Portals are a type of platform which allows an individual to access them. Such portals are designed to assist their users in a variety of aspects. Students and instructors work for the sake of learning. Students need a platform that can support them in need. All Students need to look for a variety of things at the same time.

They need information about:

  •     Registration
  •     Enrollments
  •     Academic info
  •     Admission info
  •     Courses available
  •     Online guides
  •     Assignments

All are necessary for every college, school, or university student. Technology enhancement made the entire world more digital than before. The ClassroomStruggle website is working to serve the whole society of students in many regards. Whether you are studying abroad, or in the homeland, the prior assistance, you may get from your particular student portal. Countless websites help a student many more. Either there is a matter of homework, assignments, academic assessments, educational projects, etc. all supported by them.

Students do have sharp and fresh minds. They struggle hard to get the best score and CGPAs in their academic results. For that, they strive day and night. They burnt the midnight oil to achieve the best results. There are various modes and methods to help a student in his or her academic age. Classroomstruggle is a newly designed platform for serving students. Some students help portals that offer their services free of cost. Some of the charges for their services from the student, but all is minimal. By spending a few dollars, one can get a better solution to his problems.

If a student is looking for college admission and wants to know about the particular information regarding it’s he may access the portals and website anytime. Students help portal developed to provide access to students. Not every student is willing to visit educational institutions. That is why the portals were made to assist the students in this matter. ClassroomStruggle provides high in this regard. Every institution, either college, school, or university, provides a gateway to every student for a variety of tasks.

A student needs help while:

  • Preparing for school test
  • College assignment
  • Writing a college essay
  • Project completion
  • Educational guide

Instructors are not always there to support a student. There is a particular time frame under which a student can get help from his mentor or trainer. After that period, he has to perform various tasks himself. While performing the tasks, students get help from students to help portals. Every portal is equipped with a variety of tools and paid services. Some students go behind the so-called websites serving students in their assignment solutions and college essay writings. There may be scams and other issues while getting assistance from them.

By keeping in mind all the necessary needs and requirements of a student, various universities and educational institutions started providing students with a help portal for every student enrolled with them. ClassroomStruggle is the best source for earning for students who do part-time jobs. Countless students do part-time jobs to earn their livings. They do not have much to spend on their tasks and other things. That is why we offer a complete set of methods to make with us. Students who visit us better know the policies and terms for earning part-time.

The modern methods of technology are influencing the way of teachings and guiding the students in a significant direction. The students portal does not only assist students but to the instructors or teachers too. ClassroomStruggle is a useful source for the assistance of the instructor. Teachers or instructors get help for lesson planning, preparing course outlines, and managing and maintaining other things online. The ways of learning are now changing entirely with the help of modern technological methods and tools.

Listen to children’s concerns:

Teachers and school personnel should examine how kids are performing before imparting new academic topics to them. Remember that youngsters may have trouble concentrating at first or want additional time to get back into the learning process. Allow children to take pauses, walkabout, and reconnect with their friends and classmates by providing opportunities for them to do so.

Check how children are doing:

COVID-19 and school closures have a negative influence on the mental health and well-being of many children and adolescents. It is critical for teachers to listen to kids’ problems and display understanding and sensitivity. Allow your pupils to have a one-on-one talk with you to reconnect and discuss any problems that may have emerged during the time their school was closed. Please follow the protection or child safeguarding processes in place if a youngster says something that concerns you.


Many countries have imposed stringent physical distance restrictions on children, preventing them from playing and interacting with their classmates in playgrounds and other public settings. In accordance with school safety standards, make sure that when children return to school, they have plenty of opportunities to mingle, play, and interact with the classmates they’ve been missing for so long.







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