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The Umrah has a great significance in the lives of Muslims since it has a great number of benefits that come with it. The act of observing the Sunnah is not mandatory; however, it is a great Sunnah of our beloved Prophet PBUH, and it should be the utmost desire of every Muslim to do so. Every year, millions of Muslims perform Umrah at the most sacred place on the face of this planet. You may perform it at any time in the year, and however, when it comes to who can perform Umrah, there are certain conditions concerning who must perform the Umrah pilgrimage. Performing Umrah in Ramadan is considered a blessing, and you can choose ramadan umrah packages in your locality.

Being a Muslim is necessary:

First and foremost, you must be a Muslim to perform Umrah, which means that blasphemers cannot perform Umrah and may be deported from Makkah or face a lifetime ban. Non-Muslims are not allow to enter the sacred places of Muslim Makkah and Madinah because of this.

They must be Accountable:

Umrah must be perform by a person who is of an appropriate age and who can understands why they are performing Umrah and the meaning and significance of the Umrah. They should also know how to properly perform their rituals. It is impossible to realize the true meaning of Umrah, which is that it is only for Allah Almighty. When a child reaches the age of sin at-tamyiz, they are obligat to perform Umrah and even Hajj. There is a certain age when our child can take care of himself without the assistance of his parents or the guardians. This age is usually 9 years for the girls, and for the boys, it is 7 years. However, a newly born baby is eligible for Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages.

One must have to be Able:

Umrah can be perform by a Muslim if he can afford all the expenses associat with reaching the sacred city of Makkah and returning to their home. Having enough clothes, money, and a place to stay means that the person needs to have enough money and clothes as well. People who have unpaid debts will not be allowed to perform Umrah, and they will also be required to provide enough money for their family members when they leave for Makkah and then return home.

For Women:

Mahram are require to accompany women who are performing the Umrah so that they can follow the Prophet. Performing Hajj and Umrah with the Mahram of one’s husband is an obligation for Muslim women. Mahram is the word use for a man who is unmarriageable to a woman but has close relations with her, such as her father or brother, or one that she has to pay for like her husband or a trust woman. It is important to note that this rule only applies to women under the age of 40. Women over 40 years of age are allow to perform Umrah without their Mahram, and they are permitt to travel with Umrah groups or caravans. When it comes to females, however, if none of her Mahrams is available, then she is allow to perform Umrah; however, she is not allow to travel alone. She must have a Mahram or a religious leader with her to travel alone.

For Elders and Sick Peoples:

Those who are physically incapable of performing the Umrah due to old age or sickness can have someone else perform it for them. If they cannot find someone to perform Umrah on their behalf but can pay someone to do so, they are require to pay that person to perform Umrah or Hajj on their behalf. Because of the importance of Umrah to Muslims around the world, these mandatory obligations are put in place.

With true intentions:

To perform Umrah, one must have pure intentions and do so only for Allah’s sake. The pilgrim must understand the true meaning and significance of Umrah and seek forgiveness from Allah SWT and make lots of supplications when HE SWT allows him to visit His Holy Land. Umrah and Hajj are both methods of removing sins, and a person becomes as clean as a newborn when they are perform with true intention and for Allah’s sake. Prophet PBUH said:

“The Umrah provides expiation for the sins committed (between the previous Umrah and this one). Hajj Mabrur’s reward (the one accepted by Allah) is only Paradise.”


According to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Umrah is one of the most soul-lifting acts of worship. Each year, millions of pilgrims perform Umrah in the holy city of Makkah. Those who perform this religious ritual with a pious intent receive the rewards and benefits of Umrah. Muslim pray to the benevolent Allah for blessings and forgiveness for their mortal sins.


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