LG Smart TV 32 inch

Smart TVs are the latest fad and it is hard for a television owner to buck the trend and stick to a traditional non-smart LED TV. So, should you consider buying an LG Smart TV 32 inch?

The answer is simple. As a brand, LG has managed to win the trust of its customers in India by offering them reliable products at reasonable prices. In the television segment, LG has made Smart TVs accessible to everyone.

A crystal clear example of this is the LG Smart TV 32 inch. While this model is priced lower than some of its competitors, the LG Smart TV 32 inch makes no compromises on picture and sound quality. 

But before moving forward, you need to know how a Smart TV is different from older televisions.

  • The concept of a Smart TV has opened the doors to a whole new world.
  • Allows you to stream your favourite content whenever you want. 
  • Brings multiple streaming platforms to one place.
  • Gives you seamless access to the Internet.
  • Enables you to search and access apps like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram etc.
  • You can use a Smart TV to mirror your smartphone and view your phone screen on a much larger display.

And now, we move on to the LG Smart TV 32 inch.

One of the best in this segment, this television has a Smart LED panel offering an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The LG Smart TV 32 inch is powered by a Quad-Core Processor and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Here are some more specifications of the LG Smart TV 32 inch:

  • All-in-one Smart TV – This television merges all your entertainment needs.
  • Dynamic Colour Enhancer – This technology uses an advanced image processor to adjust colour for richer images, giving you better picture quality than most other TVs in this segment.
  • Active HDR – This tool optimises each scene to deliver unmatched picture clarity.
  • DTS Virtual: X – A unique feature that provides multi-dimensional audio quality.
  • Dolby Audio – This technology offers you theatre-like sound at home.
  • Home Dashboard – You can use this feature to remotely access all your connected devices.
  • Smart OS – This tool allows you to access your home appliances using voice control.
  • Multi-Tasking – A rare feature in this segment, it offers you the chance to surf the internet and watch your favourite content, all at the same time.
  • Thin bezel design adds a layer of sophistication to your living room. 

Apart from the features listed above, here are some additional innovations you will find in the LG Smart TV 32 inch

  • HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping – It adjusts the curve in each scene to give you the best image.
  • Active Noise Reduction – This tool improves your viewing experience by blocking the noise in your videos.
  • Resolution Upscaler – Prevents loss of quality to bring to you the clearest images.

Booming sound

  • Interested in knowing more about the sound quality you will find in an LG Smart TV 32 inch? This television has a 10W two-channel speaker with Clear Voice III. Artificial Intelligence
  • Another reason for you to buy an LG Smart TV 32 inch are its AI (Artificial Intelligence) features. 
  • This television has AI Home, which allows you to connect all of your smart devices to your Smart TV. 
  • There is also AI Recommendation which curates the content on your TV based on your likes and dislikes.

Connectivity options

  • The LG Smart TV 32 inch has built-in Wi-Fi, along with two HDMI ports, one USB port, an ARC HDMI Audio Return Channel, an RF Input, a LAN port and a Digital Audio Out (Optical). 
  • It would also interest you to know that this television includes HDMI 1.4 ports.

There are two models in the Indian market if you are looking for an LG Smart TV 32 inch:

  • 32LM565BPTA
  • 32LM563BPTC

By now, you must have understood why buying an LG Smart TV 32 inch is worth it. Not only has the brand made Smart TVs accessible to everyone, it also offers features that are hard to match in this price segment.

Durability and peace of mind

There is also the trust LG has built. Its products are reliable, durable and affordable – the three things that matter the most to Indian buyers. An added benefit is LG’s widespread after-sales service network.

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