These can be challenging for remote teams. Team members may start to feel distant from their coworkers as there is less face time and interaction. A reduction in morale, performance and job satisfaction have all been linked to these emotions. It might be challenging to keep your audience engaged in your online webinar if you are a novice webinar host. To keep their audience interested and entice them to participate in the webinar, most event planners use interactive webinar platforms and icebreaker activities.

Icebreakers are quick, participatory exercises that provide participants with a conversation starter and cause them to interact. Participants find it simpler to engage with one another and move on to the main points of the webinar once the initial inhibitions to speak and participate have been lifted. Virtual icebreaker games can take many different forms. You can introduce your attendees with icebreaker questions, display an item and invite discussion, run polls, or plan activities.

Are you seeking intriguing ice-breaker questions for your webinar? If your response is yes, you are in the right place. You will discover a list of outstanding icebreakers in this session, which will enable you to add interest and engagement to your webinar.

What is an icebreaker session?

An icebreaker is a game or activity that is used to warm up the conversation during a meeting, training session, team-building exercise, or other activity. There is always a chance to use an icebreaker at a gathering that calls for easy conversation between participants and a facilitator.

In events where participant comfort level and communication are key considerations, icebreakers play a vital role. They fully engage participants and aid in making sure that all attendees are treated as equal players. The greatest choice for conducting icebreaker activities, poll questions, and other interactive activities are through online webinar platforms.

Advantages of icebreakers

A good icebreaker can turn a hostile audience into a friendly one. The main reason for this is that they encourage us to go outside of our “serious” mindsets and interact with others in a lighthearted and casual manner. When you use icebreaker questions, you’ll notice that a group’s entire body language will alter, even when everyone is seated. While it could be challenging at first to get any noise out of your all-hands meeting or conference, relatively soon you’ll notice that the room’s murmur becomes more audible, the stern seated postures change to relaxed postures, and when we’re relaxed, we receive information better.

Ice breakers are beneficial because they may assist in drawing in even the most reserved members, which is another reason. People are able to forget some of their typical social anxieties and discover what they have in common with everyone else by fostering a joyful environment. This significantly affects how successful an event is perceived by the audience. Additionally, it provides them with a number of fascinating tales to share with others when the meeting or event is over. The following benefits of icebreaker exercises can be obtained by using an online webinar platform.


A community is a group of people who have similar demographics, ideas, or ideals. However, a community is more than just a group of people chatting in a room. Building community is a process, and using icebreakers encourages people to get to know one another and therefore opens the way to community building.


The capacity to understand events or situations from another person’s point of view is known as empathy. Empathy is crucial for team building because it enables members to sit back, consider one another’s perspectives, and then work together to make decisions.


Additionally, engagement is a crucial element of community building, and using an icebreaker inevitably leads to interactions between coworkers due to the nature of how icebreakers function.

Top icebreaker questions to engage the audience

  • What is the best movie you have ever seen?

  • What movie do you watch for comfort?

  • What was the strangest food you’ve ever consumed?

  • Do you like a triangle or square pizza?

  • Which animal would you like to become?

  • Which comedy character would you most like to play?

  • Whose top three emojis are you?

  • What kind of dog would you be if you were one?

  • Have you ever had a chance meeting with a famous person?

  • Which movie antagonist is your favourite?

  • What is your “comfort album”?

  • Tuna salad, macaroni salad, or egg salad?

  • Which song do you choose?

  • What is your preferred pastime while confined?

  • Which song would be your own personal anthem?

  • Which fictional character can you most identify with?

  • Microsoft or Apple?

  • Do you like the original Disney films better than the live-action remakes?

  • What is your preferred purchase for quarantine?

  • Do you prefer Alaska or Arizona as your home state?

So, these are the various exceptional ice-breaking questions to include in your webinar. Furthermore, you can achieve success without hassle with the right webinar platform and the advanced features and functionalities they offer.

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