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Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, is the largest city in Turkey and the economic, cultural and historical capital of the country. It is located near the Bosphorus Strait and is located in both Europe and Asia. With a population of more than 15 million, it accounts for 19% of Turkey’s total population. Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe and the 15th most populous city in the world.

Where Can Apartment For Sale in Istanbul?

When it comes to Apartment For Sale in Istanbul, the Istanbul area of ​​Istanbul is completely different from any other area. Also the price range varies from place to place. It is worth exploring the city before deciding where you want to live. Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Anatolian side. A luxury condominium is for sale in the European part of Istanbul. Or a beautiful apartment for sale with a view of Istanbul Bosphorus. Keep in mind that the Princess Islands are part of Istanbul and can offer a very relaxing lifestyle when you are away from the city. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and simple life, check out the CV View Apartments in the suburban Princess Islands. And its price rises along popular areas and the Bosphorus.

What is the best place to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

In addition to the new Istanbul apartment project, the Urban Transformation project also offers a great opportunity for those looking to Apartment For Sale in Istanbul real estate market. Newly Renovated Building For Sale Cheap Apartments For Sale In Istanbul, Turkish Lira. Given the recent depreciation of the Turkish lira, this is appropriate for all budgets.

Buy Apartment For Sale in Istanbul in Turkey: 

Buy an apartment for sale especially for a stay in Istanbul. Your standards should prioritize the workplace, transportation services, and social life opportunities in your area. Living conditions that you should promote health care, especially if you have children, consider these criteria

When it comes to luxury homes, offices and apartments in Istanbul, the European side is more dominant. But unlike Anatolia, it is a dominant region, most of which have urban transformation projects.

One of the cheapest areas: Snivert

Located in the European suburbs of Istanbul between Kucukcekmece and Apartment For Sale in Istanbul, Snivert is the cheapest area. One of the reasons is that it is on land. As such, it is not as expensive as Istanbul’s beach houses and sea-view apartments. Esenyurt is currently majorly developing a brand new unplanned apartment in Istanbul. There are many possibilities for those who are looking for cheap accommodation in the city.

Snivert is one of the main areas for buying real estate. The value of real estate is growing rapidly due to the latest projects and newly built transportation options. Arnavutkoy (close to Istanbul’s new airport) and Apartment For Sale in Istanbul offer a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey.

Snowworth has made significant progress over the past decade. Major real estate investments will create new cultural centers and parks. This bustling city attracts many foreign buyers. Because there are three shopping malls and a big university.

The center of a luxury apartment in Istanbul: Besiktas

Besiktas is one of the most expensive areas of Istanbul. When it comes to luxury condominiums in Istanbul, it is important to remember that housing along the Bosphorus is the most expensive housing in the country. The mansion, built by the Ottoman kings and high-ranking members of the community as a summer house, was part of that section.

There are now hotels and museums as well. Some of them remain privately owned and protected. Besiktas on the coast of Europe is the most expensive residential area in terms of price per square meter. You can check our list of Besiktas apartments.

Tourism Center: Fateh

Fateh region is the most popular region with tourist statistics, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. All in this area this position should be considered by anyone looking for an apartment in Fati Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmed, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in Fatih, where the Byzantine and Ottoman kingdoms ruled Fener, Barat, the former Jewish and Greek territories of the Golden Horn and Aminonu.

Kadikoy is famous for its bull statue

Kadikoy, Istanbul’s famous district, attracts many daily travelers who want to see the lively nightlife and famous fish markets. Famous places in this international coastal city include Baghdad Street Shopping Paradise and the nostalgic Haidar Pasha Station. 

Visit Kadikoy in Istanbul for the full Anatolian experience. Kadikoy, located in the heart of Uskudar and nearby, offers excellent ferries to the European part of Istanbul. They rely on a lot of people to come and go. Apartment living is popular in this area. Especially among students of nearby universities. This makes it the educational center of Istanbul. Despite Kadikoy’s popularity, the average cost of housing will surprise you. Check out Kadikoy Apartments in Istanbul.

Uskudar opens the door to Maiden’s Tower.

Uskudar is on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, facing Besiktas, and is surrounded by Kadikoy, Umraniye and Beykoz. Nearby attractions include the Girl’s Tower, Calıca Hill and the Fetipasa Facility, one of Istanbul’s oldest historic buildings. Families and people love to live in Oskudar because there is so much to do and it is affordable with one click compared to other parts of Anatolia. You will also find a large list of apartments for sale in Uskudar. Yuskudar Istanbul

Beyoglu New Istanbul

Beyoglu, also known as the “New Istanbul”, is the best place in the world to shop, party and enjoy good food. Turkey’s busiest street is Esteghlal Avenue, Çiçeki Avenue in Pasazia, France, and the Taxin Monument to Esteghlal.

You can also search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim. With easy access to all social and everyday facilities, it disappears among the population.

Jahangir in the so-called Beyoglu region. “New Istanbul” is the most popular tourist destination. Despite higher rents and property, foreigners also have great restaurants. Great nightlife in Istanbul. Where to go and of course there are many shops and food stalls. However, this culture is more international than Turkey, because there are many foreigners. But the traditional atmosphere is still behind the road. Therefore, Istanbul Beyoglu’s apartments are ideal for those who want to live in a multicultural area with many foreigners.


If you want to live a stylish life, we offer you the stylish apartments of Istanbul Sisli. Nisli Santasi is the most fashionable area of ​​Sisli with shops on Abdi-Pakchi Road. The most expensive in Turkey. In addition to buying boutiques, you can have lunch in a street cafe with other foreigners. Despite the modern atmosphere, Nisantasi is distinguished in its Art Nouveau architecture. It is found in some of the oldest buildings in the city.

Sisli is a region famous for its famous buildings such as the Istanbul Military Museum. Turk Telekom Stadium is the two tallest skyscrapers in four department stores. There are popular areas like Ecentepe and Nisantasi.

Sitein Bernao

If you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, Zeytinburnu district is a great place to visit. Experts also hope that the area will be more popular than similar luxury areas such as Bebeck, Istanje and Sarıyer, with large purchases from Olivium media and good network connectivity.


Sariir is a very popular region with a nostalgic past. Worth checking out. This area is close to the Belgrade forest and there are important sights such as Emirgan Park, Romley Castle and Ataturk Tree Planting.

Sarıyer meets all the standards of the new luxury market area. Because Eastinia is located in the Sariar region, it is difficult to obtain a building permit. There is a height limit even if you have a license. As a result, the Stanje’s real estate market is different from the Levent market, and its residents have access to jogging trails and Belgrade forest picnic areas. One of the largest and best shopping malls in Istanbul, including the department store of the same name, you can buy stunning views of the Belgrade forest by buying an apartment in Sariyer Istanbul.

What is the best way to Apartment For Sale in Istanbul?

If you are planning to buy an Apartment For Sale in Istanbul, please contact us by phone or email from Istanbul. Or visit the office in Esentepe Talatpaşa Caddesi No:5 Harman Sok. Girişi, 34394 Şişli, Turkey to meet with representatives of local experts on the best areas. 

You can also view the Istanbul property list and use the chat tool to learn more about your property. If you can not come to Istanbul, you can use the services of Real Estate Investment in Turkey  remotely.

As Pierre Loti once said, “Holy Istanbul! Your name is the most fascinating of all the names that fascinate me.” Buying real estate through Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul makes you look like him in Istanbul.


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