Malwarebytes will not open Windows 10 / norton liveupdate failed to complete windows 10

Errors can appear anytime on your Windows 10 system. This OS provides a reliable interface to the users. Several applications are available for Windows 10. You can install any application and run it easily on the device. However, some users face errors while running several applications on the system.

Common application errors on Windows 10

  1. Unable to install the application
  2. Application is not opening
  3. The program is unable to execute 
  4. Unable to update the application
  5. Windows 10 is running sluggishly
  6. Regular freeze or crash
  7. Conflicting with another program

Troubleshooting application errors on Windows 10

Check resource requirement of your application

When you can’t install the application on your device; check the resource requirements. You can get an installation error when you are trying to install an incompatible application on the device. Go to the browser and check for the requirements of the application. In case your application is not compatible; you can’t install it. Check for a compatible setup to install. Remove the incompatible setup from the computer. Now install a compatible setup and use the application on your system.

Remove conflicting program

Your Malwarebytes will not open Windows 10 if you have any conflicting programs on the system. Many times, users install programs that require the same resources at the same time. Installing two security applications can cause conflicting errors. When malware appears, both applications will try to detect it and start conflicting. To fix the error, remove one application from the device. Delete all its related files and then restart Windows 10. Now click on the app’s icon and the program will start working.

Repair the registry files

If the program is not running then you should check for the registry files. Program-related registry files get corrupted easily due to malware or some changes in the settings. You have to fix the registry files for running the application. Without the correct registry files, your application can’t find the path. Use Regedit to open the registry editor of the system.

Now search for the application-related files. Choose the corrupted keys and create their backups. Now start fixing the corrupted registry files on the PC. If you don’t know the steps then ask for professional help. Don’t edit any registry files without knowledge, your other files may also get corrupted.

Check for the update

Applications show errors when they are outdated. You must update the application regularly to prevent any errors on the device. The new update provides fixed patches for the setup. The company releases the update to prevent the application from any error. If your application is not working then check for the update. Install the update and your program will start working.

Many applications offer auto-update features. Those programs get updated automatically when the system is connected to the internet. If Norton Liveupdate failed to complete Windows 10 then you should check for OS updates. Application updates may fail when the OS is running out of date. Open the Update and Security tab on Windows 10 and click on the Update button. After updating, restart the PC and now run the application update.

Remove junk from the PC

Whenever you get freezes or crashes on the application, check for the junk files. Your Windows 10 collects lots of junk with time. Unlike malware, junk files are not harmful to the device. But these files can use lots of your free space. If you don’t delete these junk files, they may start conflicting with your application. Due to this, your program may get regular freezes. When the app shows an error, check for all the junk on your PC.

Open the computer and go to the temp files folder. Delete all the files and restart the Windows 10 PC. Now open the program and check for freezes or crashes. If the application is still showing the error then search for other junk files on your computer. Open the C drive and check for unwanted files. Delete all unnecessary files from the device. Instead of finding the junk files manually, try to use the Windows junk cleaner tool.

In Windows 10, you can use the Cleanmgr tool. Run this inbuilt utility tool on the PC and it will search for all junk files automatically. You will get a list of items to delete on the desktop. Check the whole list and select the items to delete. Remove all junk files and restart the Windows 10 PC. 

Remove third-party application

Windows 10 devices may show issues if you have installed third-party applications on the system. Several paid applications are available for jobs like editing, gaming, photoshop, etc. Instead of purchasing a subscription, people often install free pirated or third-party applications. These programs are free to install and use.

As you know, nothing is free at all. These applications often carry malware like adware, etc. Installing these apps on Windows 10 may cause other harm to the system. If your device is showing an error after installing any third-party app then remove it. Open the Apps folder and uninstall the app from the device. Restart Windows 10 system and now your device will start running reliably.

Run a malware scan

If your Windows 10 PC is running very slow then you should check for the malware. Viruses and other malware enter the device and start corrupting the files. Your applications will stop working and the device will start running slowly. The user must install a good antivirus on the computer. Search for antivirus that can remove all types of malware from the system. Open your anti-malware and click on full scan. Wait until to complete the full scan process. After scanning, restart the PC and now the device will start running at normal speed.

Reinstall the application

Your application can show issues in running if its files are missing. Many times, users delete some files of the application mistakenly. Due to this, the application stops working. Repairing the application manually is very difficult. Instead, you can try reinstalling the program. Click on the application and select the uninstall button. Also, delete all the files before installing a new setup. Now go to the web and download a Windows 10 compatible app’s setup. Install the program and now you can run it on the PC.

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