ij.start.cannon 5b00 error

We are going to explain the long-standing problem of ij.start.cannon 5b00 drawback and how to fix the error. Every day canon user is facing this problem, and they report this problem online every day. Now we have found solutions for it. We are sharing with you and going to help you understand and fix it.

You can bring your ij.start.cannon printer back to normal by following this solution that we tell you. For more information and to contact support, you will need to read the whole post. Which will benefit you and you can solve your problem easily.

Let’s first try to understand the problem and share its solution with you guys.

What is ij.start.cannon Error 5b00 and how can it be used?

One of the main reasons for getting this error is usually. Due to the increase of waste link counter overflowing problem. Another main reason for this is also when your ij.start.cannon printer stops working normally. And some defects come init. While your printer continues to operate normally but whenever you print or scan a document. The lamp will first flash Green, then Orange for 8-10 seconds. Now you will see the error message on the computer screen. As “Support Code5b00 an error occurred when you attempt to print any documents from your computer”

Because of this error, the user’s printer stops printing, due to which the possibility of the device becoming unusable increases. To resolve the canon 5b00 error, first try some basic troubleshooting to see how it might work.

How do I start the ij.start.cannon Service Mode?

Step 1- First, try turning the printer power off and on. If the error code doesn’t disappear, then you may need to have your printer repaired. If it does, then try turning the printer off first and also putting the ij.start.canon printer on service mode. After that, press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds and then release the button.

Step 2- After this, you press the zoom button 5 more times. If the LED lights up, then it is possible that your printer is set to service mode. And you can see the status of the printer by going to the control panel of your windows computer. It will show the status of the printer as an offline device or not recognized.

This works for canon 5b00 error, also you should try to know the reasons. Why did your printer went offline and how to bring it online as normal?

How do you check the ink level?

Let us know how you can check the ink level of the ij.start.cannon printer. The first thing you need to do is to check the ink level. If the level drops to or below 50% it won’t work and a problem will occur. If you have found on your test that the ink level is working, then first of all change the cartridges. After that it will start working.

How do I reset my ij.start.canon printer?

Your first attempt to reset your printer is to turn off the printer by disconnecting the power. And plugging it in again. Then by pressing the supply power button, then press power button ON of the canon printer.

After this the ij.start.canon printer will start automatically. Once the printer is started, the green LED will stop blinking. After that keep holding the stop button until the orange LED blinks 5 times after that release the stop button.

Use canon.com/ijsetup service tools program-

  • If you are still facing this problem. Then first of all reset the printer to factory setting and run “Canon Service Tool” after installing
  • After that reset your printer and click on EEPROM status.
  • It will ask you for information about the paper source. After this it should be set on the “rear tray” by default. Then leave it like this, you will see a notification on the computer screen. Saying that it has completed a function on your screen.
  • Now you have to reset your printer first. For this click on the setting button, select main from the check ink counter. After this it will choose the Canon.com/ijsetup reset process and start resetting. Doing this it will take about 1 minute.
  • To check whether the reset is taking place or not, its LED light will have to be seen. It will flash during the reset. When the LED light stops flashing, your printer has been successfully reset.
  • After the reset process is over, click on Printer “EEPROM Status” again. This process will take a few minutes and it will complete the process when the power lamp stops flashing.
  • Then click on Pro, and then select the data to save the EEPROM save option. And you can check it by running the program, after that it will leave the printer EEPROM at 0%.
  • Now you can see, before the reset the printer, the EEPROM state will show D = 100%. Then, after the reset, the status of D changed to 000.0%. The reset process is now fully completed.
  • After that, turn off your printer and then turn it on again. Now your printer is ready to use.
  • Now you can download the Canon Printer Software and Driver again. For download you may visit on this site canon.com/ijsetup.

We hope this helps you to fix Canon Error 5b00.

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