Honey Products Price in Pakistan

Honey Products Price in Pakistan research on how hardworking bees make honey from plant nectar and store it in the hive to eat while the flowers have not yet bloom. Fortunately, they work so hard that they made a lot of money. And in exchange for keeping the bees in a safe and warm beehive, our beekeepers can harvest some honey. But what exactly happens during the harvest of Honey Products?

Time is Everything (but prestige)

At True Honey, brave beekeepers began placing hives on high-quality Honey Products Price in Pakistan clumps at the top. Flowering ends in the latter part of the Kashmir region in early March.

Our beekeepers need to find the best time to harvest. This will keep only the purest honey. This means birdhouses need to be remove for harvest before the honey has finish flowering. Seduce bees because other flowers eat bee nectar

Summer climate and weather can have a huge impact not only on the quality and quantity of honey, but also on the harvest. Bad weather can affect the transportation of crops. In general, the climate of our nesting site affects the timing and number of Honey Products Price in Pakistan blooms. Determining the potential harvest of Kashmiri Sidr honey. This is because busy bees fly up to 6 kilometers each day in search of nectar. So, it depends on how many honey blossoms are in your itinerary. She may need to supplement her diet with the nectar of other flowers.

The weather during flowering also has a direct effect on the quantity. The weather is hot and the flowers are blooming gently. Produce more honey.

Big Bee Escape

The next step is to remove the urticaria from each honey product lump. Our urticaria is locate in one of the most remote and pristine areas of Pakistan. The only way to reach these remote areas is by helicopter.

On the day of the move, we will start working in the daytime. He begins by closing all the doors of the nest that were due to be remove that day. This allows the bees to take care of safely. After that, the herd will fly to the harvest area. Pick up in good condition and protect with good trucks. Open the door to see if the colony is healthy. And when they get use to the new (temporary) environment, they suck on the bees and calm down.

Also, adjust each nest. Escape board. It acts as a one-way valve between the honeycomb box and the hatch box or living area of ​​the hive. These are left for 24 hours to give the bees time to move to their habitat. Separating the bees from the honey Our beekeeping team came back with smokers in hand to collect honeycombs from the top of the hive. This gentle method causes minimal stress or colony destruction.

The next day, the beekeeper returns and replaces the whole can of honey with an empty can of honey. You are now ready to put the honeycomb on the next block. All honey cans are carefully place on a pallet. Roll the honey into specific molds that are harvest and sent to the extraction facility. Gently warm the best honey for a few days before removing it from the honeycomb. Because honey is rich in vitamins and minerals essential to bee health, it tends to stay in the hive, but it actually produces special honey on purpose during the shoulder season. Save for feeding bees in winter and early spring.

Honey Extract

Put the honey into the honey extractor for easy extraction and then into the extractor. This uses centrifugal force to rotate the tire in both directions and remove the honey from the cells. Then the honey is heat, filter and pump into the tank. Each casting in a large bat has a unique identifier. Samples from each of these tanks are sent to an independent laboratory for testing. Honey Products Price in Pakistan is store for 9-12 months under controll conditions to develop its unique beneficial properties.

Before placing the honey in a glass jar, the honey is broken down into different levels of Islamic Honey. Some honey bats can be mix to the right level before anointing. Beat the cream to set the honey. Therefore, it is very stable and difficult to contain sugar. Then pour the honey, filter it, put it in a box and travel the world.

How Often and How Much?

There are many factors that affect the overall productivity of a group in each season. The Big Three are the health of the colony. Flowering weather and how blooming honey bush? Honey bushes typically bloom for 4-8 weeks each year. Meanwhile, a hive can produce anywhere from honey up to 100 kg during a real bumper season. The average is more than 10-30 kg.

This will enable sufficient production of Best Honey Brand in Pakistan for honey lovers all over Pakistan so we set up bee hives. This means that bad weather in an area does not significantly affect the overall yield. You can also harvest multiple crops each season. On average, we produce 1.8 yields per nest. Not only our bees are busy!


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