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There is no universal definition of bad customer service strategies, as it can vary greatly depending on the individual and the situation. However,  bad customer service is any action or inaction by a company results in a negative experience for the customer. This can include ignorance or being run around when trying to resolve a problem, to being treated rudely or aggressively.

It’s therefore essential that companies make providing good customer service a top priority and invest time and resources into training their employees accordingly.

Examples Of Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service can have a serious impact on businesses, not only in terms of lost revenue but also in terms of decreased customer loyalty and damage to a company’s reputation. Here we have written some examples of bad customer service. 

Using negative language on the call

There are a few reasons why using negative language is bad customer service. First of all, it creates a hostile and negative environment. This makes customers feel unwelcome and unimportant and can cause them to leave frustrated or angry. Additionally, negativity breeds negativity. When customer service representatives use negative language, it sets the tone for the entire conversation and makes it more likely that customers will respond in kind. 

Not listening to grievances properly 

It can be damaging to the company because customers may feel that their grievances are not being heard or taken seriously. This can cause them to lose faith in the company and eventually take their business elsewhere.

Furthermore, when employees do not listen to customer complaints properly, it can lead to mishandling of the situation and further disgruntled customers. This is a waste of resources for the company, as it results in unhappy customers who are not likely to return or recommend the business to others. Listening is the key strategy to improve customer service, and it should be done in a respectful and timely manner. 

Poor customer complaint portal is bad customer service 

Because it can easily create more frustration and anger for customers who are already upset.

When a customer has an issue to be addressed, they often turn to the company’s customer complaint portal as their first point of contact. This is where they expect to find an easy way to communicate their problem and find a solution. 

However, if the customer complaint portal is poorly designed or difficult to use, it only creates more frustration and anger for the customer. This can lead to them giving up on trying to resolve their issue, or even worse, damaging their relationship with the company.

Why is CX training for employees important?

First and foremost, customer service is the face of your company. It’s the first interaction that customers have with your brand, and it can make or break their impression of you. So it’s essential that employees be well-trained in providing exceptional customer service.

Secondly, customer service is a key area where companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors. If you offer better customer service than your competitors, you’ll be more likely to win customers over. And finally, good customer service can lead to increased sales and loyalty from customers. So it’s definitely worth investing in CX training for your employees!

Role of taking a customer experience assessment 

There are a few key ways in which customer experience assessment can help improve customer service. First, it can help identify areas in which customers are experiencing problems. This can help businesses focus their efforts on fixing the areas that are causing the most pain for customers.

Second, customer experience assessment can help businesses track trends over time. Used to determine whether certain changes (in products, services, etc.) are having a positive or negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Finally, customer experience assessment can help businesses measure how effective their customer service initiatives are. This information can be used to make necessary adjustments and improvements to those initiatives.

How can a service design consultancy help?

A service design consultancy in Sydney can help to improve customer service by understanding the customer’s journey and identifying pain points.

Service design consultants use a human-centered design approach to understand how customers interact with a company and its products or services. This understanding can then be used to identify pain points that may impact the customer’s experience. For example, long waiting, confusing communication, with customer service representatives may cause frustration and lead to a poor overall experience.

A service design consultancy can work with a company to improve its customer service by addressing these pain points and making changes that will make the customer’s journey more seamless and positive.


 It’s important to accurately assess the current state of customer service. Understanding not only how customers are currently being treated, but also what they’re looking for. You can check In terms of quality customer service. Once the assessment is complete, trainers implement specific training programs that address the areas in need of improvement. It’s also important to make sure that training is constantly updated and reflective of the latest customer service trends. By doing so, you’ll keep your team ahead and provide customers with the best possible experience. 

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