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Virtual space is the most convenient way to organize an enormous gathering in such a pandemic time. But it is vital that you find the most suitable and trustworthy platform to conduct a successful and effective virtual event.

In 2022, the best way to organize events is virtually as it provides a great budget-friendly and user-friendly experience. Everyone can save their travel, food, and accommodation expenses by lending a virtual venue for their event. You can add interactive and engaging tools to your event by reaching the top platform with exceptional features.

Searching for the best virtual and hybrid event platform but getting thousands of results on the Internet? Here is a complete list of virtual solutions with exceptional features and tools. So, let’s have a glance.

Top 8 Virtual Event Platforms to Host an Interactive Online Event!

Here is a complete list to consider while picking a virtual event platform for an interactive online event.


Dreamcast comes under top most virtual event solutions in UAE, India, Australia, and more countries. They provide a browser-based 3D stage to access the event. Exhibitors can get customizable designs, music, tabs, icons, dynamic banners, touchpoints, etc., in order to create a perfect event. Dreamcast smoothens networking with live audio, video, keyboard chats, and other tools for easy connection. Adding live polls, q&a sessions, surveys, hearts, thumbs-ups, claps, hoots & emoticons can be helpful in order to engage your audience till the event ends. In addition, AR & VR games, like spin the wheel, word cloud, quiz or contests, trivia can be another way to stop the participants from withdrawing.

Also, you can provide a photo booth to the audience. Participants can click their photos with different backgrounds. Additionally, they can upload on various social media platforms. With Dreamcast, you can even get exceptional analytics tools that provide you with a footprint right from when the attendee registered to the end.

Other than the above, you can also get the below features for a successful event:

  • Live notifications
  • Easy registration
  • Digital footprinting
  • Robust data tracking
  • External integrations
  • No audience capping
  • Seamless networking
  • AI matchmaking tool
  • Custom landing pages
  • B2B meeting scheduler
  • Browser-based solutions
  • DIY booth button icons & names
  • Customizable virtual exhibitor booths


Hubilo is also one of the best virtual event solutions with immersive features and a user-friendly experience. It offers fully customizable branding so that every sponsor can get the opportunity & space to showcase their products. You can get a live streaming option for your virtual audience to reach them with every update live. Additionally, they provide immersive interaction tools like audio calls, video calls, and text chats.

You can create multiple breakout rooms & lounges to split your audience into groups for better interaction between the attendees. In addition, the leaderboard & contests can add a healthy competition between the participants that can increase the fun. It connects the attendees with similar interests using the matchmaking algorithm for more networking events.


InEvent is one of the best virtual event solutions that require attendees to download an app to access the event. It offers customizable branding, logos, colours & white label layout to exhibitors for a personalized experience. Attendees get Q&A sessions and live polls tools for better engagement. The virtual lobby & chat capabilities provided by InEvent can enhance the interaction quality of your virtual event.

Exhibitors can take benefits of automated email marketing that can be helpful to reach maximum potential and enhance your count of attendees. Also, the gamification feature can engage your audience till the end of the event. In addition, you can track your complete event data from the start to the end with robust data tracking.


The BigMarker is one of the most suitable virtual event solutions for a customizable interactive experience. They offer exceptional features, like screen sharing for the meeting rooms to increase the interaction feature. Attendees & exhibitors can even record the event session to play the skipped section.

Organizers and participants can take benefits of AI-driven networking that help them connect with other attendees based on their similar interests. In addition, the gamification can engage the youth age audience, and the leaderboard can add some fun competition in between all.


COACT is one of the best virtual event platforms in the UAE that offers customized microsites and landing pages. Exhibitors can share all the information related to the conference agenda, keynote information, helpdesks, speakers’ lists, and more via your virtual event easily. Exhibit Hall and the Auditorium are the two platform options that can help to make navigation easy.

They offer stalls to the attendees at the exhibition hall to browse through & get an immersive virtual experience. On the other hand, participants can attend the virtual speakers and interact in the virtual auditorium setup.

Pace Digital

With Pace Digital, one of the best virtual event platforms in South Africa, you can get customized event branding. It helps to display your brand across various platforms globally. In addition, you can get networking lounges, parallel sessions, breakout rooms, live feed, contest or survey questionnaires, and various other features to make every session comfortable.


Airmeet is one of the most seamless virtual event platforms that offer a hassle-free experience. Tools like chat, polls, and q&a can be helpful for many attendees to engage with the same interest participants. This platform gives smooth networking & connection tools in order to offer the attendees an in-person experience. multi-device and browser compatibility, and boundless date & time duration


Samaaro is one of the top-ranked virtual event platforms that can be helpful in creating a perfect online event in order to achieve its goals. You can get a completely interactive, engaging, networking, and connecting event to reach a global audience. They provide an immersive 3D space end-to-end customizable as per the exhibitor’s requirements. You can add some reactions & polls features to your event in order to engage the audience. Also, they even offer AI matchmaking technology using which all the participants with the same interest can connect with each other. Everyone can send & download others’ business cards. Also, organizers can create agenda-based meeting rooms for audiences as per their interests. This way, you can make space for everyone in your event.

So, these are the various virtual event experts that can be helpful for you in order to pick the best one. You can conduct an interactive event for sure with the above platforms. I Hope, you will find this article at the end of your search for your online event solution.

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