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Project management software creates efficiencies that help teams successfully complete their projects. Task management and real-time collaboration make it easier to work towards common goals and keep everyone on the same page. The market is full of products that help project managers move work forward swiftly. Confluence and Aha! These are two smart project management tools that have been leading the way in this space. They boast extensive capabilities and features that make them viable options for most businesses. On the surface, they both look pretty similar. After all, they are designed to perform the same task – help teams manage projects.

In this piece, we’ll take an in-depth look at Confluence software vs Aha software and compare their features and pricing side by side. You can use this information to choose the tool that works best for your team. Ready? Let’s get into it.

Confluence Software vs. Aha! Software: At a Glance

Confluence offers project managers a shared space to find, share, and collaborate on information. It helps users dig up the information that is often lost in the shared network drives and email inboxes. Aha! Software, on the other hand, offers an all-in-one solution that offers all the robust capabilities and features to streamline product road mapping and project management tasks from start to end. It helps users share and visualize product roadmaps, set product strategy, and articulate features so that they can exceed goals and submit their best work.

Both Software solutions offer a wealth of features, but Confluence stands for simplicity and caters to the general project management needs of teams. Aha! is better suited for teams that need features for product road mapping and setting marketing strategies. To choose the right option for your team, consider the features, integrations, and pricing of each tool and compare them to the goals you’ve set for your business.

Confluence and Aha! – Side by Side Comparison

Here we will pit Confluence software against Aha! software to see which one fits your needs better:

Confluence Overview and Features

Confluence software provides a shared workspace that helps companies create, organize, collaborate, and review project documents. Teams can access information and collaborate on product launches and marketing campaigns through its open modules. The software offers workflow templates that enable users to customize their workflows to suit their specific needs. Designed to be open and collaborative, Confluence helps companies and teams do their best work together. It makes it easier to find and organize the required information by grouping related pages together in a shared space. On top of this, the software lets users prepare meeting notes, research reports, and product requirements. Project managers can easily delegate tasks to employees and track changes. Overall, it offers usability, and ease of use, and facilitates accurate documentation. Let’s now take a look at the salient features of this project management tool.

Integrations: The software supports seamless integration across the Atlassian suite to let users complete work and workflows from anywhere. Teams can deliver projects faster by connecting their project documentation with Jira software. Book Confluence demo to get tangible proof of this functionality.

Intuitive Structure: Atlassian’s Confluence organizes the entire project data in pages and spaces. It allows you to create, edit, and discuss work on pages as well.

Collaboration: The software allows you to control information access using its permission settings at a granular level and enables team members to contribute to the knowledge base. Moreover, you can use version tracking to monitor team performance and get notified when changes are made.

Project Management: The confluence project management system stores and organizes all project activities in a centralized space that is open to all the members involved. Users can easily prepare, create, discuss, and organize tasks with teammates and coworkers.

Mobile Apps: You can get updates on your current projects on the go and stay connected with teams using Confluence’s native mobile apps.

Pricing Details:

The vendor offers three plans to cater to everyone’s needs and budgets. It offers a free plan for beginners. Confluence pricing for the Standard plan is billed at $5 per month. The Premium plan is billed at $10.50 and the pricing for the Enterprise plan is not disclosed.


Aha! Overview and Features

Aha! Project management software offers a comprehensive suite of road mapping tools that helps users visualize their product roadmaps and set marketing strategies. The software is flexible and can be customized to suit users’ needs. Designed to be collaborative, Aha which is a top project management software offers features that help streamline task assignments and boost teamwork. It helps companies structure their data and launch products in an efficient manner. The software makes it easier for users to create visual roadmaps, prioritize projects, and drive strategy. Not only this, but users can also track dependencies and real-time progress of their project using customizable graphs and charts.  This tailor-fit solution matches your workflows through the use of robust extensions. Let’s take a look at the standout features of this software.

Resource Allocation: Aha! project management software makes it easier for users to create effort estimates and budgets required for project delivery.

Strategy: Teams can use this PM tool to design go-to-market plans, define value proposition, target user groups to create plans, and get valuable insights into team and company performance.

Scalability: The software provides enterprise-grade solutions that grow with business needs and scale across the entire organization.

Custom Workflows: Aha! creates custom fields, streamlines project management, and supports project templates to ensure standardization of your processes.

Roadmaps: It comes with pre-built templates for starter roadmaps, allowing users to create portfolios, strategies, and custom roadmaps.

Pricing Details:

It doesn’t offer a free tier. Aha! Pricing for the Premium plan is billed at $59 per user per month. The Enterprise plan at $99 per workspace owner per month and the Enterprise+ plan at $149 per workspace owner per month. All pricing plans are billed annually.

Bottom Line

Confluence and Aha! are two of the most widely used project management tools. While they both excel in their own way, Confluence is a more comprehensive tool that caters to the general project management needs of most businesses. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference and specific business needs. We highly recommend that you do the necessary leg-work and study Confluence software vs. Aha! software comparisons before arriving at a decision.


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