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Your home security system is incomplete without security cameras. While you can’t be once at everywhere, you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are with a good set of security cameras.

When you’re looking for surveillance cameras for your home, there are several things to consider: what kind of cameras to choose, which features to look for, and where to place them.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you have enough cameras to cover your home’s most vulnerable and important areas.

Don’t worry if this seems overwhelming. Check out this article to find out everything you need to know about the number of cameras you need. Just Google, for example, CCTV installers Greater Manchester, and install them at your home.

Indoor Security Cameras

People used to think surveillance cameras were only necessary for businesses and large estate-style homes until recently. However, indoor security cameras have come a long way — they are more affordable than ever, provide high-resolution footage, and can be accessed from any location, making them a good option for families looking for a complete home security system.

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere:

With an app on your smart device, you can view live camera feeds and recorded footage no matter where you are.

Stay Connected to Family and Pets:

 Want to take tabs on your kids or pets while you’re away? Indoor cameras allow you to monitor your home and make sure everyone is safe and sound and staying out of mischief.

Provide Evidence: 

In the event that an intruder ever gets into your house, the footage from your surveillance camera can be a valuable tool for law enforcement.

View Activities Inside Your Home:

People you don’t know well can be nerve-wracking to let into your home, whether it’s a repair person, babysitter, or cleaning service. You can monitor activity inside your home with an indoor camera, providing peace of mind.

Check-in After an Alarm Goes Off:

You can get notifications on your smartphone or device when certain triggers, such as a smoke alarm or entry into your home, occur with a connected system like Vivint. From there, you can see your home’s indoor camera feed to keep an eye on your home and determine whether any further action needs to be taken.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Home security cameras are just as useful for the outside as they are for the inside.

There are some benefits of using outdoor security cameras. Here are some of the most notable:

Property crimes, such as car theft, burglary, vandalism, and other types of theft, affected more than 13 million households in 2017. An investigation of convicted burglars found that visible outdoor security cameras were an effective deterrent against burglary, as many burglars did not feel the risk of being identified was worth it.

Protect Your Packages:

A package was stolen right off the porch of more than 30 per cent of online shoppers. Your outdoor or doorbell camera can help you keep an eye on your packages, so you can determine whether they were stolen or delivered to the wrong address.

Safely See What’s Going on Outside

What you have to do if you hear a noise outside in the middle of the night and are awakened from your sleep? It is safer to avoid confronting an intruder, according to law enforcement officials. You can check your outdoor camera feeds from the comfort of your home and then decide what action to take.

Protect Your Car:

Approximately 770,000 vehicles are stolen each year, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If you park your vehicle in the driveway, you can keep an eye on it with an outdoor camera.

Obtain Evidence:

Using your camera feed can be helpful in obtaining evidence or identifying individuals responsible for vandalism on your street. Or theft from your property.

Check-in on Kids and Pets:

It is impossible to be everywhere at once. With an outdoor camera, you can keep an eye on your kids. And pets while you get things done around the house.

How Many Security Cameras Do You Need?

You need security cameras depending on a number of factors. Selecting what you’re going to do with the cameras is the first step. If you want to use your outdoor cameras as burglar deterrents, for instance, you should place them in obvious places.

If you’re using them to watch your family and pets, you might want to invest in more indoor cameras. You might want to put one in each child’s room or just one by the dog door. Cameras are need for each of these areas if you want them to serve as evidence or monitor valuables.

Most homes can benefit from 3-4 cameras in the following areas:

  • Keep track of packages and the front door with a doorbell camera
  • For the front and back of the house, install 1-2 outdoor cameras
  • Watch valuables, children, or pets inside with an indoor camera

If you want another set of eyes somewhere, you can always install more cameras in your home.

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