Bar cart ideas

Have you ever dreamed of a sleek bar cart for your home, or maybe you have one that’s been collecting dirt? Never fear, we’ve got you covered of how to make a stylish white bar cart! Read on for the complete rundown of the most popular designs, as well as expert styling tips from Vanessa Colyer Tay Temple & Webster’s Head of Styling.

Select the correct bar cart

If you don’t own a bar cart the first thing to do is to select a bar cart that is in your style and complements your interior. From boho, retro to contemporary , and all in-between, we’ve got our best bar carts listed here.

In addition to fashion It’s also a good idea to determine the amount of storage space you require. There are compact two-tier trolleys as well as more robust ones that allow hanging wine glasses along with larger bar cabinets in which items are hidden behind cabinet doors. Be aware of the style and purpose before selecting your option.

Make sure you know the exact location.

Before you pull out all of your finest glassware, determine the best place to put on your bar table. Similar to the image below, Vanessa says “One of our favourite ways to style a bar cart is to position it below a focal piece of art.”

There are other practical aspects to take into consideration. It is generally recommended to place your bar cart located in the dining room or living area in which it can be used to entertain guests. A lot of bar carts come with wheels, so you can put it in a corner or in a safe place when it’s not in use and then move it to the area the area where the party is taking place!

Bar carts are available 24/7, or only during the time the party starts?

Another major choice that will affect the design of the bar cart is whether you’ll utilize it as a bar all year long or make it a multi-purpose piece. We mean that the majority of people use the bar cart as a side table for books, a lamp and other useful items that can be moved sideways to allow room for your cocktail shaker and other bar cart essentials during parties.

“Bar carts are great to store more than drinks! Use this practical product as a table for your side to store heavy coffee table books as well as tables lamps. It can also transform into an item of storage with two levels to a night-cap spot anytime,” says Allira Bell, Temple & Webster stylist.

Utilize high and low elements

“To begin to style on the upper shelf add an accent piece that is tall, such as the vase that has foliage or an lamp when your bar cart is expected to remain stationary. Once you have the design set, it’s time to put in your essential items like the decanters, glassware and bottles of your favorite drink of the night,” says Vanessa.

Select your glassware with care

“When designing the bar cart, the glassware selection can show more than you’d imagine. Crystal stemware is a great choice for an elegant space, coloured glassware is a great choice for the retro or vintage-inspired spaces Simple clear glassware can be used in the minimalist or neutral home,” says Vanessa.

In general, you’ll typically only require 4-6 glasses on your cart, contingent on the number of guests you’re planning to invite. Store other glasses to free up space for other items, such as champagne buckets, champagne bottles, as well as bar carts accessories.

You might want to consider sticking with an idea

It doesn’t matter if it’s a general style such as luxe or a particular color scheme (like this stunning rose gold below) It’s a fact that the importance of sticking to a particular theme. It can make your bar cart have an elegant look.

There’s a lot of options in accessory bar carts that it is possible to quickly create the style you’re looking for.

Make fun of quirky elements or decor

It is also possible to add some interesting elements or surprising decor elements to your bar cart’s style. Check out the odd parrots that are in this bar cart! As long as you can match the items to your overall theme, you’ll be able to be able to do everything!

Make sure you have enough space to set your drinks

The most important thing to do when style is to step back and refine the style. This is particularly true for styling an bar cart because there’s a need for space to set up your drinks! If the top shelf is cluttered and not useful, you can reduce it. Maybe you could better utilize the lower portion or put away the extra glasses and drinks in a cabinet.

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