Experience the breathtaking Kundalika  River Rafting that is a perfect getaway on weekends for those who reside near Pune as well as Mumbai. The most popular rafting spot is accessible all year round for tourists. Enjoy the lush, green forest and lush rice fields to experience the full experience of this thrilling adventure. You can also rest for the night in the Kundalika rafting camps , where you are able to see the beautiful spots that are famous in the site. The location is surrounded by stunning panoramas of the river. The thrilling rafting adventure occurs between a length of 12 kilometers, which is divided from the river by two dams. Rafting on rivers at this point is typically safe , and that is why even novices can enjoy the excitement of rafting on water. The thrilling rapids at this spot provide an exciting experience for an entire hour in which you will take a dip in the excitement. You can plan this nerve-wracking trip on weekends if are coming to Pune as well as Mumbai.


Kolad River Rafting is The Best Thing To Do

Rafting on the whitewater can be a high adrenalin sport , which involves the navigating of the river on inflatable rafts. If you’re ever in the need for a great river rafting adventures, take a trip to the the river Kundalika located in the western part of Maharashtra. This majestic stream Kundalika gets its water from excess water that comes from dams and hydroelectric power projects that make the river Kundalika perfect for rafting, as well as other water-based leisure and adventure activities.





  • Kundalika Kolad River Rafting
  • All Kolad River Rafting Distance almost 12 km
  • Duration: 2 hrs – 2.5 hrs
  • Grade: MediumEndurance Level: Medium
  • Swimming skills: Not required
  • Previous experience: Not necessary

Things to Carry

  • Personal ID card is mandatory.
  • A carry-on bag to ensure hands are free.
  • Bottle of water 3 liters.
  • Extra pair of clothes.
  • Eat food that you are ready to eat like cakes and granola bars, as well as biscuits and snacks etc.
  • electoral and GluconD powder.
  • Personal medications.
  • Sun protection cap, sunglasses
  • Torch with additional set of batteries. light weight towel.
  • Additional clothing set.
  • Waterproof pouch to store gadgets.


How to Reach

Kundalika is an Indian river that flows from Sahyadri towards the Arabian sea. The river is small and originates from a tiny town of Bhira located in Bhira in the Indian states of Maharashtra. To get to Kolad first you have to get to Kolad from Bhira, which is about 10 km from the Kindalika river.


From Pune to Kolad


By Road: The most convenient method of getting to Kolad is via private taxi or car , or alternatively, drive your vehicle to Kolad. The road that leads to Kolad is full of beautiful natural beauty, with stunning views of waterfalls, mountains and lakes, ponds and stunning greenery. It takes about 120 km and takes 3 hours to get there via the poud highway from Pune.

The route is Pune-Kothrud-Paud Road-Pirangut-Mulshi Dam–Tamhini Ghat–Kolad–Kundalika River

From Mumbai to Kolad

If you’re travelling via Mumbai then the way to reach Mumbai starts from Pune expressway along with Khopoli by Pali road. It will take 150 km and 3 hours to arrive.

By Train – The Kolad railway station is part of the Konkan railways, but there isn’t a direct train that connects Pune as well as Kolad. There are a lot of trains that operate regularly in between Pune and Mumbai so take any train which stops at Lonavala station, and then you can hire taxis or cabs. It is the most affordable and most convenient way to get to Kolad as well as Kundalika river.

By Bus- State transport buses are readily accessible to Kolad to Pune and tourists are able to board the buses moving toward Raigad district.It takes approximately three hours to get there.

Kundalika Rafting Camp

If you’re looking for the unimaginable experience of camping in nature , then camping on Kundalika River is definitely the most ideal option. There are numerous activities to enjoy at the campsite that will keep you entertained. Not just river rafting, but bumper rides, kayaking river crossings, banana boat excursions are offered to try and enjoy. This camp is situated in the Sambhe village, and is reached by public or private transport.

Best Time To do Kolad River Rafting

The best time to enjoy this exhilarating activity of Kundalika day rafting on the river is during June and September. It is during this time that the region is undergoing its monsoon period. Because rafting on the Kundalika river relies upon the release of water from the dam that is located near Bhira, the monsoon season is a major factor in the process. Apart from the gushing waters with grades 2 and 4 flows, the monsoon season is at its peak to enhance the beauty of this area. It makes this experience more enjoyable. The river is more calm throughout the year, especially for those who are new to it.

Everything you Need to Know Before embarking on Kundalika River rafting

  • The weight requirement for rafting ranges from 40 to 120 kilograms
  • Rafting on Kundalika river is controlled by dams water
  • Weekend rafting costs are lower than the weekend price
  • Non-swimmers are also able to participate in river rafting
  • It is available for the year round for river rafting
  • You should have fundamental fitness at a certain level.

It is easy to organise a wonderful weekend in Kundalika with a variety of thrilling activities. If you live within Pune or Mumbai then you should prepare for this activity at the earliest possible weekends. After a day of river rafting, be revived and recharge yourself with the confidence to take on any challenges in work or in everyday life. Kundalika river rafting lets you to push yourself to the limits as an adventurer, and will provide a great adventure to your adventurous lifestyle. Make your next weekend getaway soon to this exciting spot and share with your beloved the adrenaline rush. It will be the pleasure of enjoying the natural world. Make sure you maintain an adequate level of fitness prior to planning a river rafting trip on the Kundalika river. Pack your bangs soon.




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