market with many destinations, but Istanbul is the best and most popular destination for real estate investment.

Istanbul is the cultural, economic and historical center of the country. Turkey’s largest and most populous city with eight districts is the center of education. The travel and business industry Therefore, real estate has been a very popular market here since 2013. Foreigners have bought more than five properties in Istanbul.

This shows that the city is a hot market for foreign real estate investors. Buying Property in Istanbul is affordable. Istanbul focuses on modern life with its modern infrastructure and architectural trends. On-site facilities such as cafes, restaurants, parks, swimming pools, shops and gyms.

There are also large types of districts. Some of the most popular districts in Istanbul that give you access to the urban lifestyle are Nisantashi, Taksim, Karakai and Chihangil. All in all, there are plenty of options for foreigners who want to live here for the rest of their lives. From business opportunities to education

Best place to Buying Property in Istanbul

As a business and economic hub, Istanbul is an interestingly diverse city, so active or retired foreigners visiting the country can explore the area. To find the best place for Buying Property in Istanbul. Over the past two decades, Istanbul has changed a lot with its beautiful appearance. Take advantage of the harmless urban life extended to the beautiful surrounding areas. Here are some of the most popular areas in Istanbul that you can consider for real estate investing.

Nissanta Shi

Nissantasi is an expensive district with good food and shops. Good choices start at $ 250,000. One big thing is that investing in Nintendo enables you to become a citizen according to your investment program.


Cihangir is an artistic part of Istanbul, with artists and musicians roaming around the city. You can find properties in Cihangir.


Karakoy starts with many cafes and restaurants on the street and is known as the “fashion” side of Istanbul. And with hundreds of people living and living hipster life, Karakoy can really add to the city atmosphere.


Taksim is one of the central districts of Istanbul. There is a lot of old architecture here. Some of Turkey’s oldest mosques can be found here. The quality of the architecture may differ from neighborhood to neighborhood because it is an older neighborhood.


If you are looking for a makeup artist, Etiler is right for you. There is a beautiful coffee shop here. Popular shops and good offices in the Italian region, many have villas and luxurious apartments with Bosphorus views, but keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive districts in Istanbul.


The district is famous for its proximity to financial centers. Suriyer is located close to the green areas of the city with beautiful views of the Bosphorus Strait, one of the first choices for families traveling to Istanbul. The Buying Property in Turkey are a wide variety of accommodations, including courtyards, villas and luxury homes.

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Buy property elsewhere in Turkey

There are other destinations besides Istanbul. This provides a fair opportunity for foreigners to invest in real estate.


Antalya is located in the south of Turkey and is one of the most popular summer destinations for both locals and foreigners alike. There are currently more than 100,000 foreigners living in the city, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).

Blue flag beach and good climate and a large foreign community therefore Antalya is a great place for Buying Property in Istanbul. There are facilities in big cities though. But it also has a coastal city atmosphere. Antalya is the third most popular destination among foreigners who have decided to move to Turkey.


Bodrum is another famous beach in Turkey. The coastal town is surrounded by sea views, stone houses and large gardens. Thanks to the weather, it’s also a great place to spend the winter. Bodrum also has a large community of British immigrants who have chosen to retire there. For more information, see the article on Buying Property in Istanbul.


Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is another popular destination for working foreigners. Property prices in Ankara are cheaper than in Istanbul. So if you want to live in a big city but don’t want to invest too much. You can think of Ankara. There are many shopping spots. Close to great attraction and there are many business opportunities

The presale project in Istanbul

Which has Turkish citizenship, is a great investment opportunity. Buying Property in Istanbul is located in the European part of Istanbul with easy access to central Istanbul. Property is in this area. It is located close to the Marmara Sea coast. Lake Cococamis.

You can access different sections. Istanbul attractions such as Taksim Square, Besiktas and Asia Istanbul are easily accessible via two major Effler routes called E5 and TEM. Metro bus, metro and bus, and Ovila district is 50 km from Istanbul airport.

Every year on Marmara Beach, there are cafes and restaurants that welcome foreign visitors. Other facilities along the Marmara coast include cycling and hiking.

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