Overnight desert safari Dubai

Best Overnight desert safari Dubai

Deserts are the main reason why so many people go to Dubai. The desert is why many people plan their vacations from time to time. There are many deserts in Dubai. And all of them are wonderful. In the desert, you will certainly have a great time. Choose a package that suits your needs. Whether you choose a morning game drive or an afternoon game drive, it is up to you. Both game drives are impressive. But have you ever thought of taking advantage of an overnight desert safari in Dubai? Do you know how much fun it can be when you’re in the desert for a Dubai desert safari?


Do you have any ideas on how you can take beautiful photos after a night in the desert? Now you have the opportunity to organize an overnight trip on the Dubai Desert Safari. It’s a great package. And you are sure to have fun taking advantage of this great package.


Dubai Adventures is the answer you are looking for. We are a renowned travel agency. And we can arrange an overnight Dubai desert safari tour for you and your family.


What is included Overnight desert safari in Dubai

You need to know what items are included in our packages. For you to decide, You have to know that we are very cheap. We will leave no burden in your pocket, AND we will organize the perfect tour. Dubai Desert Safari offers a number of activities that you can enjoy if you spend the night there

Safari Ride

at the beginning of the trip, We have to prepare the safari rides for you. The desert is all about breaking dunes and playing sandboarding. And you can enjoy these activities when you travel. At the beginning of the tour, We will pick you up at your place Your pick up will be made whenever and wherever you are in Dubai. After the pickup, we drive to the desert. It is up to the customer whether you go by jeep or camel in the desert. Both options are available. Additionally, we have trainers in the desert who can help you.

Sandboarding and Sand Dunes

No matter which Safari ride you choose, you’ll enjoy sandboarding and sand pounding. During the Dubai desert, there are red and golden dunes. Now is the chance to hit them in a high-speed jeep or on a camel. This includes playing sandboarding. You will see how fun it is to play sandboarding in the desert.


Get to the Campsite

The real fun begins when we arrive at our Dubai Desert Safari Camp overnight. We will reserve a camp for you. Where you will enjoy many activities, It does not matter if you are single or have a family with you. we have suitable activities that both the family and the lonely business.


Tanura show and fire show.

On an overnight desert safari in Dubai, have many fun activities that you will enjoy. You will not only have a wonderful time at the camp. But you will also enjoy dances and Tanura fire shows. An expert performs the Tanura dance and fire show. And you never know how much fun it will be after seeing the dance and fire show. You will have the opportunity to take many pictures. And I’m sure you’ll have a fun time.


What is the Night Desert Safari?

The nature of the desert has been highlighted on this tour for you to enjoy. We’ll pick you up from your hotel/accommodation around 3:00 p.m. and take you to the desert. You will enjoy a fast-paced 45-minute drive through the dunes and a car ride in the desert while taking photos on the slopes. The highest sand. Attention! Dune bashing is not safe for pregnant women, the faint of heart, and those with spinal problems. After the dunes have been flattened, we continue to the desert safari camp.


In Desert Safari Camp

Desert Camp is the most critical part of the Overnight Desert Safari. Our professional staff will welcome you to our camp with snacks and Arabic tea. They will take you to your seat and guide you through all the activities. Clean and separate bathrooms for women and men are available in our camps. You can ride a camel. Take a picture of your social media profile. Women can get free henna tattoos. You can also enjoy taking photos of Arabic dresses.


There will be three entertainment programs at our overnight desert safari camp, a fire show, a Tanura show and a tandoor show. And belly dancing. The fire show is a world-famous artist. And we have highly trained professionals to run Tanura Show, a traditional Egyptian entertainment show. And the most important and famous program is belly dancing. The artist will perform a belly dance on stage and entertain you for approximately 30 minutes.


Spend the night and stay at the Morning Desert Safari Dubai.

As the name suggests, Overnight Desert Safari will be at one of our desert camps. We will provide you with a mattress. And it’s up to you if you want to sleep under the stars or camp for the night. The following day we will prepare a healthy and fresh breakfast for you. Then our driver will pick you up from the camp and send you to your accommodation.

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