BigTime Software

The BigTime was introduced in 2002 and it has been expanding ever since. The reason that BigTime Softwre is almost indispensable for business management is due to its time-tracking and expense-tracking features that can be used to eliminate billing complications. The Monday software has been in the game since 2012 and it is equally crucial. Monday provides project management, CRM, and application development tools.

Let’s dive deeper into BigTime Software vs Monday Software features to determine the importance of their qualities.

BigTime Software

The BigTime reviews state that it is all the rage for billing process. To understand why so many users, opt for the platform, let’s take a look at the elements that make it special.

Time and Expense Tracking

Manually entering time also wastes time. BigTime integrates smart timesheets that can auto-fill repetitive data too. The timesheets are capable of performing three tasks:

  • Auto-save
  • Auto-complete
  • Smart Lookup

If the platform is going to be used by managers, you can set custom rights for them so they can control the crucial details. Furthermore, when you limit the control employees have, you also reduce any mistakes and errors. Other users can check for information without editing sensitive information. In fact, you can set custom fields to request information from the employees.

As far as expenses are concerned, you can track expenses in regards to internal projects or billable client projects as well. You can mark your expenses as follows:

  • Reimbursable
  • Non-Reimbursable
  • Billable
  • Non-Billable
  • Service Fees

Additionally, you can update the credit card changes to the project they are related to and upload them to QuickBooks. QuickBooks can further be used to reconcile your bank statement.

Project Management

There are many ways through which the Bigtime software bridges the gaps between project management and budgeting. BigTime gives you a chance to compare the projected budgets vs actual hours. Similarly, you can specify task lists for projects and assign them hourly fees or expense budget.

The Gantt chart integration gives you full control over your project so you can visualize timelines with dependencies and critical paths.

Gantt chart helps you get better insight into the productivity levels and set up a system in place to ensure progress. Moreover, the project management is further supported with real-time updates of task completion against schedules.

Additionally, you will not be limited to tracking one project. You can keep up with all of the projects that you are engaged in through a single platform. Finally, you can assign tasks to specific users and set due dates to comply with deadlines.

Resource Management

It is important to maintain workload balance so that each resource is delivering an equal amount of effort. To resolve any conflicts regarding incorrect scheduling, the BigTime the best project tracking software integrates tools that can be used to check how many tasks each employee has. By managing the workload, you will also reduce employee turnover.

It is also equally easy to see who is available to perform certain tasks. For this purpose, BigTime gives you the option to check billable vs non-billable hours as well as budgeted vs actual hours. It is also important that the resources engaged on particular projects possess the prerequisites and skills to perform it.

One way to do so is through configurable categories through which you can group skills according to the titles that are suitable for your firms. Moreover, you can track resources with the help of their skill set. An easy way to manage resources is by rating the staff members from 1-5. This rating is not shared with the members unless you want them to.

BigTime Pricing

The BigTime pricing is managed as three subscription programs. The express plan costs $10, Pro costs $30, and the Premier plan is billed for $40. Each is charged on a monthly basis. The Pro and Premier options inculcate a wider set of tools compared to the Express. However, the Express plan can be helpful for beginners or small businesses regardless.

Monday Software

The Monday software is a top choice for many people who need to resolve project management concerns. Let’s discuss the functions that can be performed through this software.

Inventory Management

While there are many reasons for Monday to have earned its reputation, its inventory tracking features are quite useful for inventory tracking as well. In fact, the process reduces the time and manual effort spent on inventory tracking. The QR code scanning is integrated with the mobile device app so you can track and update product information on the go.

The workflows can be customized according to the products and information most relevant to your business. Moreover, you can reduce the traditional spreadsheets and integrate them with the Monday software to convert them into smart boards. By importing your data to the platform, you can further ensure that the entire team has access to it.

Remote Work

Many of the Monday reviews also hail it as one of the best online tools to improve the remote workspace. There are several goals that can be achieved when your team is mostly working online as you can:

  • Reinforce company culture
  • Improve communication
  • Keep work material updated

Monday makes it possible to maintain proper communication between team members and reduce email threads. Furthermore, whether your team is completely remote or relies on online tools, using a singular platform will be useful in creating a proper stream of conversation between members.

Monday Pricing

The Monday pricing has five plans to suit the requirements of all types of businesses. The free plan, that is free of cost, can be used by individuals as well as small setups. Meanwhile, the basic, standard, and pro plan charge $6, $10, and $16, respectively. Meanwhile, the enterprise plan is designed for large-scale organizations but the pricing is not available on the website. It can be accessed privately after sharing some important details with the Monday sales team.


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