Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Tragically, in the event that you don’t have a little girl, you can’t put resources into it For . Simply one more example of govt support legitimate segregation in light of family line or birth(religion/position/orientation and so on)

Is the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana scheme good or not?


The financing cost is 7.6% starting today (July 2021). That is the most noteworthy of any govt schemes(like PPF/SCSS/NSC and so forth) accessible to public. Prior Senior Citizens reserve funds conspire use to have most noteworthy financing costs. Presumably Govt thought, advance age help is less significant than advancing woman’s rights.

Thus, presently SCSS has 7.4%. Different plans like PPF(7.1%), NSC(6.8%) are a long ways behind. The plan is immediate govt plot. Thus, it is as far as anyone knows most secure with sovereign assurance, significantly more secure than Govt bank fixed stores. Another huge in addition to point is that the premium acquire is totally tax exempt and is accumulate, as it is reinvested.


The venture should be begun before your young lady turns 10.The speculation period is 15 years. The development date is your little girl’s 21st birthday, or 15 years from opening, whichever is later.

Assume, you open the plan when your little girl is 4 years of age. You can contribute most extreme 15 years (for this situation, the young lady turns 19). In any case, you(technically your little girl) can pull out the cash when your little girl turns 21. Least 500 to be save consistently and greatest 1.5 lakhs each year can be save. You can’t pull out rashly except if, there is confirmation of cash require for young lady’s schooling expenses/marriage. That is the con. Another con is actually at the period of 21,the cash will have a place with your girl. Along these lines, tragically, assuming you drop out with your girl, she can take the cash and cut attaches with you. Mind you, the development cash will significant, run into around 50 lakhs, on the off chance that you contribute max 1.5l consistently. A total which can confound a ton of juvenile personalities.


At long last, the people who don’t have a little girl yet a child, I will exhort them not to be unsettle. Regardless of whether Govt victimizes your child, for his orientation, you as a father/mother can deal with him. Put resources into SIP in adjust reserves.


Likewise, assuming that you have both a little girl and a child, kindly don’t separate like the govt, on the grounds that your girl assists you with procuring a couple thousand in interests. Since, the public authority and the entire world will ve against your child for his orientation, he wants additional assurance.


Last point – You can put resources into this plan through Post Office or Nationalized banks, very much like PPF.


What’s more, very much like PPF, you will save yourself 1,000,000 cerebral pains and bothers assuming that you contribute through your bank rather than mailing station. Banks additionally have online store office. Most bank staff will fake obliviousness about the methodology to open SSY record to stay away from work. Demand it emphatically. I will favor SBI, for moderately less terrible help and predominant web-base framework.


SSY is the best plan assuming you have a young lady kid under 10 years. It is ideal to begin the plan when the kid is between 2 to 6 years itself so you can contribute for the greatest time of 15 years before she turns 21 when it develops. Striking highlights are as per the following.

You can contribute up to Rs 1.5 lacs each year for which derivation is accessible under segment 80c.

Current loan cost is 7.6% which is the most elevate among all little investment funds plans. Just PF and VPF gives better interest of 8.5% at the present time.

Record can be open in mail center or nationalized banks.

Accumulate interest and development continues are tax exempt.

The plan gives intensifying office and it works best in the event that you continue to contribute the maximum sum consistently without incomplete withdrawal.

Account develops on the young lady arriving at 21 years or gets hitch following 18 years whichever is prior. Can’t be reach out on development and the cash goes to the young lady youngster.

Extremely protected choice and upheld by govt. Can’t be appended by courts.

Is it possible to change the account depositor or guardian (from mother to father) in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account? Which documents are require?


Right off the bat, account contributor can be anybody (father, mother, terrific guardians, companions… ) – not really it just should be a similar watchman express in the SSY account and the investor need to convey a duplicate of their container card at the hour of storing the sum.

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In the event that, adjustment of the gatekeeper status is expected to be made then, at that point:- (should be mother and father just – who are the regular watchmen. For a third individual to be a watchman, a court request is require expressing he/she as the gatekeeper/overseer of the young lady youngster):-


1) a charge of Rs.50/ – , (essentially for giving another passbook showing the update in Guradianship)


2) duplicates of legitimate ID reports like Pan card, aadhar, visa, proportion card… of both current and next gatekeeper,


3) duplicate of BIRTH CERTIFICATE of the young lady youngster – SSY account holder,


4) A composed solicitation letter for change in guardianship by the current GUARDIAN expressed in the SSY account –


These above are fundamentals.


Moreover as I would like to think, if both the current and next watchman go together, the adjustment of gatekeeper strategy would be sans issue. Or then again you would be requested a NOC in a basic letter from the current watchman expressing that he/she has no protest from their side for the mentioned change in guardianship.

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If acquiring NOC or the taking the current watchman to PO/bank isn’t plausible, the PO/bank staff would require a solid explanation supported by authoritative archives for change of guardianship.



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