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Even if the world has returned to normal, and still organizers are preferring to host virtual events, even if they have the chance to go back to the traditional method of hosting events. It shows how the world has adapted to the idea of virtual events. However, the meaning of virtual events has expanded from long boring conferences to engaging and immersive virtual socials. Not only this, as per data, around 93% of the marketers are planning to invest in virtual events. 

Hence, if you are also planning to continue with the trend, we recommend you to host virtual events that are not only interesting but also unique and drive people towards your brand. 

If you are running out of ideas, don’t worry, our blog has got you covered. Here we will be taking you through a guide with some of the most unique virtual event ideas. 

Online Health and Wellness Programs: 

The pandemic has taught us the importance of staying fit and active. But, given the pace of the world, it gets a bit challenging to spare some time for our health. Keeping that in mind, you can conduct online wellness programs. You can host workout and yoga classes for your teammates that will help them stay fit and active. Invite a professional over an event platform who will guide you through all the asanas or movements. 

Virtual Cooking Class:

Another unique virtual event idea is to host virtual cooking classes. The only requirement for Virtual Cooking classes is to find a cook or a chef, who will teach people how to cook. You can either conduct virtual cooking classes that would be open for all, or you could also host virtual cooking classes for your teammates, friends, and family. With virtual cooking classes, you will allow the organizers to connect with others and socialize; all while learning something new. To make everything convenient for the participants, you can send a kit of things to the participants or at least a list of ingredients beforehand. 

Virtual Trivia Night: 

One of the most popular and interesting virtual event ideas is to enjoy trivia games. Getting a bit sporty and competitive never hurt anyone. It is a great idea to get off work and have a refreshing time with your friends and teammates. You can set a theme and ask questions to the attendees. To make everything more interesting, you can divide all your participants into teams. To encourage people to participate, you can announce prizes and attractive gifts for the winners. In addition, you can decide on several categories for questions such as Geography, History, General Knowledge, Science, Culture, etc. 

Virtual Movie Night: 

If you are planning to host a virtual event for your company or close friends and family, then virtual movie night is an excellent idea. You can have your connections on a virtual event platform and watch a movie together. Like, who said you need to be physically together to enjoy a movie together with your friends and family. If you are longing for a connection with your friends and family, we recommend you host a movie night. Moreover, it is a good idea to rejoice with your team apart from work. Ask everyone to show up with popcorn and cold drinks; we assure you will have a great time with everyone. 

Hashtag Donation:

Hashtag Donation is another unique idea to engage your audience and do something for humanity. The objective behind Hashtag Donation is to show that all donations matter, irrespective of the amount or size. Here, you can invite people to donate things and encourage others to do the same. Also, it can be anything; for example, even a shirt, a mug, money, etc. In addition, you have to ask the audience to upload pictures and use the hashtag, Hashtag Donation on social media. The participants should also encourage others to participate and expand the reach of the hashtag. The more, the merrier. 

Virtual Gala Night: 

Virtual Gala Nights are one of the most entertaining and unique ideas that you can host. Make your online gala more engaging by combining it with a fundraising event. It means you can host a fundraising event along with a gala night, where you can either have a registration fee for the gala event or you can ask the guests to donate. If you are a non-profit organization, this is an excellent idea to raise funds. If you are a corporate firm, you can collaborate with a non-profit organization and raise funds for them. Even if it is a virtual event, ask your attendees to dress up sharply. 

Virtual events are here to stay for a longer period of time. The reason is pretty simple; they are more convenient and take less time to set up. However, it’s time to move ahead and host immersive virtual events. We hope you find the list of the ideas that we have shared with you insightful. Host any kind of virtual event, and have a great time with your friends and teammates. 

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