Nowadays most of the activities have become online. As an example, online shopping, working, socializing and playing have become a new trend among the people of today’s era. With time, an increase in the number of individuals who go beyond the national borders has been seen. These individuals are known as “netizens”. Currently, websites that are foreign-based have become a new interest for the people who use the internet. They want to shop and associate with these sites. Some of these sites use the language of these people for marketing their content so that they can easily read and review it.

All over the world, the language that is most common and is on the sixth place is Portuguese. You will be surprised to learn that written content on the internet only uses 2 percent of this language. So, if someone makes a site to translate a website in this language then he has to compete with only 2 % of the internet’s content. Now a question arises: Will this site get a better ranking in the SERPs?

Now I will give a detailed description of common mistakes that occur when building a multilingual WordPress site.

1. Content duplication

Google SEO algorithms are strong enough to detect whether a site has duplicate content. If it happens, Google can penalize your site. If the translation of all the content or web page elements is not done by someone then the issue of duplicate content arises. Some part that is not translated and is still present in the source language will be taken as duplicate content by Google.

Now how will you resolve this issue? Let us understand it with an example. Suppose there are websites of Britain, Canada or Australia and you want to translate your content in their language. By assigning a <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=“en-uk” /> you can give information about the UK (New Zealand or Australia) residing English speakers’ variation to the search engines and with this it is possible that in the local search engine they get a good ranking.

2. Orthography and dates

Across the world the variation can be seen in orthography and dates. The format like day/month/year is used for writing dates in France. On the other hand, a format like month/day/year is used for writing dates in America. There is a possibility of getting totally different results because of this. So, if someone uses a date 5/2/2020 in the setting then Americans will consider it as May 2, 2020 and French will consider it as February 5, 2020. Now let us consider orthography. In different countries there are different types of decimal marks. A comma is used in the EU and a dot is used in America as a decimal operator. So, a number (55,28) in the EU will be written as (55.28) in the USA.

How will you avoid this issue? Go to the search engine and search the target country’s orthographic principles and date formats that are applicable there. Then use it on your site.

3. Not doing SEO

SEO stands for search engine  optimization. After designing and developing your website it becomes important that as per the biggest algorithm’s rules, your website adapts it to that. But for this you need to take the help of an SEO expert.  It can become very difficult to achieve good results if you will not do the search engine optimization of your multilingual site.

For solving this issue, hiring an SEO agency will be a good idea. As per the local search engine’s rules he will adjust your site to the various languages present on it by going through the coding.


Your multilingual social media marketing efforts will be enhanced by a thorough and accurate website translation.

The video translation process can be used to create srt files that are fully indexed by the search engines, allowing the video content to appear more prominently in search results. With the aid of a native speaker of the language of translation, podcasts can be made from the website content translations.

By translating the website content, you will have the basic tools you need to take your content marketing international. You should multipurpose your website content as well as communicate with your audience more directly, even within your social media marketing campaign.

Transform your website into a language your new audience understands with website translation services. Speak to their hearts with localization services. With this information, you should also make fewer mistakes on your way to multilingual WordPress success.


Hire an SEO agency or an expert to go through the code of your website in every language your website supports and make any needed changes to it according to local rules To fix this, hire a SEO agency or a professional to go through your website code in all the languages you have on it and adapt it to the local SEO rules


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