Panama hats have always been women’s favorites due to their feminine yet trendsetting style. The wide brim makes it so much easier to pull off this style, as well as cover your face from harsh sun and wind. Panama hats are the best choices of sun protection headgears. A wide brim hat has become more than just a fashion statement, but also a stylish accessory during leisure time and weekends.

Pairing your Panama hats

In recent years, women have found new ways of wearing their Panamas: from casual outfits to beachwear. They are often seen outdoor events worn with swimsuits or sunglasses. This style is also famous for its implementation in wedding dresses with bridal veils and flowers. In addition, wide-brimmed hats are usually made of straw or wool, making them comfortable and breathable for summer wear.

Some Panamas have been designed to look like berets, which are functional and very stylish when matched with street attire or business suits. If you are still struggling in styling your Panama hat, here are some professional tips and ways that can help you bring out the best of your wide-brimmed Panama hat.

Get the right Shape and Size

When choosing a wide brim panama hat womens, you have to consider its shape and size first. The proper shape is essential for the hat’s ability to fit perfectly on your head, while the size should complement your face and body. If your hat is too big or tight, you may feel uncomfortable.

You can also select a wide-brimmed Panama hat that fits well on your face without making it look too bulky or body-conforming. If the hat is too large, it will probably fall off your head, even when walking around. So make sure that the brim of your hat is neither too big nor too small but just right to fit comfortably around your head. 

Style your Hat According to the Season

Aside from choosing a shape and size, you also have to consider your look and the season. For example, a wide-brimmed Panama hat worn in the winter months can be more formal or conservative if you wear it during the winter wedding ceremony. However, a wide-brimmed Panama hat that is perfect for summer can make you look more casual or fashionable during this time of the year. 

Panama is a stylish hat for every season and occasion. However, while it’s best to buy a wide-brimmed Panama hat that fits well on your head and suits your style, you also have to know how to style your hat correctly according to the season. 

Invest in Accessories

For your Panama hat to look tasteful and stylish, you may also want to carry accessories that can go with it. For example, a wide-brimmed Panama hat is usually paired with a wide-brimmed floppy sunhat. Which is worn as part of the ensemble or just when the weather is hot. 

Accessories will surely help you in flaunting your style. Just remember to equip yourself with sunglasses, bracelets, and necklaces that can go well with your Panama hat. You may also want to attach a flower or veil to the hat for an elegant look.  

Keep Your Wide Brim Hat Clean

To keep your Panama hat looking good, you have to care for it properly. A clean Panama hat can help you create various more fashionable looks. Whether you choose to wash it by hand or machine, it is still essential to properly care for it. If you want your Panama hat to last longer, be sure to take good care of it. Some key ways to keep your hat clean are:

 Not wear the hat while taking a bath or shower.
Do not store it loosely or place it on unclean or dusty surfaces.
Do not stand it near heat or direct sunlight for long hours.
A wide-brimmed Panama hat should be appropriately placed to avoid dust dirt damage. 
Choosing the Right Color

The other part of styling your Panama hat is choosing the right color. When trying to match your Panama hat with everything you have. You need to consider the color of your accessories and the color of the outfit. If all your accessories are in matching colors, then it will be easier for you to match a wide-brimmed Panama hat that is ready with several options.

Your skin tone also plays a significant role in choosing the right color. For instance, if your skin is dark-toned or black, wearing a wide-brimmed Panama hat made of white straw will probably create contrast. Likewise, if you have fair-toned skin. You can wear a wide-brimmed Panama hat in darker colors like brown and orange tones.

The wide-brimmed Panama hat is not just a fashion statement. But it is also an accessory that can protect your skin from harmful sunrays. If you want to wear a Panama hat, make sure it fits nicely on your head and face. With the right shape and size, you will quickly wear this style.

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