Kratom Powder

Many users and experts regard Kratom in capsule form to be the most convenient and easy way to consume this herb. But is it true? There are users who find kratom powder to be easier to use than capsules.

Some of you might be surprised to read this. Capsules are easy to take. Simply swallow them. You are also saved from the bitter taste of the herb. Yet, many users prefer powder to the capsule.

Let’s see why.

Capsule looks like medicine

Kratom in New Jersey is popular in both capsule and powder form. However, users who prefer to take powder say that taking capsules makes them feel as if they are unwell and are taking some medication.

“Every morning, I used to get up and pop a kratom pill and my kid once asked me – dad, are you very ill? That’s the day I stopped taking capsules. Now I take powder,” says one of the users.

Powder is more versatile

A lot of users who take kratom at night prefer powder because they can easily mix it in their bedtime milk or brew kratom tea in the evening. “I love my bedtime kratom tea,” says one user who swears by his Red Bali kratom Powder. “It makes me sleep like a baby. I feel so calm.”

You must take many capsules to fulfill your dose

Generally, a single capsule would contain less than one gram of kratom. It can be 0.75 grams or 0.5 grams. This is fine for a beginner who wishes to take less than one gram. It’s also fine for somebody who takes one gram. He or she can pop two capsules at a time.

However, people whose dose is more than one gram must swallow multiple capsules at a time to reach their dose. Say, for 2 grams, you must swallow 4 capsules of 0.5 gram kratom each. For 3 grams, you must swallow 6 capsules.

What if you must take 8 grams of red kratom to deal with your pain? You must swallow 16 capsules at a time!

This can be quite vexing for many people, especially those who are not much into swallowing pills. People taking kratom for recovery categories like pain and insomnia might need a high dose. For a higher dose, powder seems to be a better option.

Swallowing a capsule can be a challenge

Capsules of kratom are available in various sizes, from 000 to 5. The capsule of size 5 is the smallest, while size 000 is the biggest.

Some people may find it difficult to swallow big-size capsules; and if you take small-size capsules, you must take several at a time to reach your dose.

Besides, there are people who simply dislike taking pills. For them, taking capsules can be daunting.


The above discussion does not conclude that capsules are a bad choice. It’s just not right for some people; while for others it is just a matter of choice.

In whatever form you consume kratom, make sure you are taking the pure and high-quality herb. Search “kratom near me” to connect with certified vendors.

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