Before connecting, it is necessary to have such type of device which is directly connected to WI-FI  with help of ij.start.canon and that can handle commands that come from multiple devices like smart phone, Laptop, Windows computers, I-pad and MAC Computer within a home or office is a dream that can be realized and easy to handle a printer in a smart way. In the business world there is a need to print multiple documents and paper in the course of a day. This is why Canon mg3630 offers users with the capability of connecting various devices wirelessly over the Wi-Fi. But establishing a connection between devices and printers may be a hard challenge. We’ve describe a list of ways to connect various devices and OSs with ij.start.cannon mg3620 here in this blog. First, Let us first know why internet is needed for this.


Here you get to know how to connect ij.Start.Canon canon Mg3620 to Wi-Fi using control panel

To connecting Canon mg3620 to Directly Wi-Fi via Control Penal, must read these below steps:

  • To connect your ij.start.canon Canon mg3620 printer device to the Wi-Fi, you must follow these below-listed steps:
  • First Switch on the printer device.
  • Click on the ‘Colour’ button. Then hit the WIFI button one time.
  • You need to wait until the Wi-Fi is switched on. The light beside the Wi-Fi button will begin flashing when the Wi-Fi is turned switched on.
  • Then Install the printer’s driver by following installation procedures along with the appropriate software to your PC to enable the wireless connection.
  • Start Begin the setup process by inserting the CD into the drive for CD. The setup program will begin.
  • After that Inserting the disk will start the process of setting it up.
  • After the setup has been successfully installed a confirmation message will be arrived at the top of the screen of the Computer.
  • To Exit, press the button that says “close.

Learn How to set up a wireless connection

  • Firstly, examine the light for Wi-Fi on the printer. If it’s on, turn off the light by pressing the STOP button. The printer should complete the task in case of its cleaning or printing, engaging or aligning in any others type of activity.
  • If you want to Switch-on the Wi-Fi you need to hold the WIFI button until you switch it on and watch for it to blink the ON LED light.
  • Then Click on the COLOR button, then press the WI-FI symbol. You have to make sure that the WI-FI On light has started to flashing.
  • To establish wireless Canon.com/ijsetup connections, it is necessary to download drivers and others program to finish the installation procedures.
  • After that insert the disc of driver’s driver in the CD drive of your computer system or laptop. After the disk has been inserted it will begin to process. If it doesn’t then go to the CD-ROM folder, and launch it again via Canon.com/ijsetup.
  • The installation has begun after that, which the Windows User Account Control pannel or the antivirus software that is installed will request confirmation or scan. Let the installation proceed completed.
  • Then you have a option to Click on the “Start Setup” The button will appear on the screen that appears first.
  • Follow the instructions that given on the display. Then select your country, check license agreement, etc.
  • Check on the “Select Connection Method” page, then select ‘Wireless LAN Connection’, and after that click the next option carefully.
  • Then, select the ‘Connect Vis wireless router (recommended) radio button on the next screen, and then you have to click on the ‘Next’.
  • After that a confirmation message displayed on the screen, in the form of commands. Then you have to check that your ij.start.cannon device is within every single one of them. After that you have to go to the back of the printer to confirm or check the serial number.
  • The next step is that a screen you will be presented with a “Software Installer List’. Select the next option for software that you want to install into the system it is very necessary steps of this part and then Click Next.
  • After that you will get a new confirmation massage of the installation being successful on screen. After that, click Exit to close the installation procedure.

Canon Mg3620 wireless set-up for Windows 10

In order to install Canon mg3620 on your Windows system, you must follow these below steps:

  • Firstly you have to visit the official Canon.com/ijsetup website to know more.
  • After visiting on ij.start.canon website you can type your model’s number of the printer to find the suitable software and drivers for your computer device to setup the canon printer.
  • Select the Operating System you’re running that would be Windows 10 in this case.
  • Then Download the drivers for your printer and the software to your computer device.
  • After that the download has been completed then the confirmation massage pop-up should show up in your browser.
  • Then Select the file you downloaded to start the installation procedure. Install the drivers and software by following the instructions clearly on screen that is displayed.

Easy Steps to Connect the Canon Mg3620 WIFI by using the WPS PIN code

The Mg3620 canon ij.start.canon printer user can also establish the connection between, Canon mg3620 printer & the internet by using the WPS Pin Code. To learn how to do that, follow these easy steps:

  • You Need to Hold the Wi-Fi switch on the printer till it turns “ON”.
  • Then after, to print the given details regarding the wireless connection setup is required, which includes the PIN Code Click on the Wi-Fi button of the printer.
  • After that, Press the Stop button of the printer, and you have to press it for a few seconds until a light on the alarm flashes for 16 seconds.
  • Then you have to create a unique WPS pin code on the printer’s web page for network configuration to your wireless router connection.
  • The last step is that to check that the Wi-Fi indicator on the printer is illuminated.




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