Why you Should Join Cryptocurrency Market Today

Although the competition between traditional and digital assets made many people skeptical, cryptocurrencies are continuously becoming common. The increasing trend began with the invention of some big crypto platforms, but now, almost yearly, there is the introduction of new currencies. Among them includes platforms such as the bitcode prime, a program that automatically helps you trade your bitcoins by optimizing the market searches to enable you to find profitable deals to trade on. 

The new currencies have far-reaching benefits for commercial banks and customers due to their sudden emergence and popularity, thus enabling many people to access the crypto platforms. 

It is essential to know what is the meaning of Cryptocurrency to understand the importance of Cryptocurrency. Also, it is essential to understand the interaction crypto trading has with modern banking. That way, you will know how secure and sound your money will be in the coming years.

What is Cryptocurrency?

It is a fact that you have always heard the term cryptocurrency being used in many instances around you. But, the question is, what does the term mean? Well, Cryptocurrency is simply a type of currency you can entirely find online. Cryptocurrency has no actual physical form, but it is available on the server blockchain. 

Blockchains store the transactional data in blocks within the server without personal identifying details. Traditional lending institutions or commercial banks do not back the details in blockchains. Also, there is high encryption of the transactions to enable your personal information to remain private despite your type of transaction.  

However, one disadvantage of this encryption is that it limits specific types of transactions. Meaning that a person can use it to make all online purchases. 

Benefits of Cryptocurrency 

Below are the four significant benefits of owning Cryptocurrency.

  1. Faster transactions

Before the emergence of Cryptocurrency, sending or receiving to or from someone in the United States involved many stages. It is not a surprise that even transferring your assets from one bank to another could take two to three days using methods other than Cryptocurrency.

It is also clear that in many countries, for instance, the U.S., most transactions settle in about three to five days with most financial institutions. Wire transfers take not less than 24 hours to go into completion. And it takes three days for stock trades to settle.

With Cryptocurrency, all transactions are completed within a matter of minutes. Here, you only wait for the network to confirm the block containing your transaction to fully settle it and avail the funds for you to use.

  1. Lower transaction costs

Compared to other financial services, transactions with cryptocurrencies are relatively lower. For instance, spending $25 or $30 on domestic wire transfer transactions is common. It costs even more, to send money internationally.

It is always cheaper to do transactions with Cryptocurrency. Though you should note that there is an increasing demand on the blockchain, thus, it may lead to an increase in the transaction costs. Despite this claim, cryptocurrency transaction costs remain lower than the wire transfer fees even at the highest congestion on blockchains.

  1. Accessibility

Anyone can transact with Cryptocurrency, provided you have a computer or a smartphone and an excellent connection to the internet. It is even easier to set up a cryptocurrency account than to open a traditional banking account. Unlike traditional financial institutions, you do not need ID verification to sign up for a crypto account. Moreover, no credit or background checks are required to open the account.

It is possible to access financial services with Cryptocurrency without going through a centralized authority, especially for unbanked users. Of course, there are several reasons why a person cannot be able or willing to get an account with traditional financial institutions. 

With cryptocurrency accounts, it is possible for individuals who are not using the services of traditional banks to do online transactions and share money with their loved ones easily.

  1. High Security and Privacy

Nobody can access your crypto account and sign for transactions unless you share your private credentials with them. Another way someone can enter your crypto wallet is when they access your private key to your cryptocurrency account. 

The security here is tight, such that even you cannot gain access to your crypto wallet if you lose the private key. Also, you cannot recover your funds upon losing the key. So, be careful with your private crypto key!

Cryptocurrency also offers high privacy to your account. It is because no account is required to be registered by any financial institution to gain access to your crypto account.

Other benefits include inflation protection, transparency, and diversification. 


Cryptocurrency is currently taking the lead in the currency market. It enables a person to easily store money in the crypto wallet and carry out online transactions. As outlined in the above benefits, it is easy to open a crypto account, transaction costs are lower with Cryptocurrency than other financial services, and your funds are much safer in your wallet. 


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