Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes

Winters are known for cold air, snowy roads, and calm atmospheres. Winters force everyone to stick inside their cozy homes. Also, many find winters gloomy. So in this cold and dry weather, one needs to bring a bold change. Winter demands bold, dark or matte lipstick colors. People will stick to all the subtle colors that give a statement.

Lipstick is one of the most versatile cosmetic products. These are various lipstick types, and each type is available in every shade. This diversity of lipstick is also conveniently available to the most public. The lipstick forms differ; they may be in bottles, tubes, and even pallets. All these different forms are packed in lipstick personalized boxes. Also, with the use of printing technology, you can make high-quality custom packaging for lipsticks. These custom printed lipstick boxes will fit the product perfectly and present it prominently.

Lipstick Shades for Winters:

Winter has always been perceived as a time for a bold and dark look. Therefore, most people prefer flat and dark lipsticks in winter. When going to an event, party with friends, or simple dinner, we all like to put on lipstick. The winter lipstick colors are usually wine red, dark purple, or brown shades. Most people have a separate collection of lipstick for summers and winters. For example, people prefer bright and glittery colors in summers, while dusky and straight colors in winters. Here are some of the shades you need to purchase for winters:

Wine Red:

Although all shades of red are perfect for the day, you cannot go without the wine red lipstick. The red lipstick goes with every dress in winter. It is a darker shade of red and lasts for many hours. The wine red makes your face brighter and gives a different allure. Also, the red lipstick is suitable for an event like a night out, dinner, or celebration. So red is the perfect pair of winter, and it is must-have lipstick in winters.

Matte Purple:

The matte purple is not a bright purple but a mixture between purple and maroon. This color looks flawless in gloomy winters. Also, matte purple in liquid lasts for many hours. So it will give you a spotless look for a longer duration. Dark purple matte lips will go perfect with a shirt or turtle neck. So you can wear this shade on your day out in the daytime in winters.



The nude and subtle lipsticks are fit for every season. However, these give a different feel on dreary winter nights. The nude colors are available in the range, and you can select one that suits you best. Nude colors are usually available in cream lipstick or matte lipstick. The nude cream lipstick gives a smooth and perfect application.


Burgundy color is a shade that pairs well with winters. Also, it goes with every skin color, so it has become a popular choice. Therefore, burgundy shades are to go for in winters. A burgundy shade with any dress will create a perfect contrast. So it is a must-purchase lipstick shade for your cold winters.

Lipsticks to wear in Winter

Berry Colored:

Berry colors give a natural look to a person, especially beery pink shades. The berry colors are for people who like nude and bold colors, as it will provide the effect of both in one. It will give a nude feel with a bold impact. Therefore, the berry shades are partners of many in the winters.

Dusty Mauve Color:

Dusty mauve color is commonly worn by every female in winter. Many wear this without even knowing about the shade. The dusty mauve shade looks perfect for professional wear. Also, this color goes well with the dry cold weather. This shade is available in cream lipstick and liquid lipstick commonly.

Deep Brown:

The importance of brown lipstick shades is undeniable. These are one of the most loved lipsticks internationally. When it comes to winter, deep brown or dark brown are some of the most famed colors. Also, the brown lipstick gives a different impact with coatings. For instance, a single layering will look more like a nude shade. While double coating will give a bold matte look.

Light Pink:

Light oink is a shade that is for all seasons. Pink in summers is perfect for a bright look, but it gives a natural look in springs. However, in winter, pink will give a classy look. In winters, pink color will give a traditional and natural feel. So when going for a walk or an official meeting, wear pink. As with pink, you will hold an effortless look.


In conclusion, the diversity of lipstick makes it difficult to choose the correct shade. However, some shades are to go for in the winters, like wine red, nude, deep brown, etc. The lipstick is available in customized lipstick boxes that make the choice of the product easier.

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