Buying Property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey for investment or home building purposes is one of the biggest moves you can make for yourself. Buying property in Turkey has a well-trained and qualified team to guide the process. We will answer all your questions and guide you according to your personal needs. Our daily responsibility is to provide a transparent and engaging experience to our customers. To do this, enter the original project name. It provides location according to interactive Google Maps, as well as historical builder and performance data. This information must be available in the market. However, it is advisable to ask rare questions and challenge all items that appear to be decorative or counterfeit. The only real way is to have a transparent experience. Finally, we help you talk about the best price. This guarantees the best deal. Your consent is our priority!

Given the current state of the TL, prospective buyers interested in the euro, the pound sterling and the US dollar could save a lot over the past few months.

What is your plan?

Identifying your Buying property in Turkey intentions is the only and most important step in the real estate buying process in Turkey. But for investment, survival, or a combination of the past two. It is important to know the payment terms, how you pay, and when you should pay. These basic details will help you decide which cash installment or installment plan is best for you. These terms are clearly shown in the listening, negotiation, booking, and final payment stages. It has been documented several times throughout the process to maintain and maintain safety. Note: 1% deposit is required during the booking process. However, you can get a full refund for up to 14 days.

Additional cost

You need to write down all the expenses that you pay in addition to the value of the property. For example, a one-time payment that includes stamp duty and VAT. You also need to arrange natural insurance and utility bills. Also consider monthly and annual expenses such as maintenance costs and property taxes.

Location and area

One of the keys to a successful purchase is knowing where you want to invest. There is a guide to the distance to the area and facilities near the place of residence that you want to Buying property in Turkey. There is also a map where you can see the real location of the property. Take the time to compare prices in nearby locations so you can find the best deal for the property you want to buy.

The history and dynamics of the neighborhood you are buying are also important. This is because these are important indicators of how the region will grow in the next five to ten years. Remember that the key to investing in real estate is location, location! In addition, know about the future developments in the city you want to invest in, such as rebuilding local government infrastructure. Sidewalks, parks, shops and schools can help you make the best investment and personal life decisions. Buying property in some parts of the world can be a daunting task.

Internet Trading

First, you must visit the property directly before making a purchase. However, when the disease occurs, online shopping is a necessity and in high demand. Buying property in Turkey has an excellent online sales record. International buyers choose online shopping based on the appropriate process provided by the first property Turkish sales team based on the online show. Conferencing and access to our own legal team covered all stages. Our team is ready to show you the options. Follow all the necessary health precautions and measures at the designated place

Real estate developer

Turkish Property only works with established manufacturers with a proven track record of success. You may not see the biggest name in the Turkish market. And this is the case for Turkey, both government agencies and developers. This is a marketing business. Therefore, having the money to “build” the brand does not indicate the success you will get during the process. We only offer manufacturers that deliver on time and without modifications. With delivery quality, our internal legal team conducts regular license checks and licensing to ensure that our clients purchase projects related to themselves with full legal issues. When you say a developer or project is safe, it is


If you do not want to stay in Turkey through the payment process for your property. You will need to issue a Power of Attorney (POA) to your solicitor during the payment process. If you plan to go to Turkey as a Turkish citizen through an investment citizenship scheme, the POA will submit an application on your behalf to the legal team. We also provide certificate registration service. Apply for citizenship on behalf of the residence transfer customer and his family. I am also responsible for compiling evaluation reports. Before leaving, you can apply for a POA at Turkish embassies around the world or at notary offices in Turkey.

In Property Turkey, an in-house lawyer will guide you through all the mentioned items to determine the best legal route for you and your family.

Payment plan

Payment plans may be an essential option for some customers. And indeed, given the situation, there are probably many opportunities. Payment planning is a great option though. However, it is important to know the payment terms and schedule. Good relationships with manufacturers, reasonable payments and adherence to agreed terms are important. If the customer pays in cash, the discount will apply. But that doesn’t mean it might be negotiable. It depends on the amount of the payment or the term of the payment. Finally, look at the penalties. If payment is no longer available

Rate of return on investment

Understand conditions such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), and internal rate of return (IRR). It’s a bit confusing when talking to a consultant. ROI means results. Receive rent and percentage of annual investment payments. And capital growth is the growth of value over the course of your tenure. This is a simple interpretation. Instead, it emphasizes the basics of the abbreviations and words used.

Customers are different so do their expectations relate to ROI and investment growth. Understanding good investment goals and ideas is critical to the overall ability of the consultant to properly offer and support. Some customers want low capital growth and high monthly income. Other buyers want to get money when their property is valuable and they don’t have to worry about borrowing their property. There is no wrong approach. There was just the wrong connection.

Agencies and Brokers

Here’s a quick ad. Avoid agencies that offer minimal options to choose from and agencies that encourage you to make quick purchases with one type of project that says it makes sense.

Shop at an organization that always understands your needs, interests, and goals. A good mentor will give you information about your neighborhood. Actual rental rates, project titles, exact locations, catalogs, brochures, and views for project inclusion not included in the demographic plan. Anyone who does not provide this background information should be treated with caution. Find a Customer Agent! The goal of Real estate Investment in Turkey is to remove these barriers and provide the best buying solution in the market. 

Visit the project

Feel free to visit the project site to understand the progress and quality of the construction. Please inquire about the construction period and the completion time. Compare this with other projects in the area and ask your consultant for this information to make sure there is no compelling reason for the delay. Ask how long it took. And how many units are left in the house? Selling to foreign buyers may stop, resulting in huge surpluses. But when you still have a lot of old projects, you have to ask yourself why.

Then, take a look at the services and equipment of each project to understand the associated costs. Not all projects have a swimming pool, gym and covered parking. If this is what you think you need, please let your advisor know about these needs to eliminate inappropriate choices.

Developers continue to create new projects quickly. Istanbul has a lot of stock, but consider all the options and compare prices for both unplanned and completed options. Of course there are good deals. It may take some time to get there.

Characteristics analysis

Ask your advisor for your analysis of the designated property or properties. They should be able to identify a clear overview of the potential growth of the project. The quality of the investment is the quality of the construction, the ability to live and the ability to adapt to the requirements. A consultant or agency that cannot provide these items will only harm you. Maybe it’s new, so don’t ask your boss or director.

You should do your job once you have been analyzed by a consultant. Focusing on 3-4 is very difficult, as comparing the available options to find the best option and focusing on multiple options at once can lead to confusion and distrust. It is best to wait until you arrive and visit here before changing direction. Only then can you testify with your own eyes and not be silenced by false information or advice. It is your right to look at many options. Therefore, use this permission to see what happens.

Why Buying Property in Turkey?

The Buying property in Turkey was created to meet the growing demand. In order to do the right thing for Turkish real estate companies, we aim for maximum transparency and communication during the buying and selling process. This allows customers to get the level of attention that is right for them. Property decisions are difficult. Our knowledge and understanding of the Turkish market, wherever you are in the world, ensures that every purchase is safe and valuable, whether on vacation, full time or investment. Real Estate Investment in Turkey Turkey Every time we talk, bleed and buy “do the right thing”.

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