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NCERTs are base for the UPSC CSE Preparation. Being the most basic books and written in very simple language, lucid and neutral perspective makes NCERTs as the base for the entire preparation. One will get most of their basic covered from these books. Secondly, mains answer writing language should be similar to the writing style of these books which makes these books as the fundamental element while preparing for the Mains examination.

Assuming that one is well done with the all the NCERTs and wants to practice writing. So how one should proceed further, lets understand step by step.

Taking Help of NCERTs itself | Mains answer writing UPSC Coaching 

  1. After end of every chapter NCERTs give some question to practice. Try to practice those subjective questions.
  2. After reading the questions try to segregate it in terms of demand of the question.
  3. Try to address the each part one by one.1
  4. After solving the questions try to evaluate the answers by yourself and find it out, are you addressing the demand the question.

Taking Help from the Internet:

  1. There are various channels which provides questions for daily answer writing practice.
  2. Choose any platform and follow it religiously.
  3. In case of NCERTs question, you may not find wide array of keywords, but at online channels you may find different keywords in the different questions.
  4. Being well acquainted with the meaning of the all the keywords is very important. Try to make a note of meaning of all the keywords.
  5. Choose any channel and follow it religiously. (You can choose any of these Insight on India, IAS BABA, EDEN IAS, Forum IAS etc.)
  6. After writing the answer try to evaluate the answer and if you are not able to evaluate it by yourself, try to let it done by peer reviews.
  7. But here is the risk that you may not get the right reviews. So, for that there is other option also.

Taking Help from the Answer Writing Programmes  | Mains answer writing UPSC Coaching 

  • It is one of the right options to make your practice perfect.
  • As according to the question, you are just a beginner in the field of answer writing, so you should join any institute that provides answer writing for beginners. As there is a huge difference in difficulty level of the questions for the beginners and who are already acquainted to the process.
  • EDEN IAS is the only institute that provides the answer writing programme for Beginners. This programme is called SUGAM Answer Writing. The features of the SUGAM are:
  • It is only related to static portion of your syllabus.
  • Questions are of very basic nature.
  • Model answers for the questions will be given,
  • Time bound evaluation of the copies are there.
  • One to one mentorship is there and tips for enrichment of your answer will be told.

After completion of this programme if you think you are now pro in the answer writing, then you could join STEPS Daily Answer writing Practice for UPSC and judge yourself that how prepared you are for the UPSC Mains Examination.

Think of all the checkpoints through which that process passes and then answer the question.

In this method, you will have to think of the process involved in the topic given. The process that is required for the given topic to manifest itself.

Eg- The question comes on Special economic zone. Challenges and way forward. (A SEZ is an area in which the business and trade laws are different from the rest of the country. Aims include increasing trade balance, employment, increased investment, job creation, and effective administration)

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Close your eye and think of what an SEZ looks like and the process involved in setting up of SEZ in India.


  1. First, We need land for setting up SEZ. Huge piece of land.
  2. Now we need to cut the flora, destroy fauna, relocate people from that area.
  3. We need to look at governments policies whether they are easy and facilitate setting up of SEZ or promote red-tapism.
  4. Then we need Companies or government to invest in building up of Infrastructure.
  5. Now the Infra is built. We need a continuous supply of raw material and electricity for SEZ to work effectively.
  6. We need good quality human resources to work in the factory. (Labors)
  7. Now we have everything. We can start our Industry. Hurrayyy…
  8. We have created a product and now we need connectivity to supply it to consuming regions. (Road, railways…)
  9. We are going International now. We are also supplying our products to foreign countries.

So this is the Process through which SEZ passes.

Now comes the main part. Answer writing. Consider each node in the step and try to find one issue.


  1. It’s difficult for the government to find a proper land location for setting up SEZs.
  2. Protests from NGOs for forest degradation and cutting of forests.
  3. Local communities protests against land grabbing and it takes years to get the dispute solved.
  4. Improper rehabilitation of People displaced devoid them of the basic right to life Article 21. (eg. People affected by Narmada dam still protesting.)
  5. Funding issue as Private fear to invest money in such projects due to strict governments policies, corruption, red-tapism, delays, etc.
  6. Delay in projects due to any reason. (Niti aayog says 25% cost overrun due to delay in government projects)
  7. Continuous supply of electricity is an issue that can reduce the efficiency of SEZs.
  8. Lack of skilled human resources in that location. This triggers migration from other regions. Discrimination with migrants is also an issue.
  9. Violation of labor laws, unhygienic and unsafe conditions for laborers.
  10. Connecting Infrastructure like Roads, Railways are not very efficient in India raising up the logistics cost. The logistics performance index rank of India is 44th.(fact to add weight to the argument)
  11. The issue over Quality of Indian products when exported abroad. e.g Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues in food products, Low quality of steel compared to China.
  12. Delay in Courts and lack of Alternate dispute redressal mechanism in case of any dispute. This delay reduces the profit of Companies.

So we have thought of 12 points going by each node of building an SEZ in India and trying to find one or two issues from each step.

Similarly, if you have to write the way forward or Solution, go by the same thought process.

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