Why Android Users Can’t Use Apple iPhones?

The smartphone was a genius invention, released in the 2000s, setting limits for innovations higher than the sky. Apple wasn’t the first in the smartphone game, but the brand outperformed all others when its iPhone hit the market. Where iPhones have iOS software in-built run by Apple Inc. Androids, on the other hand, have Android OS and are more PC-like smartphones, with different software collaborating with multiple brands. So we’ve heard a million times, “Android users cannot buy iPhone” and vice versa. The question is, “Why is it so?” 

We present logic and myths revealing how Android differs from Apple creating two enormous Universes of customers willing to buy only one of the OS brands. 

What is the Difference? 

Android collaborators and branding experience happen to be more vast than anything on planet earth today! Android covers 1300 brands- all selling the hottest smartphones and are high-grossing companies. These include Samsung Electronics, HTC, Blackberry, Vivo, and Sony. The smartphones for these brands are sold worldwide, with their phone repair being readily available and models upgraded annually. Almost all human beings, rich and mediocre, are Android addicts! 

So in all of this, where does Apple stand? Let me assure you, readers, that Apple is the name of superiority and caliber. The iPhone is the smartphone of the century because of its unique iOS, practical approach to a targeted audience, and an entire “Ecosystem” coming under Apple. There is no clash between the two, and we’re just stating facts! So, if you are looking to sell iPhone or planning to buy MacBook, or check out  Apple iPads for sale, don’t miss out on Experimax, where you get the latest and all-time favorite Apple products for sale. 

Usability and Convenience

The myth that people who buy iPhones face difficulty adjusting to Android phones is real! The usability is the first point to ponder. Both the smartphones are fluid to use due to the smooth operating systems and RAMs installed in them, stuffed with millions of nifty features that are ethereal in both phones. But the main thing is how easier it is to run a phone, knowing all its features and tricks from usage to customizability. 

Androids are much more convenient to use due to easy data transfers. Google applications like Maps, Google Play Store, Gmail, online transfer facility, and Meetup are to name a few. Androids possess over 100+ languages for every nation, allows you to choose from a thousand theme features and lets you personalize your phone accordingly. 

 Do you want to know a show-stopping fact? Android phones have the same charging ports! All Bs, now we have Cs too! This is why Android users find their phones convenient and user-friendly. And it seems Apple too is now jumping on the bandwagon by adopting the fast-charging type-c ports in their latest iPhone models. 

What is so Special in Apple iOS that Android lacks?

Apple iPhones on the other hand, are strict with their signature software. You have to use Apple’s App Store for application downloads or the default apps provided to you like iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud and more. Not to mention, Siri as a mobile assistant, and numerous other in-built facilities that make you look no further than the Apple world!

 This is why Apple users find their phones perfect; they literally have everything they need with all the latest updates available on their iPhones.

 With every progressing model of the iPhone, Apple is satisfying more of its buyers and providing ultimate features along with its signature design and iconic iOS. For example, the iPhone 14, an upcoming hot model due this year in September, will have various features that were never present in previous models. This year’s iPhone model will have an updated Siri assistant and customizable application features such as merging and submerging folders with all your applications to avoid the overflowing phone screen. 

Now, we all know iPhone cameras are a big thing because of their HD view and smooth zoom capability. iPhone 14 this year will have a camera with a whooping 48 megapixels rear view and a larger sensor- We have longed for this upgrade since 2015, but then again, better late than never! 

The Modern-day Statement 

Keep up with the trend or get back in line. We won’t say Androids are common, they are hell too famous, but iPhones are just outperforming with their signature statement. When Android models plan big, Apple produces more prominent and better products. It is not impressive, but it is a mastermind company with an entire ecosystem of original technology. 

Users mention that they find it challenging to use iPhones after the convenient software of Android smartphones. It might be rare to see people switching between iPhones and Androids because it is not an easy chore! 

Some smartphone masters vote for Androids because of all the repair convenience, spare parts, modules, and adjustments available online and in-store. But that does not mean Apple can’t offer the same! If you want a credible website for iPhone Repair or MacBook repair, check out techy, as they pose as a great repair solution for all Apple Products! 

At the same time, “brand-conscious” shopaholics look no further than Apple. Well, it is indeed a never-ending cycle, but it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. 

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