9anime is safe for watching anime, isn't it?

9anime is safe for watching anime, isn’t it?

The title of this blog post is a question mark. It asks the reader, “Isn’t it?” and the answer is yes. Nowadays, a majority of anime viewers are children or teens that expose to anime through other media such as television or social media. However in recent years with more countries opening up to localizing and broadcasting foreign content locally, it has become even easier for parents to watch their children who have interest in anime. However, there is concern by parents of young anime viewers who use the 9anime platform as to whether or not this type of content is safe and appropriate for them.

9anime may be a lesser-known website in comparison to other popular sites like Crunchyroll, AniTube and Hulu but it is a website that has become steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years. 9anime was launched in the United States by Animesh and garnere around 200 thousand users. The website is aimed at the younger crowd and provides a social platform where the users can view anime content, make gifs, watch episodes and find information about their favorite series. Therefore using 9anime as an anime service is a great way for parents to let their children enjoy watching anime at a young age.

In addition to using 9anime as an anime service, there have been discussions around whether or not it’s ok for parents to use 9anime as a platform of viewing content. This is a common occurrence for other streaming online services such as Crunchyroll and Hulu. With 9anime being relatively a new website, it also shares similar concerns as other platforms. There are reports of 9anime having horrible videos and broken links that either do not play at all or the video quality is so poor that the anime fans cannot even bear to watch an entire episode.

What is 9anime

9anime is a website that found in the United States in 2013 and allows users to discover, stream and watch anime content. The services offered by 9anime include:

The site offers an anime search engine, which allows users to view an accumulated list of all shows currently airing and from previous seasons. The show list enables users to find the latest and trending anime series at any time. The website also contains a forum for users to discover and discuss about a particular series or topic. In addition, 9anime has a chat room interface which allows users to communicate with one another using text or voice.

9anime is designing to user-friendly while being at the same time protective of the viewing experience. The site utilizes parental controls that allow parents to restrict the viewing of inappropriate content (e.g., sexual references and nudity). In order to access the website, users are required to fill in their age and agree to the terms and conditions. Children must have permission from their parents, in order to be able to sign up for a 9anime account.

9anime regularly releases new episodes of popular series, as well as premiering them simulcast. These include:

The site offers two different types of membership plans. The basic membership, which is free, lets users watch videos at 360p quality. If a member wishes to watch videos at higher quality, the Premium membership is available for $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

9anime is one of the few sites that provide legal streaming of content. Legal streaming means that users are able to watch anime content on the 9anime platform without having to worry about breaking any laws in their respective countries. 9anime also provides guidelines which they recommend all users follow as viewer’s responsibilities and terms of use. These rules include “illegal streaming” which is where viewers are actively streaming content without permission.

For example, downloading a video file on torrents and then reuploading it as a file to 9anime consider illegal streaming. The 9anime policy also states that users should not be downloading and streaming the same content.

9anime also provides guidelines for their membership plans that households with multiple members must follow. For example, the Premium plan for families which allows for up to five family members to stream content at the same time. It also gives the 9anime Premium Plus membership with a free trial of 14 days. The website recommends that members provide feedback in order to make improvements on the service. It is also stated that everyone should follow all site policies and rules as well as refrain from posting any content that is deemed inappropriate or prohibited by law.

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