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Wireless printing is extremely convenient. Here are three simple steps to connect your Canon printer to WiFi which means you’re sure to discover a solution that works for you!

Canon printers can be connected to a wireless network through a smartphone to relay the router’s details to the printer. This is done by connecting your printer with the router by using a Canon Print Inkjet application and clicking the WPS button or entering the WPS pin.

Naturally, your printer has to be connected to the wireless network effectively.

Connecting a printer wirelessly may be confusing if you’ve not been through it before, but this guide will guide you through the process of getting established. Learn how to connect your Canon printer to the WiFi network to print your images.

Methods for Connecting a Canon Printer to a Wireless Network

There are many different ways you can go about connecting the Canon printer to an internet-connected network.

Here are the options available:

  1. Utilize a smart device to forward the router details that you have for wireless networks to the printer, either using the networking capabilities in your phone or making use of the Canon Print Inkjet app, which is available on both your iOS and Android device.
  2. Click the button WPS to connect the wireless network closest to you with the wireless printer you have installed.
  3. Input your WPS pin code.

The method you choose to end up using will depend on the type that Canon printer you own.

When wireless printers were first introduced they often required CDs for installing connecting software so that it could use them with an internet connection. Nowadays, it’s generally easy to connect wireless printers using an electronic device or controls of the printer.

Below are step by -step instructions for the different ways to connect to the WiFi network:

Smart Device Hookup Method

For a wireless connection with the Canon printer and Wireless network, it’s necessary to have to connect via a wireless electronic device. If you’re using a computer it is necessary to install the application so that you can transfer the information from the wireless network to the printer, without the direct cable hookup.

If a device with a smartphone is connected to this printer’s wireless connection users can download the app for free to connect to the wireless Canon printer to the use of either iOS or Android gadget:

For iOS devices iOS, you can use the SELPHY application is utilized.

For Android devices, it is the Canon Print Inkjet application is employed.

WPS Push Button Method

Certain wireless routers have a WPS Push Button which is wireless sync of printers. Although there aren’t all wireless routers that include this feature, however, those that do will be more streamlined to connect to a wireless printer.

To connect a wireless printer on a WiFi network by using WPS Push Button and perform the following steps:

  1. Press the Wi-Fi button of the router until it turns on.
  2. Hit the Start Button followed by the Wi-Fi button.
  3. You must wait for the Wi-Fi router to start flashing. Once the Wi-Fi router starts flashing when the on button lights up, press the WPS button.
  4. It will show an active connection with its wireless printer flashing the ON button as well as an indicator for Wi-Fi at same at the same time.
  5. If wireless sync is unsuccessful you can hit the STOP button and then try again.
  6. This option isn’t available on all wireless routers, but it’s worth taking a check on your device and seeing whether it’s possible to use it as you prepare to connect a wireless printer. This could save you some hassle in the end.

WPS Pin Code Method

Making use of to use the WPS PIN to connect your wireless printer with your wireless network could be one of the more difficult methods of achieving it however, it is a viable option to be successful even when other approaches have failed.

Here’s how to connect with WPS pin codes

  1. Take two sheets of regular paper (letter dimension).
  2. Make sure that the printer is turned on and then press the button for Wi-Fi until it blinks on the printer.
  3. Click the Wi-Fi button once more. This will cause printing the necessary wireless settings information on the printer such as your WPS Pincode.
  4. Press the STOP button on your printer till the alarm light flashes 16 times. After the 16th flash then release the stop button. The wireless printer will be ready to establish the connection.
  5. You can access the router’s internal settings by using a wireless electronic device or a computer that has wireless capabilities. Once you’ve access to your router’s settings enter your WPS PIN to start sync between your printer and the network.

Was it successful? Examine you see that the WI-Fi indicator on your wireless printer appears to be lit. This indicates the fact that the wireless connection was successful.

It’s quite easy to be confused when setting the wireless printing device the first time particularly because there are so many ways of syncing. However, if you follow the guidelines in the previous paragraphs, you’ll be able to get an excellent connection to the wireless printer you have installed.

Why Won’t My Canon Printer Connect to my Wireless Connection?

If you’ve tried these methods of creating a wireless connection to your Canon printer, but still aren’t able to sync it up, there could be reasons that could be the culprit.

Here are a few of the factors that could stop you from making strong connectivity to your network

It appears that the connection between your printer and the network is broken. This issue can usually be solved by turning off each device and waiting for 10 seconds. Then turn them back on before re-synchronizing the two.

The printer isn’t operating. Even if the printer is connected to the network it has to be turned on before it can be able to receive a wireless signal.

Make sure that both your digital camera PC as well as your wireless printer is connected to the same networks. If you accidentally connect your input device as well as your wireless printer to separate networks but they aren’t able to connect.

Be sure that the driver for your printer connects to the appropriate port on your computer. The printer driver is connected to an incorrect port it could cause issues with connectivity.

If you are still having issues connecting wirelessly to your router or wireless printer, call us and a detailed explanation on how you can ensure that your printer and wireless network sync properly. Before contacting us, be sure that your router is functioning properly for other devices.

In some instances, it is possible that the wireless card of the printer could be damaged. You’ll require replacing the printer. Sometimes factory reset Canon printer can help to connect a wireless printer to WiFi.

Your Turn

Although Canon printers are excellent for print. You’re not the only one to experience difficulty connecting them to an internet connection. Hope these tips helped in connecting your Canon Printer to the WiFi. What did they do for you? Do you have a hack or a different way to connect? Tell me about it by leaving a comment.

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