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Sometimes, our Brother printer is unable to recognize our brand new ink cartridges or display “No Cartridge” on the display even though the ink cartridges are full. In another scenario the printer prints the paper in color, and we only get the result of a messy colored paper. If we can eliminate the possibility of a printer Cartridge or Brother Printer error state issue. There is something we can do to fix the issues. This article will share with you three ways to resolve your Brother printer’s common problems.

Why does my brother not detect the ink cartridge or toner?

We can discuss the reason why no ink cartridge was detected, is it an error with the Brother printer? Most of the time, it is due to 5 reasons.

  • The ink cartridge is defunct.
  • This cartridge or toner is not compatible with the Brother printer.
  • The ink cartridge has not been placed in the correct way.
  • Issues with printer firmware.
  • The printer needs to be clear.

How do solve the Brother Printer Ink cartridges problem? 

Brother printers that cannot recognize new cartridges of ink-

The situation can occur for a variety of reasons. If we install the non-compatible cartridges for ink in our printer brother or refilled with third-party inks into the cartridges, it could result in our printer failing to recognize the cartridges. In some instances, our incorrect manipulation of the installation of cartridges could damage the printer, and it will display error messages such as “Cannot detect” on the screen. Based on this it is necessary to check the ink cartridges that we have installed within the printer. If they’re all in order and the printer is unable to detect cartridges in ink. It is recommended to try reinstalling the ink cartridges following these steps. Switch out the printer. then open the carriage, and then remove each color cartridge with care. Restart the machine, and then reinstall the four-color ink cartridges. Make sure that every color cartridge is aligned to the carriage. Then, install the Brother CMYK 4 color cartridges one at a time in the correct position gradually. Cover the device after the ink cartridge is installed, and click “yes” on the screen to answer the task question.

How do you fix ink refill cartridge “No Cartridge” issues

Sometimes our Brother will show “No cartridge” or “Ink Full” after installing the new ink cartridges. This is due to it is possible that one of the three color cartridges is empty and we did not replace them. It is important to determine what color cartridge is in use and then replace the empty cartridge, then we must reset the printer to ensure that the issue will be resolved. The steps below will help you reset your printer. First, tap on the ink management section on the LCD display’s task. Then, choose “Ink Volume” using the keys up and down. Click on “OK” as the volume of ink is displayed. Enter to close the setup of the printer. Additionally, we can unplug to shut off the printer and then restart it if the issue persists. Also, refilling ink cartridges for printers is not recommended for us because the ink that is used in the generic cartridge could cause the cartridge to clog and our printer to be damaged.

How to fix printer’s troublesome color print issue

If we print on color paper and the printer prints with messy colored paper that looks horrible. This happens because we’ve set up the correct color ink cartridges. You must open the printer and examine the Brother cartridges for ink. The ink nozzles might be blocked, so it is necessary to clear the head of the printer. Then, we install every color cartridge one at a time in proper color sequence and restart the printer. It is possible to determine the quality of the ink. Press the four-color ink button. Click on “Test Print” and then press “Print Quality” and then select “OK”. Our printer will then create a “Print Quality Test Sheet” for us. This will show us the quality of the four-color cartridge block that is printed on the paper. If the program asks you to rate the quality of your print then you should press “No” when there’s no line on the paper. Click “OK” when the program requires you to clean the printer. Then, the color-mishap issue will be solved.


The three issues listed above are typical problems we typically face with Brother printers. We hope that our solutions will be useful to you should you are faced with issues like these. In any case, we need to be aware when making use of our Brother printers, particularly when replacing the cartridges for ink. Overall choosing the genuine Brother ink cartridge for the printer for the replacement of the old cartridge is the best option. The ink that is cheap and generic can damage the printer and could cause problems similar to the ones mentioned above. We recommend that you purchase cheap compatible Brother ink cartridges. Contact us for more information. Have any ideas on Brother printer issues? Comment below and tell us what you think, we’ll be glad to assist your questions.

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