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What to Know Before Buying a New Air Conditioner?

With the temperatures climbing every summer, it’s time for you to get your very own air conditioning system or have your existing one serviced by AC Repair in Surat. However, many people are confused about what to look for when buying an AC. Here is a brief guide that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing an AC.

5 Main Points to Check before Buying New AC

Check out customer reviews:

One of the best ways to know more about a certain product is by checking out customer reviews online. Such product reviews can give a better idea about the pros and cons of products. They usually provide first-hand information that gives you an insight into how good or bad the product actually is in terms of performance and utility. For example, before buying Carrier AC service in Surat, read people’s opinions on various forums like Quora or Yahoo Answers.

Search for best offers:

Another way to know more about products is by comparing prices on various e-commerce websites. Like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal that sell all kinds of home appliances online. These sites usually offer amazing discounts and deals on air conditioners these days. So, before you invest your money in any product, look at various customer reviews along with checking out the offers on different sales platforms simultaneously. This will save you a lot of cash while getting the best AC unit for yourself.

Know the right type of AC needed:

There are basically two types of air conditioning units – window ACs and split ACs. A wall-mounted unit is also an option. If space permits but it is not common since many people do not prefer such large ACs in their homes. Window units are cheap and easy to install. But take up a lot of space and require proper insulation to avoid loss of cool air around the edges. Split ACs can be installed easily as well without much fuss or external help. You can also look at LG AC service in Surat. For great deals on split ACs that you can avail of online from different sales platforms mentioned above.

Purchase from authorized dealers:

Sometimes it is possible that you come across certain brands selling products online through other websites or marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Flipkart at a very low price compared to other sales platforms where authorized AC Repair in Surat dealers sell the same brand’s products. However, it is always advisable to purchase from authorized dealers and not from unknown sources. Some products like washing machines and ACs come with a warranty and buying such products from an authorized dealer ensures that you can avail warranty on any issues faced by the product later on.


Any brand, no matter how popular it is, offers a limited warranty period for its products. This varies from one year to five years depending upon the brand and model of your air conditioning unit. There are even some brands that offer 10 years of warranty on certain models of split ACs. Buying a new air conditioner always requires careful planning as there are many aspects involved in choosing the right AC for yourself according to requirements and needs.  So do your research well, settling down on a specific type or model and then go ahead and buy it.

Now that the weather is becoming hotter every day, we all want to stay cool. With temperatures reaching 40 degrees and above in many parts of India.  You cannot afford to stay deprived of your daily requirement for cool air anymore.

  1. When it comes to splitting hairs between two or more makes and models, the first thing that should influence your decision is its star rating. You will find this on the box or on any sticker attached to it. This tells you how energy efficient a particular model can be as per its manufacturer’s claim. The higher the stars, the better the product is likely to be for you from both financial and environmental perspectives. 
  2. Before going out for shopping you should have a list of the appliances that will run from this machine, such as a fridge or an iron box. You can then search for models that come with multiple outlets to ensure convenience in use. However, when purchasing these additional add-ons make sure they are included in its price and not sold separately.
  3. When you go out looking for a split unit air conditioner keep in mind. How much space it will need in your room considering its size and thickness of the copper piping connected to it. Make sure you consult a good dealer who understands your requirements. Before buying one so that if any changes are required later on it can be done at minimal cost and time.
  4. Although central units might seem a good option, because they are designed to cool down entire floors. They are more expensive to buy and run. Moreover, if you live in a small place or have windows that cannot be sealed properly. Then it is best not to go for them as the hot air will keep entering your room.

So, these were some important factors that drew attention while buying an air conditioner from AC Service in Vadodara. Once done with all this information gathering, visit the market and talk to several dealers. Before zeroing in on a particular brand or model to confirm which one fits right into your budget and your preferences. Also, get a good warranty for the unit because it ensures that you don’t face any problems in future after making a purchase because everything comes with its own pros and cons.

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