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On a PC, you need applications to perform several jobs. Lots of applications are available for computer devices. Many of the applications are free. You can directly check the resource requirements of the program. If the application is compatible then you can directly install it and use it on the PC. But many of the applications provide only paid services. The user has to purchase the subscription and then use the application. You will only get the subscription for a particular time such as for a month or year. When the plan expires, you can renew the program. To prevent program expiry, many apps offer auto-subscription plans. Your plan gets renewed automatically before its expiry date. But sometimes, users do need the plan and it gets renewed. You can cancel the renewed subscription and then get a refund. After canceling the subscription, your program won’t renew automatically. 

Cancel your subscription to get a refund

Many programs offer refunds after canceling the subscription. If you have purchased any plan but don’t like its features then you can cancel the subscription. After canceling, you can apply for a refund easily. You can also apply for a refund on auto-renewal plans. But every program has some policies for refunds. You have to check the policy before canceling the subscription. Most of the programs offer refunds only when you cancel the subscription within 15 days of activation. If your plan is under a refund policy then go for a cancel Norton subscription refund. Cancel the subscription using the online account.

  1. Open the web browser and search for the program
  2. Go to the program’s official website
  3. Open the homepage and click on the Login button
  4. Provide the account details and go to the profile page
  5. Select the subscription window
  6. You will see the new subscription (purchased or auto-renewed)
  7. Click on the plan and hit on Cancel button
  8. You will see a confirmation window
  9. Hit on Yes button 
  10. A refund window will appear

Select the refund option and now you will see the confirmation page. Now go to the subscription window and you will see Expired status next to the program. The user can’t use any of the paid tools now.

Cancel the subscription to prevent auto-renewal

If your plan is under auto-renewal but you don’t require the program then disable the auto-renewal. In some programs, you can disable the auto-renewal using the dashboard. Open the program’s dashboard and select the plan. You will see an auto-renewal switch on the screen. Toggle the switch to disable mode and now your program won’t renew automatically. But some programs don’t provide an auto-renewal button. You can disable the auto-renewal function by canceling the subscription.

  1. Open the program’s dashboard
  2. Click on the Profile tab
  3. Select subscription 
  4. Tap on the plan
  5. Hit the Cancel button and tap on Confirm option

After canceling the license, go to the subscription window. It will show the expiry date of your program. Always cancel the subscription days before the expiry date. Your plan will work until the date of expiry. Many people think that the plan would expire if they cancel it early. But the subscription will work until the provided date. After the program expires, it won’t renew automatically.

Cancel the subscription on Android device

Lots of premium plans are available for Android devices. You can install the app from the Play Store and then purchase its subscription. If you don’t like the plan you can cancel it directly from the Play Store. 

  1. Open the phone device and click on Play Store
  2. Login with the same account you used for purchasing the program
  3. Click on the Payments and Subscriptions page
  4. Choose Subscriptions and check the provided apps
  5. Select your application and hit on Cancel button
  6. Tap on Confirm option and now the app’s auto-renewal feature will get disabled. You can use the app until the expiry date. 

In many programs, auto-renewal service is not applicable to the apps you got on special deals. Go to the program and check for its auto-renewal service. If the plan is not under auto-renewal then you don’t need to worry about canceling. The plan will work till the expiry date and won’t renew automatically. But if you want to use the program on another device then transfer the license to another device (on the same platform only) and run the tools easily. 

Pros and Cons

  1. It protects our lives against every kind of malware.
  2. it’s an intelligent Firewall for Windows and Mac.
  3. it’s an easy-to-use watchword Manager.
  4. Submit a Cloud Backup.
  5. SafeCam to dam unauthorized access to the webcam.
  6. As a counterpart, the system lacks protection against pc worms in P2P networks (peer to peer).
  7. client service isn’t immediate.


That regarding will it for Norton’s antivirus valuation, in conjunction with the pricing of their different software. If you wish to be told more, we have a tendency to extremely suggest reading our Norton antivirus review, during which we truly take a look at the software, aggregation it with a bunch of analysis to visualize if it’s trustworthy.

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