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Life in Australia – International Students Perspective 

Life as an International Student in Australia can be a very pumping  phase in one’s life. Living in Australia as a foreign student is literally one step towards a heap of career prospects. As a matter of fact, Australia is called a ‘melting pot’ of nationalities offering a huge variety of cultures, faiths, and identities as it houses an increasing number of international students from around the world each year, making the ratio reach 45% every year.

Australia International Students enjoy many of the biggest perks of studying and living abroad, that too, at one of the top study destinations in the world. Among many of the reasons why students are compelled to study in Australia are the quality of student lifestyle, impeccable global university rankings, financial aid routes, the scenery full of Australian beaches, and  – to top it all – the opportunity to work while studying as an Australian International Student.

Part-time Jobs in Australia International Students Prefer

A lot of reputed educational institutes offer on- and off-campus work opportunities for both local and international students in Australia. Some of the fields that Australia International Students prefer and look into for part-time jobs while continuing their studies include:

  • Retail sales jobs in shops, supermarkets, departmental stores selling anything such as clothing or electronics
  • Waiter
  • Bartender
  • Hospitality such as in cinemas, restaurants, bars, hotels, food stores and sporting venues
  • Agricultural work like fruit picking
  • Call center
  • Administration
  • Tutor
  • Services like petrol stations and businesses that require administration work.
  • Industry — for example, a chemistry student might be able to work part time as an assistant at a laboratory.

Rules for Australia International Students to seek a Part-time Job

Students who meet the following criteria are allowed to work part time in Australia alongside their studies:

  • Australia International Students holding a valid study visa can work for up to 20 hours weekly while attending on-session college
  • There is, however, no limited number of hours Australia International Students can work during their vacations.
  • To work in Australia, International Students are required to be enrolled in a continuous study program approved by the government of Australia.
  • International Students are also required to obtain and maintain their Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) in order to study and work in Australia.

What can an Australia International Student do apart from Part-time Work?

As other possible ways to help cover your study abroad expenses, Australia International Students can-

  1. Apply for a university or college scholarship
  2. Go for economical accommodation options
  3. Take up an assistantship position
  4. Look for ways to manage money without going bankrupt

What are Employment Rights for Australia International Students?

During their stay in Australia, International Students will be entitled to specific working rights if they choose to work alongside their studies. Although their student visa will stay restricted to a limited number of hours weekly during their study sessions, their employment rights as a worker are the same as that of other workers in Australia. International Students in Australia can work up to 40 hours per fortnight or 20 hours weekly, which enables them to earn in order  to suffice their study and living expenses. Not only this, they are also allowed to work as many hours as they wish during semester breaks. Apart from the maximum weekly hours of work, Australia International Students may also benefit from the following entitlements known as the National Employment Standards. These include:

  • Public holidays
  • Annual leave
  • Community service leaves
  • Long service leaves
  • Parental leaves
  • Compassionate leaves
  • Fair Work Information Statement
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Termination and redundancy pay

There are quite many reasons for international students to study in Australia, despite it being unfortunately one of the most expensive countries to pursue higher studies. According to an estimate, students usually need AU$20,290 each year for living costs alone if they choose to study in Australia, according to the student visa requirements of the country. Meanwhile, the tuition fees at Australian universities and colleges vary depending on where you opt to study in Australia and what you want to study, along with the level of programmed you will be studying. Read further to find out how much a student needs to have in his hand.

Bottom Line

In international destinations like Australia, International Students must pay heed to their employment rights. No matter what job they are doing, they should be paid a decent salary that would be meaningful for them. So, Australia International Students should always stay alert and wary of employers who ask them to work for job positions. That are unpaid at their firms or those who insist on a cash-on-hand mode of salary payment.

International Students must also read the employment contracts they sign carefully and know the payment conditions for their respective work domain at their workplace. Furthermore, to make the process of employment easy, Australia International Students are suggested to open a bank account in Australia so that their earnings keep getting deposited in those accounts.

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