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Do you need a designer watch to make your style pop, but you only have a limited budget? Initially, you’d think that designer watches are so unaffordable that you won’t be able to get your hands on one when you’re trying to scrimp. Of course, when you think about designer watches that look fantastic and stylish, expensive luxury brands like Rolex are the first to enter your mind. 

But, other brands, like Orient, also offer stylish designer watches for people who want to dress nicely but also have a limited budget., such as the Seiko 5 Sports SRPH Field watch, Orient Classic watch, and more. Here, we look into four designer watches for collectors on a budget.

1. Orient Mako II

Orient is a Japanese brand that offers affordable and stylish designer watches, making it a top-tier watchmaking company in the industry that’s also available for most people. Orient is one of the oldest watch brands in the watch industry, founded in 1901. Orient’s Mako II makes your $150 worth by featuring a 41.5mm stainless steel case with a royal blue dial, a deep blue bezel, and notched edges on its sides. 

The Mako II is also fitted with a metal three-link bracelet that comfortably wraps around the wrist. It offers a 200m water resistance, allowing minor water activity, from taking a shower to scuba diving. But it might not be advisable for professional dives which require a 500m water resistance. Then again, for a designer watch with some utility that is under $200, this is a good deal!

2. Timex Marlin Automatic

The Timex Marlin Automatic is a classic standard for any gentleman, with its design giving off nostalgic 1960s vibes. Years ago, Timex abandoned mechanical movements for digital and quartz movements, but it’s nice to see the comeback of mechanical watches like the Marlin. This innovation caused quite a stir in the community. Marlin’s release in 2017 was the first time Timex decided to release another mechanical timepiece since 1982.

The Timex Marlin Automatic boasts a 40mm stainless steel case with a silver-tone dial nestled in the steel case with a water resistance of up to 30m. It has a silver bezel on its side, and the timepiece is fitted with a brown leather strap, giving it the classic look of the 1960s.

3. Orient Classic Watch

The Orient Classic Watch is one of the two lines by Orient, which features a combination of classic styling coupled with state-of-the-art structure and engineering. Orient would describe this collection as timepieces that continue to stand the test of durability.

It also offers a collection of affordable watches. The Classic Watch Collection boasts pieces with a stainless steel casing that come in different sizes, ranging from the small 33.8m up to the large timepieces of 42.4mm. 

The Classic Watch Collection, like its namesake, consists of watches with classical 1960s and 70s aesthetics. For example, the Mechanical Classic Watch (RA-AC0M01S) boasts traditional design features, such as a convex dial and domed glass. It has a golden stainless steel casing of 38.4mm in its latest models, a white dial in the casing, and water resistance of up to 30m. It is fitted with a black leather strap, giving it a classic vintage feel. 

4. Seiko 5 Sports SRPH Field Watch

You can’t just go on a list of budget watches without mentioning anything from Seiko 5. The Seiko 5. The Seiko 5 was first released in 1963, heralding new and multiple innovations, such as the Diaflex mainspring, Diashock shock-resistant design, and water resistance. The Seiko 5 comes in many iterations, and the Field Watch is one of the popular models.

 It boasts a 39.4mm stainless steel casing with a deep forest green dial that is water resistant for up to 100m. The stainless steel case is fitted to green nylon with an orange lining, giving it the classic pilot watch look. If you’re looking for a watch to look good daily, then the Seiko 5 is a good choice!

Final Thoughts

The four watches listed above are just some of the few affordable designer watches for collectors on a budget. Many watches from various brands offer the aesthetic you want while keeping prices affordable. For instance, Orient also has another line, the Orient Star, which you could check out for other stylish designs. Hamilton also offers some accessible military-style watches for collectors. 

In the end, being fashionable isn’t all about the money — it’s about choosing the right design for the style that fits you. Being on a budget would certainly not impede your goal to look the best in your get-up. You may check out more stylish and elegant yet affordable watches by visiting Their collections have different brands and styles that will surely suit your preferences.

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