What is Pimcore? How is it helpful to your business?

In recent years, business enterprises started to recognize the importance of product data especially when they kick-started digital business initiatives. In the digital world, product data is the core component of the overall data management strategy.

Managing and streamlining every aspect of product content is mandatory for business enterprises to achieve growth globally. However, it isn’t an easy task to do. This is where the Product Information Management System comes to play. Among several PIM solutions, Pimcore’s PIM stands unique by offering more feasibility in digital along with essential omnichannel maturity

This article elaborates on Pimcore and how it plays a crucial role in improving your business operation and achieving its goal.

What is Pimcore? How Does It Help Your Business?

Pimcore is an open-source digital platform that empowers business enterprises by offering a single source of truth on product data, assets and customer data. The digital platform offered by Pimcore collects data from various sources, stores it in a centralized location, enriches them according to the business & market needs, and shares up-to-date data to multiple channels consistently.

With the presence of the Pimcore digital platform, enterprises can able to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers. Apart from that, here are the lists of some key capabilities of Pimcore that help business enterprises in many ways.

Seamless Integration

Centralized Solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP, CMS & Digital Commerce

Minimize IT cost

Eliminates Data Silos

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Though you can find numerous PIM solution providers, Pimcore’s PIM stands taller than others. The upcoming section will briefs about what is Pimcore along with a description of how it maximizes your business value.

How to Pimcore’s PIM Maximize Your Business Value?

Pimcore’s PIM helps business enterprises to bring the best out of their product information. Also, it assists enterprises to standardize, optimize and enrich the product data according to the changing market condition and meeting the consumer expectation.

The consistency and holistic approach of Pimcore’s PIM allows businesses to find new business insights and opportunities. Here are the lists of some key aspects of Pimcore’s PIM that helps in maximizing your business values.

  1. Builds Uniformity In Product Data

Pimcore’s PIM helps businesses to create more uniform and accurate product information by inter-relating all enriched product contents, the product’s digital assets, and product master data. This helps product managers, marketing teams, and commerce teams to utilize the up-to-date latest product data offered by Pimcore’s PIM to drive multichannel marketing and achieve unified commerce.

With such a high level of accuracy and consistent product content, buyers will get full awareness of the product they buy. Also, it reduces product returns dramatically. Based on the data published by Pimcore, the digital platform of Pimcore along with better product content quality increases the customer engagement activity by 40% in all channels collectively.

  1. Builds Customer-centric Experience

There is an urgent necessity for an eCommerce business to build a customer-centric experience across the channels including customer touchpoints to beat the competition. Pimcore’s PIM offers a holistic product view to deliver a better customer-centric experience and unified retail commerce. However, to deliver such a thing, the PIM solution of Pimcore eliminates the presence of data silos by connecting all behavioural data assets to the product master data. This provides a complete view of the product to the consumers/buyers.

Pimcore’s PIM delivers optimized product data by filling all those data gaps, reducing data errors, and eliminating all data barriers. According to Pimcore’s officials, the integrated and optimized product data have ultimately increased product sales and increased revenue by 20%.

  1. Workload Automation

To attract more consumers and to beat the growing competition, businesses are forced to do innovative approaches. This leads businesses to deliver personalized and automated shopping experiences. Delivering personalization to the buyers is not possible in a manual process. This is where the automation process of Pimcore’s PIM comes in handy by reducing the manual efforts and data onboarding time to minimal. PIM solution of Pimcore supports auto-categorization of product data, standardizing product content, product data enrichment, and so.

The automation of Pimcore’s PIM increases product content consistency, context and reliability. This helps business entities to gain powerful competitive advantages. According to the data released by Pimcore’s officials, the automation of Pimcore helps to increase productivity by 40%, reduce cost by 15% and facilitate more smart processes.

  1. Better Data Governance

Better product data governance will always reduce the complexity of product data management. Here data governance refers to data quality, legal compliance, data privacy, overcoming data verification errors, managing data formats, data security, and so. Pimcore’s PIM provides such governance along with agility and scalability. This helps businesses to find valuable new business insights and opportunities to improve business sales.

Pimcore’s PIM offers seamless integration and streamlined product content to unlock new opportunities to increase customer experiences. In addition, it plays a key role in reducing business costs, eliminating data duplication, and increasing customer loyalty along with better data governance. According to Pimcore’s officials, the PIM solution of Pimcore helps business enterprises to improve their operational efficiency by 30% through better data governance.

Why Rely on Pimcore PIM Platform? 

The open source digital platform Pimcore’s PIM system helps businesses to harmonize all the product information. Those harmonized product data are essential for the marketing team, sales team and also for the technical team. The PIM system of Pimcore is designed to handle and share all types of digital data and also to integrate easily with the new & existing IT system.

Here are the lists of a few exciting features and capabilities of Pimcore’s PIM that makes business leaders rely on Pimcore development.

The Flexibility and adaptability of Pimcore’s PIM solution empower enterprises to be innovative and try new things to stay ahead of the competitors.

The Product Information Management Solution of Pimcore helps enterprises to shorten the time taken for the new products to reach the market. This gives a competitive edge to businesses in the market.

The Omni-channel compatibility of Pimcore’s PIM delivers an enhanced experience to the consumers and also for the brands.

When compared with all other PIM solution providers, Pimcore offers a much lower cost of ownership.

The flexible MDM data model of Pimcore’s PIM handles the most complex business data much easier.

The consolidated digital platform offered by Pimcore comes with Product Experience Management (PXM) for achieving more compelling commerce activities.

The exporting and publishing operation of product data to multiple channels is much easier in Pimcore’s PIM solution.

Pimcore’s PIM system is specifically designed to handle millions of product SKUs having thousands of attributes each.

The free community edition of Pimcore’s PIM comes with valued added features like unlimited language support, and a high number of channel support along with unlimited users to access the PIM system.

Bottom Line 

The enormous flexibility and reconfigurability option provided by the Pimcore platform helps businesses to achieve its goal in a short time along with experiencing potential growth. The PIM solution offered by the digital platform Pimcore optimizes the operations of various teams by providing essential support to expand business globally.

Still, thinking of implementing a PIM solution for your business? Well, it’s the right time to approach Pimcore development services for introducing the PIM solution to your business.

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