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Disney has announced plans for the upcoming Disney Plus streaming service, which will be available during the second half of 2019. This is Disney’s third attempt at a streaming service, following previous incarnations dubbed ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ and ‘Disney TV Everywhere’.

This new app will have an exclusive live-action and animated series; a library that includes over 100 brand-new Disney movies; curated selections from big-name studios like Marvel and Star Wars; as well as music from major artists like Adele.

Read on to see a comparison of the prices, original content, and libraries for Disney Plus vs Netflix.



Netflix currently has over 148 million subscribers to its service worldwide as of Q1 2018. With that many subscribers, it’s no surprise that they dominate the original programming market (for a more complete list of some of the new original shows recently unveiled by Netflix, check out this list on Wikipedia ).

One of the main reasons that Netflix is so dominant in the original programming market is because they have such a large library. Some of their original content includes:

A series based on The Giver, So You Want to Talk About Race, and The Keepers (TV shows about rape).

13 Reasons Why series. Guess which one was so controversial?

And many other critically acclaimed series like Narcos, Dirty Money, Marco Polo, BoJack Horseman, and Stranger Things.

Netflix also has over 100 original movies. Some of their critically acclaimed movies include The Fundamentals of Caring, Napoleon Dynamite, and The 40-year-old Virgin.

Netflix has over 60 million hours of content across its library in the United States alone. These include mainstream new releases, niche documentaries, and more. In other markets Netflix can have as much as 121 million hours of content depending on the country they’re operating in.


The Disney company is a giant in entertainment and owns many different companies, including Marvel Studios, ABC, Pixar, and Lucasfilm. They’ve seen the massive success that their competitors like Netflix and Hulu have had with original programming.

Disney has also announced plans to remove their recent titles from Netflix as these new services become available. Some of their properties include:

Monsters Inc., A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story

, and The Muppets (which is getting a series revival )

(which is getting a ) High School Musical (also getting a series revival)

(also getting a series revival) The first Star Wars trilogy

Many of the original programming titles include:

High School Musical: The Musical 4: Senior Year, Marvel Rising, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Star Wars: Rogue One – Rebel Spy.

series. The Lion Guard, The Chronicles of Narnia, and PIXAR: The Ultimate Collection.

Apple, Amazon, and Netflix recently won a lawsuit against Disney (which was brought by the CFAMG (Consumer Federation of America & Margery Wakeman Foundation). In this court case, Apple stated that it stands to inherit Disney’s over 140 million subscribers if Disney were to merge with another company. Whether this actually happens remains to be seen but it puts into perspective just how massive Netflix’s library is with all their original content.


Netflix has over 60 million hours of content on its service in the US alone. In other countries, this can amount to up to 121 million hours of content. Compared to Disney Plus which is reportedly going to have only 10,000 hours of content to start with, that’s a huge difference.

What’s important to note here is that Disney Plus will be built as a family-friendly service and will cater to that demographic. On the other hand, Netflix started off as a much more niche service that targeted adults with specific tastes in film and TV. Their library is currently much larger but they’ve also been around longer than Disney Plus.

In addition to the original content that Disney Plus will be offering, they’ll also be taking away lots of their most popular titles as they leave Netflix. This includes Marvel movies like Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Disney Plus will also be pushing much harder to sign exclusive deals with major artists. This includes collaborations between Disney and Adele, Pharrell Williams, and more.


Disney Plus will have a price of $7.99 in the US, which is roughly equal to Netflix’s current price of $8.99. Disney hasn’t announced a price for outside of the US yet but it’ll likely be somewhere around $10/month.

There is a free one-month trial for Disney Plus, which is available for all users in the US and Canada.


This new streaming service will be a direct competitor to Netflix and there’s no way of knowing whether Disney Plus will beat out Netflix or not until they release their original programming. Based on what they’ve released so far. It looks like Disney is going to be playing in the same league as Netflix. They have the backing of one of the most powerful companies in the entertainment and they have a large library that’s going to be filled with original programming, re-releases from other companies, and some exclusive content.

It’s still not exactly clear how dedicated Disney Plus will be to family-friendly content though. That will be the biggest determining factor of whether Disney Plus can even compete with Netflix or not.


Disney Plus works best for anyone who already has a subscription to Netflix because they’ll have to pay another $7.99 per month instead of just $8.99 if they want to continue streaming content like Disney originally intended. Anyone who likes Disney originals should get Marvel Plus because it’ll have some of the same programmings that Netflix has. Adults who love Disney movies should also consider this service since they’ll be able to stream content like The Muppets and High School Musical while they’re on hiatus.


For now, Netflix is definitely worth the price. They have a huge library of original content, including Stranger Things, and critically acclaimed documentaries such as Wild Wild Country.

Netflix also has major original series in production like a new series based on Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and a TV series based on the Uncharted video game franchise. Netflix has proven that it can make good content, so there’s no reason to think that Disney Plus will be any less capable. That said, if anyone believes that Disney is going to be able to compete with Netflix from the get-go then they’re fooling themselves.


Disney Plus is still very much in its infancy stages. When it does open up, it’ll be interesting to see just how big their library is and how good their original programming is. We’ll need to see them compete with the incredibly large library of titles from Netflix first before we can even begin to consider how good or bad Disney Plus will be.

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