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Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) VS automated manual transmission cars (AMT) – Which is a better transmission? There are many factors to take into consideration when looking for your next car. While some may look at the MPG, horsepower or even fuel tank size. Others still believe in the value of gearboxes. You see, while it’s nice that you can get an EcoBoost V6 with 365hp and decent gas mileage (25mpg). If you want to enjoy this great package your best bet would be adding an AMT transmission. To let you manually shift gears whenever the urge strikes without losing any power or performance.


This makes it possible for drivers like me who love the feeling of getting behind. The wheel of something fast but hate having to actually drive it.


For those who are not aware, AMT transmissions function almost exactly. The same way as your typical manual transmission but without having to use a clutch pedal. This means that you can get all of the control and performance offered by an MT. But with the convenience of making smooth shifts effortlessly. If you haven’t driven one before, I recommend you give it a go. You’re in for quite an experience!

Types of transmissions car

There are two types of transmissions that can be found on many new car models these days. They are the automated manual transmission (AMT) and the intelligent manual transmission (iMT). Both of which are advanced compared to regular automatic or manual transmissions.


The AMT is an automated manual transmission cars where the driver has some sort of input into what gear will be used for accelerating, decelerating, stopping, etc. It works similarly to a regular automatic but is more efficient with fuel consumption. Because it is lighter weight than its counterpart. Many drivers enjoy the convenience associated with this type of transmission. Along with assistance from computers helping to maintain speed limits. And braking/accelerating appropriately for traffic situations. However, to its added elements there can be many negative aspects associated with the AMT.


On the other hand, we have the iMT which is a manual transmission that has been enhanced and upgraded to be more efficient and reliable than ever before. It is just as easy for drivers to use as it would be using an automatic transmission but there are some great added benefits of being able to manually shift gears yourself.


AMT vs IMT – Pros & Cons


Mazda CX-5 | Image courtesy of Mazda Before we compare these two transmissions further let’s take a look at some of their pros and cons (so that when it comes time to buying your next car you can make an informed decision).

AMTs Pros: – You don’t need to change gears yourself since the transmission does it for you. – There is no clutch pedal so shifting gears is smooth and seamless.


AMT Cons: – automated manual transmission cars are usually more expensive than imt cars. – They reduce a car’s fuel efficiency by a couple of miles per gallon.

iMT Pros: – imt car allow you to shift gears smoothly without losing any power or performance while driving. There’s also an economical benefit since they help you get better gas mileage compared to AMTs which take a couple of MPG off your tank each year.


iMT Cons: – imt car come with a manual stick shift which takes up considerable space between the driver and passenger seats, reducing comfort when making sharp turns or going over bumps. – imt cars are not as fast as AMT cars since you have to shift gears yourself and this takes a few seconds.


Conclusion imt vs amt


–  Better transmission than automatics


–  Cheaper than amts


– imt has no clutch pedal hence it provides smooth gear shifts which saves fuel


Intelligent Manual Transmission Car


This type uses a clutch pedal so that engine power can be transmitted directly to the drive wheels. This works just like how an automatic transmission system works since gears are manually shifted through a shift knob or paddles mounted on the steering wheel. However, there’s a computerized control of imt car so the engine power will only be transmitted to the drive wheels when needed. For some imt car, a torque converter can be used in order to smoothly start from a complete stop and works just like that on an automatic transmission system.


– imt is more comfortable as it’s between the driver and passenger seats, but amts are really good if your not picky about comfort…

In conclusion,

while both imt and AMT transmissions provide great features that any car aficionado would love, it’s pointless deciding on which one is better since they meet different requirements from two different kinds of people. imt cars offer a better value for money and an overall imt vs amt experience while AMT cars provide you with all the convenience and comfort that come with automatic transmissions without sacrificing any performance and power/speed.

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