Save Money with the Disposable Tableware

Disposable tableware is constantly evolving, in order to adapt to the theme of your events. At discount prices, you will find crockery for a family meal, a wedding, a birthday, a baptism… It wants to be classy in order to conform to a prestigious meal or a simple festive meal. Practical and economical, disposable dishes will save you hours of cleaning!

Disposable tableware: ecological above all

Admittedly, single-use disposable tableware is trendy, but this type of food packaging must also be biodegradable. After putting them in the trash, they degrade quickly, unlike plastic. You will have access to a wide choice of dishes that are made of organic materials such as bamboo for example. To preserve the environment, other materials exist such as cellulose, sugar cane, or leaf grain.

Even if the cups, verrines, straws, glasses, or even trays are single-use, that does not mean that they cannot be decorated. Suitable for contact with food, they are perfect for a top-of-the-range buffet or a simple event with friends. The advantages of disposable tableware?

  • It comes in several forms;
  • It is light and does not clutter;
  • Also, it wants to be solid and resistant;
  • It is available at an affordable price.

The convenience of disposable tableware

An upside-down kitchen? Many guests? The absence of a water point at the place of the event? The range of disposable tableware will overcome all your logistical worries. You won’t have to join a crockery rental company anymore, and you won’t have to worry about theft or breakage. The use of disposable tableware proves to be functional in locations where storage hygiene is not at the top. It will reduce the risk of food contamination.

Even in your cocoon, disposable and ecological dishes are perfect for improvised meals and Friday evening aperitifs. Light and available at a low price, all you have to do is place them in the recycling bin or in the composter once the event is over.

Disposable tableware: economical for individuals and professionals

Very popular with individuals

Being individuals, we don’t all have a closet that can contain the necessary to receive twenty or even fifty guests. Thanks to single-use and biodegradable disposable tableware, you can set a beautiful, harmonious table without having to invest a large sum of money. You can even count on disposable champagne flutes if you want to toast.

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It’s up to you to choose white plastic tableware or tableware in a completely different color, adapted to your event. The eco range is also popular with materials like sugar cane pulp, bamboo, wood, or corn starch. Dare to be fancy during your family events with unique inexpensive disposable tableware. And for the topping, prefer the disposable one, with a soft texture just like disposable napkins!

Professionals: save the budget

The cost of renting traditional crockery can be very high. With the services that go with it, you have to plan a solid budget right away. For a buffet, a cocktail dinner, or an aperitif, inexpensive disposable tableware is above all an economical choice. In addition, you will benefit from time savings for the staff, no breakage costs and you can adapt the type of crockery to the theme of your event.

Association or community: A more serene organization

During demonstrations or events where there will be many participants, the use of compostable and recyclable disposable tableware is a major asset. You can control your budget and in addition, you will have the possibility of personalizing these articles for better publicity of your event.

What types of dishes are there?

The disposable plate

Forget the classic disposable plastic plate. Today, it is available in all colors, all materials, and all shapes for a 100% aesthetic result. You will find gold or silver birthday disposable tableware as well as pretty little dessert plates.

Whatever your event, the disposable plate can be quite stylish and will amaze your guests.


Forks, spoons, knives, single-use cutlery comes in many materials. They have come a long way since the appearance of plastic cutlery. It is also possible to find straws among these cutleries.

Disposable glasses

Again, the plastic cup is no more. Disposable glasses (stem glasses, cocktail glass, flutes, mugs) are available in materials like wood or bamboo!

Impress your guests with a beautiful table decoration

For a successful meal, tableware is essential. In most cases, it’s even a real headache: between the dressing of the plates, the combination of colors, the table decoration, the choice of tablecloth… It is not easy to sublimate the preparations and to set the tone for your festivities.

Chic, bohemian, rustic, modern, fortunately, disposable tableware adapts to all decors. Enough to make you spend a pleasant moment with your family. For a successful birthday or wedding, these 4 items are mandatory:

  • The tablecloth: the first element of the dressing of your table and which can be matched with your table runner;
  • The table decoration, with different designer colors and trends;
  • The plate, which can be round, square, rectangular, plastic, or cardboard;
  • The cutlery comes in all materials and is easy to get rid of.

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