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All notebook has a CPU and GPU which process and make the device functional and let you perform any task such as photoshop designing, video editing, etc. These CPU & GPU heat up and temperature can rise up to 90-degree celsius while using. Hence to cool down there is a fan in all notebooks that has a cooling fan to keep the device cool. Even the MacBook body is made of aluminium which also helps in keeping the device cooler. Any malfunction in the fan or speed of the fan make the device overheat and this needs to address and should get checked from any Apple Authorized service center in Mumbai. As they can not only impact the performance but can make damage the CPU which will be impossible to repair by any Apple Servicing centre.

In 2018-2019, Apple has released the MacBook air 11 inch and 16 inches which are fanless. Which simply mean there is no fan for cooling the CPU and GPU but can easily do any task. The whole idea was to make a MacBook air quieter. Many times if the MacBook is used in the sound recording studio, the fan noise was getting capture and recorded. Which was making the designer work extra to remove the extra sound of the fan in the recorder. Now as these macs do not have any fan but has heat sink plate which makes the CPU cooler and body of the MacBook helps in keeping the temperature in the place. Hence we always ask our customers not to put any kind of plastic body of hard case on the mac. Because it can trap the heat ins which can lead to rising in the temperature of CPU.

M1 Chip:

The apple was generally using the Intel chip with the launched on M1 with an 8 Core CPU. The performance of laptop has increased a lot but these users still facing the issue with overheating once. Don’t need to worry as long as the temperature of CPU does not rise above 70 degrees. You can download and install the temperature monitor to measure it while using. M1 macs do not have fans hence they heat more when compare to old macs such as 2015 models. If you owe any m1 chip MacBook and has doubt about your device you have to contact any MacBook repair center in Mumbai. Even a third-party apple servicing center can diagnose it.


If you feel your MacBook battery is draining fast you can first check the cycle count to understand if your MacBook pro battery is healthy. A cycle count below 700 is considered good. If you see you have exhausted the cycle count do check the mAH of the battery. You may notice it has dropped from the original mAH. Less capacity is the indication of that your battery should be replace soon. You can also open activity manager to check which application process is eating lots of battery. If you see any unusual app is eating lots of battery resources you can remove and reinstall the app also try SMC reset before removing the app. You can find the activity manager in FINDER—> Application Folder —> Utilities.

Hard Case:

We have come across that many users install the hard cases on the MacBook to prevent it from scratched and physical damage. But over a period of time these cases damage the display & hinges of the mac also these bulky cases block the ventilation and do not allow the notebook to cool down. The body of mac work as ventilation and keep the temperature in control. The best cover to use for mac is if you use sleeves case. This will prevent the mac from scratches as well as it will make keep the device cool. The cost of slaves cover is very less compared to these hard case and easily available in any apple authorized service center in Mumbai.


SMC reset & PRAM reset is the quick handly hacks that you can perform to clear any minor glitch. This can be performed anytime even without taking any data backup. This will be quick and easy to perform. In order to perform SMC you need to turn your MacBook off and After your notebook is turned off, hold down the “shift+option+control” keys on the keyboard and the power button simultaneously. After 2-3 attempts you can restart the mac and it will be ready to use. For PRAM the process is same only the keys you need to press is will be ALT-CMD-P-R. Your device will turn on-off this will indication of successful PRAM reset

Cover of the keyboard:

If there is a fan in your mac the vents work as exhaust and gaps of the keyboard works as intake of the airflow. Hence if you add anything on the keyboard such as silicon cover it may impact the intake which will lead to a poor outflow of air and can lead to overheating. This silicon also makes an imprint on the display and in the case of retina display these silicons can damage the anti-glair coating of the MacBook pro retina screen. Once the anti-glair costing is damaged it will impossible to get it fixed by any apple servicing center.

MacOS update:

MacOS update is important and recommended by the Apple Authorised Service center in Mumbai to keep your mac updated. These updates fix the bugs and previously known malfunction which impacts the performance of the device and security of mac. While updating the apple mac can be become hot but once the update is successfully installed it can fix many issues of the mac and if the update has anything related to heating it will fix the issue of your mac & enhance the performance of the battery.

If overheating is happening very often then we recommended to check with any apple repair center. They will diagnose and give you the right solution.

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