If you are tired and bored by your old wall hangings at your home and want to do something new for renovating and decorating your house with some of the classy items then you can all innovate your old tapestries by new ones such as by Mandala tapestry. Add  Here are some of the brilliant ideas for using your wall tapestries  in innovative ways:-

  • Use It As Ceiling Tapestry

People can hang their tapestry from the ceiling which looks very attractive and also helps in hiding the unappealing spots. Tapestry is very attractive and cool as it reflects positive energy and good vibes in our surroundings. When the tapestry is hung in the room, our room becomes more big and spacious.

  • Use It As Chair Pads

Tapestry will also give you a pleasurable sitting experience to you, your family members, relatives, friends, guests etc. If you are getting bored by your tapestry as wall hanging then you can use it in another attractive way by covering your chair cushions. Mandala tapestry will give an amazing look to the furniture.

  • Headboard 

If people want to give a unique and attractive look to the headboard then they can cover it with beautiful tapestries. As the headboard is the most important part of our bedroom, people can cover the appearance of the dull wall on the back of their bed with beautiful tapestries.

  • Decorative Pillows

People always need a new pillow for their room as pillows help in changing the complete look of their room. If someone is a DIY lover, then the tapestry is great fabric for doing experiments. People can redefine their home by these decorative and eye-catching pillows.

  • Picnic Sheet

Nowadays printed tapestries are soft and light as they are made up of cotton. Light tapestry is a very comfortable picnic sheet which is available in both traditional and modern patterns with vibrant colors.

  • Wallpaper 

People can also use their tapestry as a giant wallpaper. If people are willing to make their wallpaper beautiful and elegant under their budget then these pieces of tapestries will be one of the best solutions. It will give the stunning and beautiful effects on the wall without investing in the expensive wall paints and also the wall tapestry can be transformed into thematic and high-quality wallpaper.

  • Beach Throw

Tapestry also becomes a convenient and comfortable beach blanket as it is easy to carry and highly comfortable. Everyone clicks beautiful and stunning photos on the beach. Tapestry with mandala, elephant, trippy etc. will become one of the best photo props on the beach. So take out the best tapestry from the collection and enjoy it on the beach.

  • Round Beach Blanket

If people are planning to go for an exciting outdoor life on their favorite beach then they should not forget to pack their tapestry in their bags. Tapestry helps in draping around your body for protection from the sun, taking rest and for many more things.

  • Round Wall Hangings

If you are bored with the fabric wall hangings then you can easily work on it to make it in round shape. You can cut in such a decorative circular manner. It will help in avoiding holes and unattractive dirty spots on the wall.

  • Curtains 

For relaxation and for some privacy in the room, people can also use a wall tapestry as a good-looking curtain. It will look trendy by styling the old hangings as curtains.

  • Floor Poufs And Cushions

People can also use their wall tapestry for the cushion they sit or floor poufs. People can make big floor cushions for their bed which will look very amazing.

  • Sofa Cover

We can also  give a new life to our old fashioned sofa by covering it with an elegant wall tapestry. We can always cover our sofa with our favorite sheet to give it a new look.

  • Furniture Cover

We can also convert our traditional furniture into exclusive ones by putting on the beautiful tapestry. When the furniture becomes old and full of scratches then the artistic fabric will give a gorgeous look to it.

  • Bedspread 

People can also use tapestry by covering their bed with the original and stunning wall tapestry which is available in multiple styles and designs.

  • Yoga And Meditation Mat

Spiritual wall tapestries can also be used as mediation and yoga mat as it will connect with a higher power of peace and relaxation which is a must requirement.

  • Outdoor Or Bed Tent

Light and soft wall tapestry is a very important thing to carry when going for a picnic or holidays outside. People can also make a tent with the huge size tapestry.


So here are some of the brilliant and stunning ideas for using the wall tapestry in innovative ways. People must try all the above ideas.


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