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Now that the wallpaper has found colors thanks to real work on the materials as on the Handyman Home Services patterns, we have the embarrassment of the choice to cover all its interior with floral, graphic, or retro patterns and to perfect its decoration. In addition, today we can stick wallpaper everywhere, in all rooms but not only: headboards, inside cupboards, like a painting, etc. Wallpapering has only one limit: your imagination! So if you are still hesitant about the room in which to put the tapestry, here are some ideas of places that will perfectly accommodate any wallpaper.

First of all, Handyman Home Services don’t think about it enough, but our toilets are one of the rooms in the house in which we spend a lot of time. However, it is also one of the rooms that require the greatest maintenance and whose walls will be subject to regular washing. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to choose simple paint! By opting for vinyl wallpaper, you can choose a washable or washable upholstery without giving up style; so why neglect the decoration? In addition, as their small space often allows the craziest experiments, it is the place to crack on the most daring patterns and let your creativity speak.

Easily transform a toddler’s room into a teenager’s room

Then, if there is one room that we regularly redecorate, it’s our children’s room. Indeed, they grow faster than we would like to admit, and their tastes too. To easily transform a toddler’s room into a teenager’s room, think about wallpaper: for the whole room as well as for a single section of the wall, the wide variety of patterns available allows you to choose a decor that will recreate the world of your child. And more, the wallpapers are now ecological. Solvent-free, made from natural fibers or recycled paper, you will find natural, non-toxic, and formaldehyde-free glues and tapestries to take care of your little one and the planet!

A few strips of wallpaper also allow you to very quickly redefine the whole atmosphere of your living room. Whether you want an elegant, pop art or vintage atmosphere, you will find patterns to give real personality to your interior and enhance your decoration with a master hand. Impossible to be wrong, you can let your imagination run wild and create a sophisticated boudoir atmosphere, an industrial loft spirit, or a chic safari atmosphere. To do this, remember only a few essential rules: do not accumulate too many different patterns and do not go beyond the three main colors, the others must stem from these themes.

Finally, don’t forget that wallpaper is not just confined to the walls! Doors, cupboard interiors, furniture, headboards, be creative and play with this new decorative element without depriving yourself!

Entrust the installation of your wallpaper to Cheap Handyman Dubai

Today, finding a competent handyman to entrust with the installation of your wallpaper has never been easier thanks to Yoo. Indeed, we are not all equal in front of the smoothing spatula. Whether you want to renew the decoration of your living room, create a teenager’s room, or simply give your interior a little facelift, don’t let technical constraints hinder your creativity and think about jobbing. By providing you with a large number of handyman profiles ready to help you, Cheap Handyman Dubai allows you to delegate all the installation of your wallpaper to an expert in just a few clicks. For that post your job, choose your jobber and relax, the installation of your tapestry is made for you.

In addition, Cheap Handyman Dubai works every day to facilitate your procedures. That’s why we’ve created a form that allows you to post your ad quickly and easily. To do this, you only have to enter the number of rooms you want to wallpaper as well as their general size – small, medium or large – and specify if you want your jobber to also take care of removing the previous wallpaper. . Then, you define the date for which your task must be executed as well as the time slot that suits you and you’re done. The software then takes care of automatically offers you an estimate of the number of hours that will be needed to complete your mission as well as an hourly rate adapted to your chore.

Choose the most serious jobber in complete transparency

And to make sure you choose a handyman who is always available, competent and reliable, Cheap Handyman Dubai has created a framework that allows everyone to judge the seriousness and professionalism of each jobber. Indeed, each service is note, comment on, and accessible to all. You can then choose the most serious jobber in complete transparency. In addition, Handyman Home Services asks all its members to be able to verify his identity. Our moderation team thus confirms the photo, identity card, and personal details of each jobber and ensures you a reliable, professional, and always impeccable service.

So, no need to pull your nails on an old tapestry that refuses to peel off, nor to take out your math lessons to figure out how to hang your wallpaper around your rounded window. You can calmly concentrate on your usual activities and let your jobber work. Better equipped, with much greater experience, he will be able to install your tapestry in just a few hours for a wallpaper installation price much lower than any specialized company! So choose the motif for which you had a real crush without wondering how you are going to be able to install it, you can trust one of our handymen to install it perfectly and save you precious time.

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