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Disney Plus is coming out with a subscription service in 2022, where subscribers will be able to watch every Disney Channel show and movie on their devices. It’s set to launch on the iPad, iPhone, and Roku. There will also be a bunch of original content that you can watch as well. If you want to sign up for this service and get 20% off the cost, just visit www.disneyplus.com and enter the code DISNEYNOW20. Last April, at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney Plus would be launching in 2022.

There’s a lot of new content coming to the streaming service, including several Marvel movies that are set to release starting in 2019-2020. And on November 16th, there will finally be a live-action Dumbo movie with Colin Farrell. You’ll be able to watch these new shows on the latest iPhones, iPads, and the soon-to-be-released Apple TV. You’ll also be able to watch Disney Channel shows on your Mac or PC. The service will also have its own app for Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices this fall.

You’ll be able to download any of your Disney Plus content from there as well. There will be a free trial of this service when it launches in 2022, but if you want to cancel your subscription at any time, you can do so. When the Disney Plus app is released in November 2019, you’ll also be able to sign up for the service right on your mobile device.

Disney Plus Content

Here’s a complete list of the content featured on the Disney Plus streaming service:

-Movies and TV shows from Disney’s past animated classics, including Sleeping Beauty (1959), Aladdin (1992), Mulan (1998), The Lion King (1994)

-Star Wars and Marvel movies, including MCU shows like Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Runaways, Cloak & Dagger, and Falcon & Winter Soldier. Also X-Men episodes such as Logan.

-Every Disney Channel show and movie, including shows like Andi Mack and Raven’s Home

-Original content such as TV shows, including the Marvel TV show WandaVision, with Elizabeth Olsen reprising her role as Scarlet Witch. There’s also a Loki series set to be released in 2020 starring Tom Hiddleston. And there’s a live-action Star Wars show set to release in 2022

-The animated show The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which will star Jeff Goldblum as the titular character. He will reprise his role from Hollywood hits such as Jurassic Park, Independence Day, and The Fly. There’s also a Lady and the Tramp prequel focusing on the puppy romance of Lady and Tramp called Lady & The Tramp: Scamp’s Adventure.

-Original films, including a film adaptation of the classic Disney movie The Sword and the Stone, which is based on the book by T.H. White and stars Michael Fassbender in the titular role

-The live-action Monsters at Work series, will be set in the same universe as Monsters University. There will also be a Mary Poppins sequel with Emily Blunt reprising her role as the magical nanny. It’s also worth noting that Tim Burton is the executive producer for this show

There will also be a bunch of other classic Disney movies such as Dumbo, Pete’s Dragon, and The Jungle Book. Some of the older Disney Channel shows that will be on here include Wizards of Waverly Place, That’s So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire. There is no word yet on whether classic Star Wars movies like A New Hope will be available with this service or not.

Original Movies and TV Shows

Disney Plus will have some original content, including a new Lady and the Tramp prequel called Lady & The Tramp: Scamp’s Adventure. Monstropolis is a cartoon show based on characters who live in the city of Monstropolis. It will take place after Monsters Inc., with Sulley and Mike still working at Monsters Inc. They will both be voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal, respectively.

There are also original shows called The Mandalorian and a Star Wars series, which is set to start in 2022. There’s also a Loki TV show from Marvel. Which follows the God of Lies as he separates from the rest of the team. Loki stars in this show through flashbacks and his mind being uploaded into a computer system. Tom Hiddleston is reprising his role as Loki for this show, with the rest of the cast being completely new characters. One of the actresses, who is currently an unknown, will play the role of his daughter. There is a WandaVision show that will follow Elizabeth Olsen’s character Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany’s Vision. She comes from the future to warn Vision about Thanos’ attacks in The Avengers: Infinity War and The Avengers: Endgame. There’s also a Mary Poppins sequel film, where Emily Blunt will be playing the magic nanny.

Disney Plus Release Date

When Disney Plus launches in 2022, it will cost $69.99 a month, which is 20% cheaper than Netflix. You can get this subscription service from November 16th, 2019 through May 13th, 2020 for free with either a 30-day free trial or when you sign up for it on the Apple TV app or on www.disneyplusnow.com. The Apple TV app will also release on November 16th, so you can sign up for it then too. It will cost $6.99 a month once the trial period ends and after May 13th, 2020. There’s also a standard Disney Plus plan that offers only one movie per month for $5.99. This plan is no longer available at the time of writing this post (April 2019). You can cancel your subscription to this service at any time if you don’t like it.

Disney Plus Release Date

For the UK, Disney will be launching the Disney Plus for £4.99 a month. But that does not mean that you can’t sign up for this service if you’re outside of the UK. There is no information on how much Disney Plus will cost outside of the UK at this moment in time. But we expect to see it launch with the same pricing as in the states and Canada. Disney Plus Release Date

There’s also a Disney Plus app for Apple TV that will release on November 16th, 2019, and will be available in the US, Canada, and the UK. This means that you can sign up for this service now if you’re outside of the US and Canada. The cost of Disney Plus in the US is $6.99 a month, with a free 7-day trial period. There’s also a four-year library deal in place with Sony Pictures, Fox, and Warner Bros. This means that these studios will make their movies on the streamer, which is good news for Disney Plus users.


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