This article will explain how to Reset Canon Printer to factory default settings. You can reset your printer if your printer displays any error messages or isn’t working correctly. This will resolve the most common problems that users encounter. In just a few steps, we will show you how to do a Hard reset.

Resetting the Canon Printer

  1. First, turn off your Printer by using the Off/On button. Wait until the Printer turns off completely.
  2. Hold the ” Stop” button for 2 seconds until it switches to Off. Continue holding the stop button for 2 seconds and then proceed to step 3.
  3. While you hold the “Stop” button, press the “On” key simultaneously.
  4. Now, release the ” Stop” button.
  5. You can hold the On button five more times. Press the Stop button five times.
  6. Now, release the power button.
  7. Your printer will now go into reset mode. The screen will then go blank. It will take a while for it to reset to its default settings. Just press the ” on” button to restart your printer when it stops making any noises.
  8. This is it. The canon printer was successfully reset.

Drivers may need to be reinstalled on your computer. If it asks you for driver reinstallation please reinstall the printer and driver in your computer system. canon printer reset tool After resetting your printer and installing it again you shouldn’t see an error when you try to use the printer.

If the Canon printer’s ink cartridge isn’t getting recognized, it may be necessary to reset it. If you don’t want to see any errors or damage to the cartridge, it must be reset correctly in your printer. We have several ways to reset your Canon printer’s ink cart. You can also look through these methods to reset your printer’s default state by factory setting it. These methods are also applicable to certain models. This post will show you how to reset your Canon ink cartridge.

How do I Factory Reset or Reset a Canon Printer Printer?

Resetting the Canon printer factory can make it as good as new. The printer’s settings will be restored to the original state they came in. You can reset it using the Setup option. Next, press it. Next, choose Reset Setting. The user will then need to choose the Reset All option. These options can be selected using the arrow buttons on your Canon printer during the factory reset process.

We will now discuss the steps required to perform this procedure correctly. These steps are listed below:

  • Select “Setup” on your Canon printer.
  • Go to ” Device settings”. This option can be reached by using the arrow buttons on your Canon printer.
  • Push the ” OK” button.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select ” Reset Setting”.
  • Tap ” OK”
  • Choose “Reset All”. You can select it using the arrow buttons on your device.
  • Push ” Ok” again.
  • Next, choose ” Yes.”
  • Once more, press the ” OK” button.

Now your Canon printer can be reset or factory reset. It is important to note that to use your device further, you will need to repeat the process of setting it up.

How do I reset my Canon printer to factory settings?

Some people may need help with how to reset the Canon printer back to factory settings. This section explains how to do this. You can follow the procedure by first finding and pressing the Stop button until you hear the alarm ring. Once you have heard the alarm at least 19 more times, you can hit the Start button. Gradually you’ll be able to reset your Canon printer back to factory settings.

  • Press the ” Stop” button until a ringing alarm sounds on your device.
  • After the alarm rings or flashes 19 times, press the ” start” button.
  • The factory settings will be restored to your printer. You will then need to delete its drivers.
  • Reinstall the most recent drivers.

How do I reset my Canon PIXMA printer to factory default settings?

Your Canon PIXMA printer may not function as smoothly in certain circumstances. You can reset the printer to the factory default settings. how do i reset my canon printer You can reset the factory default settings by going to Device Settings after your printer has been turned on. You can also choose to reset from these settings.

You can then factory reset your device by following the instructions.

  • Start your Canon PIXMA Printer.
  • Look for ” Device Setting”. This option will be found in the menu. You can choose it by using the arrows.
  • Select ” OK” now
  • Choose “Resetting”.
  • Click ” OK”.
  • Next, switch off your printer.
  • At the same time, press the ” Stop” and ” Energy” buttons.
  • Press the ” Power” button. Next, release ” Stop”. Next, double-press ” Stop “
  • After 30 seconds, the ” O_” screen will appear. Tap on ” Stop 4 times to continue.
  • Next, push the ” power” button two times.
  • For your printer to be turned off, you will need to press the ” Power” button once more.

How do I reset my Canon Printer’s ink cartridge?

Canon printers can be reset using the Power button. A chip can be used to reset the cartridges by following a specific procedure. Some Canon devices may have a Stop, Resume, or Ok button. You can also use this button for this purpose. You can also use this button to reset your Canon ink cartridges. Be sure to consider the model of the printer when choosing the method. Consider whether the method you choose will work with your printer.

Method 1: Use the Power Button to reset Canon Ink Cartridge

The most common method to reset your Canon printer’s ink cartridges is to use the Power button. This method is only possible if your printer is not turned on. Next, press the Power button. Next, push the Power button. The Stop button should be left for a while. After that, press the Power button again. Then, follow these simple steps to reset your device’s ink cartridge.

  • Turn off your Canon printer
  • Press both the ” Start ” and the ” Energy ” buttons.
  • Now, click the ” Stop” button.
  • Press the ” Stop”, while simultaneously holding the ” Energy” button. Double-press the ” Stop_” button.
  • After 30 seconds, you will see the O text on your screen.
  • Now press the ” Stop4″ button four times, and then the button ” Power_” twice.
  • Again, press the ” Power” button. The printer will then turn off.
  • Remove the USB and power cables from the Canon printer.
  • Continue pressing the ” Power” button to access the ink cartridge doors. Connect the cables to your device.
  • Close the ink cartridge doors and press the ” power” button.

Method 2: Resetting Canon Ink Cartridge via Chip

The second method will be explained. This chip is used to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge. To initiate this process, locate the door to the device and open it. Then, remove the cartridge. how to reset canon printer to factory settings The cartridge must be placed in the main resetter channel. Make sure that the contact plate and the chip of your cartridge are connected. These are the instructions:

  • Remove the cartridge from the Canon printer’s ink cartridge door.
  • Place the cartridge in the main resetter channel.
  • Make sure that the contact plates for the resetter and ink cartridge chips are made.
  • Press the cartridge for a few seconds.
  • The LED light on your chip resetter will flash a few times each time a contact is made.
  • Once the light is constant, you can release the Canon ink cartridge.
  • Now, attach it to your Canon printer.

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