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The UPSC test is regarded as one of the most delicate in India. The UPSC Mains Answer Writing is the alternate stage of the examination, in which the seeker is needed to give descriptive answers to nine questions. One of the most delicate rudiments of the IAS Mains is composing answers.

It’s just as pivotal to learning how to write good answers in the IAS mains test as it’s to study the subject information. This is because, at the end of the day, it’s what you have put in the answer folder that matters, not what you have read, studied, or rehearsed.

You’re graded solely based on what the monitor reads in the form of your answers, and the multitudinous hours you spent studying are inapplicable to him. As a result, the art of casting applicable and anticipated responses from campaigners is pivotal.

 Basic Effects to Keep in Mind about Mains Answer Writing

  • Your answer should impress the monitor and he/ she should feel that the answers were written by an unborn director.
  • Your answers should answer what the question has asked and that too in a manner that’s precise, clean, neat, elucidative, and beautiful. You can see the essays by the UPSC cappers and the once 25 times paper on UPSC to assay better.
  • Generally, the main questions contain certain crucial terms called ‘directional words in them which are an indication to figuring out how they’re to be answered. You should exercise how to find those.

Before 3-4 months of the UPSC Mains Test, you should start your practice for answer jotting. Answer jotting chops can be inculcated, indeed if you struggle and don’t feel confident about it originally.

The stylish to prepare for the civil service mains examination is to start writing and write as numerous answers as u can

First thing is to memorize UPSC’s main syllabus Also read some former time questions and answers it give u some idea of what UPSC is searching for. And relate the model answer to the syllabus (confines)

Also whatever you read. Formulate a question on that content. And also write the answer

Before writing thinks and assesses the question from a colorful angle using the syllabus. Annul the below process which is used while reading answer

Start with crisp preface, also instructional body and affirmative conclusion Practice is the key to ameliorate

“Winning isn’t by chance. It’s habit

To Mains answer writing there are no shortcuts other than writing. I came to know about the MASTER 2022 series from EDEN IAS long back when cleared prelims that time.

This can be a better cover or volition with diurnal jotting with sanctioned answer review. To be foursquare I was using perceptivity secure from the day of the prelims examination.


My conclusion EDEN IAS series is indispensable for learning answer writing series is a dependable volition to Get

  1. Diurnal questions from GS1-GS4
  2. Reference to draft answers all leading studies compendium in pdf
  3. Sanctioned answer review in 1 hours-4 hour grounded on course.
  4. Model answers for comparison.

All these come on a diurnal base & it’ll surely work if you follow them daily. Write further & MASTER the art of writing for UPSC mains

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Mains test series

Select yourself in the mains test series and check your arranging level ensuing to completing the fundamental data on the chief subject. Test series will help you with practicing answer forming and grasping the test illustration of the test. Here You will moreover look into the expected requests.

I kept writing but none got reviewed by sapience or by anyone differently.

Wrote for the sake of jotting as notoriety told to do that. Mark my word, there were no extemporizations after writing for 2 months there.

Latterly I came to know about a series with diurnal answer reviews from jasmine Maya who appeared interview before. I was just taken down & realized that there’s DAILY ANSWER REVIEW In 60 twinkles.

You heard it right in 1 hour. I made an exploration for mains & ended up in joining the same. The course was called mains Answer Writing Rearmost interpretation for 2022 got closed lately.

It’s outstanding but their support & review were on time throughout the course. We get login access & can upload answers for review. I used to take simple prints using my android. Yes, it’s that simple.

Best will be relative in light of your assumptions. Someone might anticipate static inquiries though some other anticipates current undertakings. Another person might search for survey on replies.

I would say, following are the solid day by day composing series given by online destinations.

Eden Ias  ace series – 2022 form is live. They gives every day questions, article accumulations and answer audit formally. This makes it first. I enrolled this site for individual execution examination as well. There support group is accessible live for 24 hours.

Knowledge secure series-2022 variant is live. They gives every day questions and direct connection to articles. They will give general suggestions for reply yet needs survey and backing. These are suggested for their consistency and convenient reports on consistent schedule.


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It took around 2 months to get marks like5/10. The first-day answer got standing Not applicable. Remember this was after 2 months of writing at perceptivity in India.

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