Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul

When merging into two continents, Istanbul has always attracted the attention of foreign investors and traders. But as investors compete to invest in Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul, we are talking about the real estate boom. Property prices are up 20% this year compared to the same period in 2014, and the market is showing no signs of slowing down. This put Turkey in first place after Hong Kong. 

Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul investors are looking for new developments outside the city center as the rate of return on investment is high as it accounts for 50% of the added value of off-plan construction two years after its completion while rents continue to rise sharply and luxury properties.

European countries are playing in the water, and Middle Eastern countries are still at risk. Investors consider Turkey a safe place. Istanbul, which leads the group in particular, is the financial center of Europe.

Istanbul, which has a population of about 15 million people, is a huge city. From high-end residential areas to dilapidated residential areas. Sometimes you don’t know where to start. But you can actually look for areas that are attractive to investors and predict which areas will be our best investment option.

Beyoglu is the most popular district and center of Istanbul.

Bomonti in the old town of Sisli, which was once the center of the neglected working class. It started 10 years ago. When Hilton began building the largest hotels in the area, the demand for downtown accommodation increased. Her fate is fixed. Over the past five years, property prices in Bomonti have skyrocketed in the city. Prices are high, but Bomonti’s proximity to Nisantaş Road is the most expensive. It shows that the price can double in just 5 years.

Beyoglu, full of cultural and historical attractions, is the most famous central district of Istanbul. With so many features available, the area often requires high premiums. But you may find this different area now where we are reviving like Gumsyu and Tarrabashi at a low price. Real estate prices are high and require a lot of capital, but Beyoglu district is one of the main areas with high return on investment.

Real estate investment in Istanbul

Of course, in a big city like Istanbul, it is difficult to escape from a smaller area. However, government planning programs are rapidly improving unsafe urban areas. New developments offering higher prices in the revitalized areas are attracting more and more investors. Because it offers a great opportunity for real estate investment in Istanbul with a bright return in a few years.

Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul

Consider real estate looking for the most popular properties in Istanbul. A waterfront property, a rich, well-known and influential property. After all, these Istanbul real estate are the hubs of the market’s social circles. The prices of these properties will not be revealed until the buyer is interested. In addition, you have to follow the coins.

Bosphorus strait

It is said that it is from the strategic location of the city, thus the Bosphorus is the most important source of water in the world and has high-end features. It seems to be the center of Istanbul. History tells us that during the Ottoman era, the Sultan built beautiful palaces and summer houses on the city’s waterfront. Anyone who has a relationship with the Sultan or who has influence can buy real estate here. The property here is a status symbol in itself. The position is for the elite category only.

The well-preserved wooden houses and houses are considered to have been preserved for a long time. It’s not just a historical feature. But it also represents wealth and influence. Gorgeous architecture with luxurious furniture, antiques and transportation is worth bragging about. Closely related to Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul.

Large corporate transactions

With Istanbul growing as a major player in the international market, architects are paying attention to the increasing demand for one-bedroom luxury properties near the central business district. The wishes and requirements of the buyer are that he wants a clean environment. However, while it is attractive enough to relax, you will also have access to basic amenities such as shopping malls, parks, gyms, storage, hygiene, spas, and parking.

An example of Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul is Levent, where resale apartments and new skyscrapers are in high demand. It is one of the main business districts of Istanbul and is home to the tallest skyscrapers in Turkey. Young people prefer these types of homes because they tend to look for places to live away from the stressful lives of today.

Beautiful house

Another Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul is Nisantasi. It emerges as the next market area made up of artists and creative people. Lumericadesi is a luxury shopping district for luxury brands. Nisantasi is an innovative district of Istanbul. There are excellent services such as limousine booking. House cleaning, cafe, pool, restaurant, sauna, spa maintenance.

Istanbul is a luxurious country. When it comes to real estate, you can look forward to beauty. Convenience and all the luxury in one basket if you’re ready to untie your pockets of real estate. You know where to put your money. Turkey is your destination. Investors who invest for commercial or residential purposes are in a win-situation. Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul and architectural center that appeals to everyone and everyone. What we need is to see and taste such elegant and elegant beauty. If you start living in a place like Istanbul, you will find that you are still hated in Istanbul.

Istanbul Real Estate for Sale 

Istanbul is a hub for those who are thinking of buying or selling real estate. It is the soul of Turkey. The rich architecture is inspired by the ancient sultan and is inscribed in history.

There are many properties for sale in Istanbul.

  • Istanbul apartment
  • Istanbul villa
  • Profert Apartments & Villas
  • Land opportunity in Istanbul

To buy Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul, you have to have a luxurious taste. While you are thinking of buying property in a beautiful city like Istanbul. You decide where you want to buy and your budget. Is the other side of the idea an investment for capital appreciation or an investment for rent? Or is it a lifestyle change or a villa for you and your family?

life in Istanbul

Life in Istanbul has a price. Often there are 6 numeric designations. Like any other big city in the world it has real estate overlooking the city center and the sea. Investors who are eager to sell real estate in Istanbul are more likely to buy the planned properties at the introductory price with a 50% increase in property prices, allowing them to value their capital in a short period of time.

Budget-conscious travelers are encouraged to look for properties in the trendy downtown area. Those with big pockets can consider buying downtown properties.

The two main types of real estate in Istanbul are:

  • pure way of life
  • pure investment

However, most investors prefer to buy a combination of the two. Here you will find a modern two-bedroom duplex apartment. Luxury condominiums outside the building, unpaid investment properties, etc. All features are useful when you start living there. At a glance at the property, you can see the true feel of the place.

Everyone knows that the land of Turkey is the birthplace of various civilizations. Every year, millions of tourists and people are welcomed into this land looking for properties for sale here. Thousands of people live here and choose to invest. This place offers all kinds of housing to cater to people’s real estate needs. It is very common for foreigners to remain in debt to Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey. Flexible FDI Standards


Finally, we can talk about the combination of East and West that this country has to offer. Therefore, it attracts many investors from all over the world. It has become a favorite place for real estate investors. When buying real estate in Turkey, it is a good idea to determine the budget first. Because there are many apartments For Sale in Istanbul. This can confuse you and can harm your wallet if the decision is not thought out.

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