The research of these psychologists is used to promote durable learning for a long time. For decades, these strategies have been under investigation. Or several present evidence indicates the effectiveness of these strategies in different situations.

Before we start discussing these strategies, first, the important thing that we should know is that these strategies are very flexible. It means that they have the flexibility to use it in various situations. But teachers, students, or instructors need to understand these strategies properly. After understanding, they can use these strategies better because they will know how these work.

Moreover, instructors can use these strategies in the classroom in different ways that will help them to improve the student’s learning working best in the class. Or the students can use these strategies in their study to promote learning for a long time. There are numerous ways in which instructors and students can use these strategies combined. When they use these strategies together, it means they can get more benefits. Let’s start to discuss these strategies one by one.

These strategies are:

  1. Spacing
  2. Retrieval practice
  3. Elaboration
  4. Interleaving
  5. Concrete examples
  6. Dual coding



When students are given tests by their teachers to study, most students study at night, or teachers review tests before giving them to students in the daytime. When most students are getting the best marks on the test, they are preparing the test material very well or might be taking help from Law assignment writing service. But after some week, the most of this material students forget. So if students want to keep their study material in their mind for a long time, they must need some spacing in their study. The spacing means that they should study their material in smaller chunks, except for preparing all material at one time.

When students study with little spacing, they will forget little information in all material, but most of it will remain in their minds. Teachers also can help their students to follow this strategy. Like, they can help students make a study calendar in which they can plan which amount of information they should study.

Retrieval practice

Most people think that studying is just about reading materials, textbooks, or notes. But having the right information or material is not enough to retrieve from our memory. This strategy allows us to think about this material on our own or find out something with our minds. If we recall material by own, it means we can remember this information for a long time.

Students should put away all study material or try to write something with their brains, then they can relate this with study material for correction and accuracy. When students try to bring information from their minds, it means they are testing themselves.

Teachers can help students how they can follow this strategy in class. Like they can ask students. Then, students can discuss their understanding of the topic with other students or fully understand it. In this way, they can’t forget this information for a long time. Once students start applying this strategy in the class, they can start applying it at their homes.


This strategy allows students to make a connection with their study content, except for just recalling the information. Students also can ask random questions with their fellows about this content. The answers to these questions discuss in detail; then, they can check this information understanding right or wrong.

Teachers also can apply this strategy during their class with a detailed discussion. Like, they can provide different topics to students and ask them to discuss with their thinking of study.


It is a common thing when we are starting a practice, we can learn it with again and again practice. Reputation is important, or according to research, we can learn one skill better or effectively when we mix this skill practice with another skill, which is called interleaving.

Teachers also can use this strategy in their classrooms. When they plan some exercise for their students, teachers can force students to recall this process as many times as possible. They can provide them with different skills with the new process at one time. In this way, students will start to thinking about their material more effectively. Teachers can explain to students about this strategy so students themselves can follow this strategy in their studies.

Concrete examples

Most teachers are using this strategy in their teaching methods. When teachers start learning any new concept, it is a natural part of teaching; they use different examples to explain their concept correctly. But teachers don’t help students to understand their study content by exploring examples on their own. But the use of concrete examples is the best practice of study for students.

Teachers also can use this strategy in another way. Like, they can give different examples to students for understanding their student concept. But they can ask students one of these examples that is not all accurate; they can tell students to explain this example correctly. Teachers also can encourage their students to follow this strategy in their studies.

Dual coding

When the information and content presented to students, it is consists of some types of visuals like a chart, image, or graph. Students during their study should also see these visuals and then relate to these visuals with the text or explain in their mind what it means of these visuals. In this way, students can learn to make or imagine their visuals when they’re learning concepts. In that way, students can understand the context properly and recall it easily or remember it for a long time. A¬†classroom, teachers can turn students’ attention towards visuals that are used on websites, textbooks, or presentations. Tell students to discuss these visuals together or make the connection of these visuals with their learning. They can also encourage students when they study at home to create or sketch some visuals for their context to remember it for a long time.

However, these are the best strategies that students must apply in their studies. Or teachers also can use these strategies in their classroom or helps their students how they can adopt them in a better way. Or the best way is that to apply these strategies together.

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